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Damn Fine Words

Contest: Win a scholarship to the Damn Fine Words writing course

Damn Fine Words is a 10-week, 20-lesson writing course designed to teach you effective writing skills through proven techniques, providing you with a wash, rinse, repeat process that works for any type of content you want to write. When you join the course, you’ll learn how to become a better, faster writer who can create all kinds of content for your business. You’ll see tangible results, like increased sales, new clients, and more readers. And you’ll boost your confidence and stop stressing over whether your writing is good enough – you’ll know it is. Damn

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Fed Up Search

6 easy ways to improve readability in 5 minutes or less

No matter what topic you write about, your audience should easily understand your points and stay engaged long enough to want to read more from you in the future. That’s called “readability” – and it’s loosely defined as how easy it is for readers to make meaning from what you put in written words. If they come away from what you wrote not quite understanding what you were talking about, your content’s readability is low.

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Clueless Amateur

Dangling Participles: What They Are, and Why You Should Care

Remember “dangling participles” from back in grade-school English class? Probably not, but chances are you create them every day. They’re a major grammatical error, and once you know how to spot them, you’ll find these little nasties everywhere… probably even in your own content. Rather than subjecting you to a boring definition, here’s a practical example of a dangling participle.

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Bored Reader

How To Spot, Fix and Eliminate Passive Voice In Everything You Write

One of the keys to holding a reader’s interest from beginning to end is mastering the skill of writing in the “active voice”.   It isn’t that difficult, actually – you do it all the time – but it’s very easy to make the mistake of slipping into passive voice throughout your work. Passive voice, left unchecked, slaughters reader interest more efficiently than a glaring typo.

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15 Proven Techniques For Stunningly Persuasive Writing

What’s the most powerful way to advance your writing career (as well as your personal goals)? Master the art of persuasive writing. The ability to persuade readers to take a specific course of action or adopt a new belief is a writing superpower. Unfortunately, to those not “born with it”, that superpower seems like sheer magic. It isn’t magic. It’s an art that you can learn – and do well – simply by practicing a few key skills known by persuasive writers everywhere.

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Easy strategies for an endless stream of content

Feeding the content beast is often one of the tasks on the Top 10 Most Hated Chores of writers, and its needs are almost nuts – if you want to succeed, you need to create content for your blog, your newsletter, your email-marketing strategy, your social media accounts, your guest post blog targets, your emails, your handouts… It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. And it’s no wonder that the creative well of most writers quickly runs dry as a bone – usually well before they know what hit them.

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