Money Matters, Part 6 of 6: 13 Resources for Freelance Writers

Money Matters is a short series designed to provide some quick financial wake-up calls and information to freelancers and the self-employed. You can find each article in the series here:

Part 1: Declaring PayPal Income
Part 2: Hiding Money Online
Part 3: Subcontractors, Outsourcing and Taxes
Part 4: Legal Business Entities
Part 5: Accounting for Freelancers
Part 6: 13 Resources for the Self-Employed

I generally can’t stand blog posts that list a ton of links. I know, I know, it’s the thing to do and sharing the love goes hand in hand with good blogging practices. Still, I tend to avoid it. My thoughts are that one day, there will be a confusing and complex spider web of posts about links that link to other posts about links and more posts about links until all that is left to read in the universe is links.

While surfing around to look for information about money issues, taxes and filing income reports, I did end up finding information that may be useful to beginning freelance writers. Sometimes, bending the “rules” is worth it, so here are those links (shudders):

I hope you’ve enjoyed the mini-series on accounting and money matters for freelance writers, and I hope even more that you learn something new. :)

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Great list of resources here, especially on the GST issue which I was a bit confused about. Maybe next year will be more lucrative for me and I’ll actually have to worry about it. Ahh, the good ‘ole catch-22 :)

  2. Hi! Should a person file income taxes in Canada if they did not earn much as a writer?

  3. @Allie – Any income has to be reported, yes.


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