Link Love From James’ Feed Reader (and on Giving Up)

Putting together a page of links to show appreciation for other bloggers, point readers to good posts and be a community-conscious blogger takes time. I don’t think that many people realize the effort that goes into those seemingly quick link love posts.
(I also hate the term “link love”. There. I said it.)
We’re often completely remiss on sharing the Google juice with our peers and friends. To those who do link to our posts, we always try to share a thank you by leaving a comment on their blog, and we mentally tip our hat in their direction. It’s appreciated, guys – more than you know.
And here’s a little bit of Google juice for our friends. Finally. Rather than link out to posts that you’ve probably already read, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a glance at my feed subscription list.
Anywired: Skellie takes web working advice and puts it right up there for all to see. It seems to be more focused on how other people use the web to work, but I like anything Skellie writes (thought I don’t always agree.) Check out this post on How to Be Your Own Boss.

Charfish Design: Sometimes, you meet kindred spirits and become instant friends. That’s how I felt about Charlie Pabst. He writes with wit that I envy and smacks off snappy stuff with a positive, friendly tone. He’s also got a good head for business and does some rockin’ cool design work. Read his post on What It Means to Me to Be a Designer.
Copyblogger: Okay, this one was a given, right? Who doesn’t read Copyblogger these days? What I love about Brian Clark’s blog (besides being a regular contributor) is that Brian can smack me upside the head and leaves me a changed man. Not many people can do that. Want to know what I’m talking about? Read the Content Crossroads post and you’ll see.
Itty Biz: Naomi dishes out advice with a lot of smack, and topics wander from small business marketing to personal anecdotes that often have me either laughing or crying. She’s also a personal friend and lets me take a break from life every now and then. (Or take her picture to post to our blog.) Check out why I’m an anomaly to the rule in Are You Cocky or Do You Have Balls.
Dave Navarro: If you want someone to tell you how to get your shit together, Dave’s the man. He’s all about action and getting things done, and he offers some pretty damned solid advice on reaching your goals. Plus, he’s a nice guy.
Freelance Folder: At the very least, I can one day say that I know a rock star personally. At the very best, Jon’s blog collects some freelance advice posts that offer plenty of tips for those of us working for ourselves. Or working for you, rather.
Put Things Off: Nick Cernis has to be one of the most brilliant people I know. He writes well, he’s professional, he has great ideas, and he’s extremely bright. If you haven’t read why you need a bigger envelope, do so. It’ll save you thousands. Oh, and get Todoodlist, too. It’s worth every penny.
Maximum Customer Experience: Ah, Kelly. This woman makes me laugh, brightens my day and generally loves giving me a hard time with her bold, confident comments. She also has some pretty smart stuff to say about customer service, so listen up. Oh, and watch out for Voodoo 2.0. It works.
Um, okay. This is exactly why I don’t do link love. If you’re not sleeping from boredom by now, I sure as hell am. Plus, it’s taken me two hours to get this far, thanks to sifting through all the great articles in my feed reader to share with you and thanks to thinking about why I love these people.
Cliffnotes version? The following people give me value, they teach me, they entertain me, or they’re my buddies. Oh, and some are just peers I keep my eye on. Gotta stay on top of things.
Without further ado, here’s the rest of my feed reader list of link love. Each link will take you to an article I liked.
Daily Blog Tips
Dosh Dosh
Catalyst Blogger
Chris G’s New Media
Freelance Parent
Freelance Writing Gigs
Freelance Switch
Get Paid to Write Online
Ignite Living
Jarkko Laine
Joshua Clanton
Self-Made Chick
SmallFuel Marketing Blog
The Writers’ Manifesto
Vigorous Writing
North x East
Write to Done
Caroline Middlebrook
Writing Forward
Writing Thoughts
Words for Hire
Write from Home
Super Blogging Tips
Vandelay Website Design
The Writing Journey
Punctuality Rules
The Copywriting Maven
The Art of Manliness
Awake at the Wheel
Pick the Brain
6 Weeks
Network Blogging Tips
Rogue Ink
The Growing Life
Dumb Little Man

Thank you, everyone!

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