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The 3-Second Website Test You Should Try

When someone comes to a website – yours, mine, or anyone else’s, there’s a shockingly short window in which that visitor makes a decision to stick around or leave. Some sources put the range at three to five seconds, maximum. Some put it at even less – 1 to 2 seconds, tops. Attention spans have never been shorter than they are now

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Why Some Freelance Writers Struggle to Get Clients

While some freelancer writers enjoy a steady stream of paying clients, many more watch weeks slip by, with crickets chirping in their inbox. What’s the secret of successful writers? That’s the wrong question to ask. If you’re struggling to get hired by clients on a regular basis, you’d be better off looking for the secrets of less successful freelancers – and making sure any habits you share with them get taken care of, pronto.

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How to Change Your Language – and Change Your Mind

If you’re a writer, or if you’ve been writing content for any amount of time, you already know that the power of your words highly impacts your readers. Chosen consciously, the right words can open minds that were closed and inspire people to take action. But do you use that same power on yourself? The words you choose to describe your situation, your abilities, and your circumstances directly impact the results you get – yet far too many of us have more skill choosing negative words than positive ones. Negative words equal negative results. But

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money management

5 smart tips to avoid going broke as a freelancer

Freelancing is a funny kind of game. When business is going well, you can find yourself making more money than you ever have in your life, and the thrill is amazing. When things aren’t going as well … you might find yourself staring at an empty bank account, wondering where the hell all the money went while feeling rising panic in the pit of your stomach. If you’ve ever been in that situation (or are in it right now), you’re definitely not alone. Schools don’t teach effective money management, and they certainly don’t teach it

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Why You Should Let Your Client Make a Mistake

Some clients don’t want your help. They say they do. They come to you for advice and listen to your good suggestions on solving a problem they complain about. And then they do nothing. No matter how easy, fast, cheap or effective the solutions you propose might be, some people can’t be convinced to go for it. They’re comfortable with their problems. They’re used to their misery. Better the devil they know, after all. Change? Well now. That’s just crazy talk.

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How to change your “away” mindset – and why you should

Imagine this hypothetical situation: You’ve saved up $10,000 in pure cash over the past year, and you’ve hidden your stash away in your sock drawer. One day, you’re lying on your sofa watching reruns of Deadliest Catch and I suddenly burst in the door: “I have a great client for you! He’s ready to give you $10,000! Come with me; he wants to meet you right now – get up, let’s go!” Would you leap up and run out the door with me?

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