A Casual Conversation: What Would You Do If You Had All the Money In the World?

Owning a small business is tough – real tough.

One month you’re rolling in sales and clients, cackling like a fiend at your riches. The next, you’re wild-eyed and panicked because work dried up… and so did the money. A week after hustling hard? You’re loaded again – until you’re back to being poor.

Money’s a real bitch.

No one really prepares you for this financial roller-coaster. No one tells you about the love-hate relationship you’ll have with money. It’s the dirty little secret: If you don’t manage your money properly from day one, you’re in for a rough, rocky ride.

You’re probably making bad financial decisions right now… ones that don’t leave you feeling happy and successful.

  • You’ll live well for a year… then get your tax bill and cry.
  • You’ll blow money on the new iPad… then eat Kraft Dinner to make ends meet.
  • You’ll DIY and bootstrap… and lose clients because you don’t impress them.

Let’s face it: When you own a small business, money can be a blessing and a curse. But do you really need money to happy and successful?

Maybe all you need is a new way of thinking about money.

You’re about to learn what it is.

What would you change if you had all the money in the world?

That’s the question author Laura Vanderkam asked when she interviewed people for her new book, All the Money in the World: What the happiest people know about getting and spending.

She discovered some surprising answers – and they’re not what you think.

I wanted to know what Laura discovered. Badly. I wanted the secrets of these people – how they thought about money, what they did with it, and how they spent it to increase their happiness.

I had to know. I wanted Laura to tell me everything she discovered.

And you get to listen in.

Your Invitation: Let’s Talk about All the Money in the World

It’s time to expose the cold, hard truth about getting and spending money so you feel happier, more fulfilled and more successful. It’s time to ask the hard questions people avoid… and bring you a new mindset that helps you achieve better small business success.

So you’re invited:

Join me and Laura on April 25 at 12.00 pm Eastern and listen in as we talk about money – how to make smart buying decisions, where to spend your money and ways get your money working harder to make you happier. We’ll discuss:

  • Why you should avoid that $47 ebook…and spend 10 times as much instead
  • How to weight the costs and benefits of every purchase you’ll ever make, ever again
  • The crucial question to ask yourself before you buy that thing you want
  • Why context counts, and how to turn your spending psychology around 180 degrees
  • How bootstrapping could be sabotaging your business income
  • The list you need to write today to start creating change in your life
  • How to spend your cash so that it brings more money and more happiness to your life
  • Why your own spending psychology needs a makeover to keep your budget in check

This is going to be one cool conversation. I know because Laura’s expertise significantly changed my life.

After I read Laura’s book, I began asking myself one extremely important question before making any purchase – even if only cost 1$ – and that question saved me thousands of dollars in less than 4 weeks.

Let’s be clear: I live well, but I don’t have all the money in the world. I still have to think before I make purchases. I have a money coach and a budget. And sometimes I have to plan and save for what I want, just like you do.

But thanks to Laura, my new relationship with money is working to get me what I want a lot faster than before.

So dial in on April 25 at noon and listen as Laura talks about your relationship with money. It’s a life-changing event you won’t want to miss.

[Editor’s note: This event is no longer available – but you can sign up for the Damn Fine Words newsletter to receive over 30 weeks of writing tips, content-creation techniques and free worksheets you can put to good use. Visit www.damnfinewords.com to join now.]

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.