Pen Men Coming Out of the Closet

Once upon a time, there was love. It was sweet. It was bromantic. It involved roses and starry-eyed compliments, and there was even an impulsive proposal for marriage (though who proposed to whom remains a mystery).

Bound in mutual admiration, the relationship blossomed. It was all beautifully casual. We compared creative curses. We laughed and teased each other. We could be laid back together, chink beers and not argue over the remote control. We had the same types of dreams, the same visions and most importantly, the very same ethics, both moral and professional.

It was a match made in heaven. Soulmates. Nothing could have been more perfect. But would it last? Would our guy love be enough to uphold the sweeping fan-boy adoration happening between us?

Indeed it did and yes, it was.

Of course, it was inevitable. As with all relationships that are a match made in heaven, more serious issues began winding into our thoughts. We should come closer. We wanted to be together every day. Someone should move in. It was time for lasting commitment.

The subject was brought up for discussion carefully and with great attention to detail. Talks were deep and heartfelt, and there were no more secrets between us.

Then the real issues were laid on the table. Would we pick up our own socks and wash our own laundry? Would we have specific chores and responsibilities? Where did we draw lines on finances and obligations? And what about the children?

Of course, it worked out perfectly. Couldn’t be better. We moved to live in one space and share a home. (But smart people that we are, we all kept our own apartments in case the shit hit the fan.)

We settled into our new routine and relationship. We had to learn to adjust to each other’s ways and little quirks. It wasn’t always easy, and there were a few kitchen table talks. No one wanted to break up, though, and when you’re in a relationship, everyone has to pitch in to make it work.

It’s time to come out of the closet. (Not that we were in one, because closets are frankly rather dark and restrictive, but you know what we mean.) There’s a new Pen Man in town, and he’s here to stay (unless he does leave his socks kicking around).

We’d like to introduce you to Mr. Charlie Pabst, our new addition to Men with Pens. (Yes, we’re keeping him. We like him. He even already has a name !)

Charlie comes to us from Charfish Design, where he was happily ensconced in complete isolation and working hard at his business until he realized (much at the same time we did) that if he joined the Pen Men, he could achieve bigger and better goals. (We had the same line of thought. Creepy. Then again, what with the bromance, we had Charlie on our minds a lot those days.)

A note: Charlie isn’t closing Charfish Design. Charfish hasn’t become one of the many subsidiaries of Men with Pens (no, we’re not telling you which sites those are). Charfish is still very much alive and wriggling around in the sea, and it will continue to thrive and grow.

But to hook the big fish, a fisherman needs bait. And together, we three landed a nice one. This move is a strategic adjustment and a necessary development for each of us to go further. Like I said to Charlie, “I’m riding this baby all the damned way, so strap down and hold on tight. I’m not done here just yet.”

So, yes. We’ve gone from duo to trio for one rocking threesome that can’t be beat. Charlie’s creative talents, imaginative mind and strong skills rounds out our business services nicely so that we can offer even more to our clients.

Between James, Harry and Charlie, Men with Pens now provides:

  • Graphic art and web design
  • Expert WordPress customization and coding
  • Ajax, pHp, and jQuery
  • 3D graphics and sparkly stuff
  • Animation using Cinema 4D, After Effects and Flash
  • Video, image and music editing and special effects
  • Copywriting, web content and editing services
  • Marketing and branding expertise
  • Quark typesetting and magazine layout
  • Ebook content, graphics and fancy bling
  • Consultation and critiques

There’s more to this story. (And you thought we were done. Ha!)

Charlie’s new presence allows us to take Men with Pens to the next level in both our business and our blogging endeavors (never mind our living arrangements). This is a good thing for you, dear reader.

Our vision has always been to grow our business bigger and better. We aren’t just here for a good time – we’re here for a long time.

Along the way and as we grow, we share our experiences, lessons and advice with you so that you can learn (without the hardships) and reach further in life, whether you are solo freelancer or a full-fledged small business with employees.

We continually prove that yes, people can start something with just a handful of hope, and yes, the little guy can achieve his goals and dreams. And we’ll keep proving this each and every day, and we’ll keep sharing with you along the way. (Hey, that rhymes!)

We’re very sorry there’s no marriage for you to attend (we prefer shacking up instead). That just means you don’t have to dress up and we don’t have to spend a lot of money plying you with free liquor.

We do have live entertainment, though, so please join us in celebration today and sing along.

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Can’t see this video? Just click here to see the video on YouTube. Don’t forget to sing along.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.