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Will You Be Making This Your Best Year Ever?

Every year come January, millions of people all around the world decide to make sure the coming 12 months are better than those that came before. Last year was okay. This year can be so much more. And they’re ready to do what it takes to change the status quo and push into success. So tell me: Will 2013 be your best year ever? I bet you’re thinking, “I sure hope so, James!” And as I write this post, I’m thinking the same for my own businesses: I want 2013 to be better than ever,

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It’s Your Chance to Meet Men with Pens – Up Close and Personal

If you think you’re prepared for, you’re wrong. You may have bought your ticket. You may have booked your hotel. You may even have packed your bag and triple-checked that you’ve brought your toothpaste and alarm clock. But you weren’t prepared for an event the likes of which SXSW – and the world –has never seen. It’s an event that you can look at one of two ways: The public unveiling of a deeply ingrained persona and catharsis of epic proportions you won’t want to miss The SXSW event that everyone will be talking

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The Only72 Event: Why I Care, And Why You Should Too

I’m going to do something I very rarely do: I’m going to tell you about an opportunity for you to get ahead. You have to understand this is risky for me. Some people are going to be upset. Some will unsubscribe from this blog. Some won’t read. Some will snort in disgust. I feel sorry for them. Because their scepticism will hold them back for life. Other people – the smart ones – will see this for what it is: A person you know and trust, a person with integrity, telling you about a beneficial

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You Won’t Want to Miss This Lifestyle Offer

A few months ago, we asked you guys how you’d like to earn a living writing fiction and fantasy-related work instead of business-related copy. The response was pretty overwhelming. Most of our readership isn’t just into writing for the scads of money to be made while working in your pajamas and holding a beer in one hand (because that’s how freelancing works, right?). Many of you are fascinated by the idea of writing just because you love it. Many of you are creative writers, or role players, or gamers. Many of you have a passion

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How to Put Rumors to Rest

I’d like you all to imagine a Jedi hand-wave right now, because that title doesn’t work nearly so well without it. There is no ebook. There has never been an ebook. We never referred to it obliquely a few weeks back. We haven’t been keeping it under wraps. We haven’t even subtly slipped it into place in our store without you being aware of it. Never happened. We did try to tell you there was nothing to this vicious rumor of a new, updated, expanded and generally awesome upgraded version of Write for the Web,

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Top Ten Blogs for Writers: The Results are In!

Well, it’s a wrap, folks. The finalists are out for the Top Ten Blogs for Writers, and we’re pleased and honored to have made the grade again. “Oh, come on, James. We all knew you’d be on the list…” Well, to be frank, we didn’t. There are new sites for writers and writing blogs cropping up daily, some of them with excellent contributors making waves around the world. It’s anyone’s game, frankly. And making it to the Top Ten Blogs for Writers list is still is anyone’s game, because no one should ever get so

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