Putting Twitter on Notice

I’m becoming increasingly irritated with Twitter and Twhirl.

Yes, yes, go ahead and say you told me so. That’s all right; I can handle it. I’ve been waffling on the subject of Twitter from day one. At first, I scoffed. After caving to peer pressure, feeling the need to hang out where all cool kids were, I joined the collective of Twitterfied Borg.

I’m on the verge of dumping it.

Don’t get me wrong. Twitter had its value. It was great for making connections and getting to know people a little better. If I hadn’t have joined, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet so many new people.

Twitter was great for networking and promoting anything we had going on. Late at night, tweets scrolling in the background kept me company in a weird sort of way.

Twitter let me do some excellent PR and gain some confidence. It made it easier for me to talk to complete strangers and land some projects – and this kind of schmoozing is usually James’ area of expertise, not mine.

I use Twhirl to access Twitter. I like the little application that gives me a real bang for my buck. But lately, both Twitter and Twhirl have been rather unreliable. Nothing hardly works right anymore.

Take tonight, for example. Twhirl worked fine until I downloaded and installed the latest upgrade. Surprise, surprise – no Twhirl.

I received a message that says, “Exceeded limit; paused 5 minutes.” What the hell is that? I just turned the damned thing on and I’ve exceeded my limit? Now that I think about it, what is the limit?


What do we do now that Twitter has us hooked? The left-hand corner of my monitor has a big empty space where Twhirl should be, and I miss the constant chatter of tweets in the background. Will it ever be fixed? Should I even bother spending time dwelling on this minor dilemma?

The situation really shouldn’t bother me. I’ve come home to my faithful standby, Trillian. Trillian isn’t as vocal as Twitter and the instant messaging sessions are more personal and less social, but at least instant messaging works.

To all the Twitteratti who I have come to know and love, I have not abandoned you; The double duo of Twitter and Twhirl has abandoned me.

I would love to continue having conversations 140 words at a time, but I’m putting Twitter on notice. Shape up or you’re gone. Go join your buddy Entrecard over there in the corner.

How about you? Has Twitter lost its glitter?

*winces* It must be late. Maybe I should just step away from the keyboard now…

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  1. I have twitter. I haven’t really used it though. This may be a mistake on my part. I figure, if all the probloggers use it and speak so highly of it – it must be valuable, right? Maybe I should step on the twitter train. Time will tell.

    Bamboo Forest’s last blog post..Being Happy for Others: Something to Truly Aspire to

  2. Recruitment Nick says:

    I have only just started playing with it but already ti is annoying me. They have even disabled replies today.

    Currently I am also experimenting with plurk and that seems much more userfriendly

    Recruitment Nick’s last blog post..The structured fee as a method of dealing with reluctant clients

  3. Hahaa.. that’s (‘I just turned the damned thing on and I’ve exceeded my limit?’) what I thought to myself as well.. I laughed out loud when I saw you say this.. Hey, I thought that so! No way! Even worse, I previously, normally, used Gtalk, but now I cannot use it any more.. – -”

    P.S. I changed my e-mail this time (I have a few for different blog accounts.. I have more than one blog, but the one left here is an English one. In case you are wondering.. :D)
    P.P.S. Am I the first here? Hehee..

    EscRiBiTioNiSt®’s last blog post..Eat One a Week*

  4. Yap, Thwirl broke after update :(

  5. It’s Plurk time! :)

    Arnold’s last blog post..TDK ICUBIC Speaker System for iPod

  6. I hate to say it, but we’re going to see the same issue time and time again with so many services that get overwhelmed by popularity as soon as the buzz builds.

    It’s easy to say whatever someone builds should be infinitely scalable, but it’s hard to do with millions in funding, let alone when you’re starting out with a cubicle and 2 employees…

    If you get value from it, you’ll persevere. Myspace is still pretty big despite being the most unreliable experience I’ve ever had…

    Dan Thornton’s last blog post..Web Producer vacancy on major motorcycling website

  7. Twitter is only accepting 20 API calls an hour at the moment, which makes it impossible to use from anything other than their website. This is doubly frustrating for me because I’m trying to build a Twitter application right now.

    Like you, I’ll give them a little bit longer to sort this all out, but if FriendFeed incorporated direct messages I would drop Twitter in an instant.

  8. Just a note in Twhirl’s defense, it’s not them, its the API for Twitter. When Twitter claims things like 99% uptime (a post the other day) they mean the website, not for the apps logging in. I didn’t have any Twhirl access for the better part of a whole week, but it’s Twitter’s doing, unfortunately Twhirl only has one default message for not being able to access the API.

    Duncan’s last blog post..How to build your own Seesmic widget

  9. I use twitterfox and have received the same “exceeded limit” message when first logging in. It does seem very tempermental sometimes but I think I still prefer it better than plurk. Plurk is too time consuming. At least with twitter, I can still keep doing what I’m doing and tweet on the side.

    Tina’s last blog post..Not so wordless wednesday – My Dziadek

  10. Twitter is ok for quick bursts of information (when that whale is actually swimming) but to continue the conversation Plurk is superior in my opinion.

    There’s no way I can retrace what somewhat said without considerable effort on Twitter but I can scroll comfortably along the time line to find the conversation I want on Plurk. Most conversations are relevant for a few days as you digest and explore the information so all you have to do in Plurk is remember ‘yesterday afternoon’ and by approximation you can find the thread. Yesterday afternoon may not even exist in the Twitterverse.

    Twitter can be cluttered with trivia which slows it down for everyone, when you only have 20 or so current tweets shown at a time you just want the quality stuff. But with Plurk you can have your cake and eat it too, the good stuff, the trivial and the random thoughts.

    It’s easy to add a Plurk buddy, a few clicks and your done but there’s a noticeable lag time in adding a twitter friend, this is the reason I rarely friend anyone of deviantart anymore, it is such a pain in the butt to simply add a friend it’s easier to just visit them via their comments.

    and the final nail in twitter’s coffin is you can’t show anything visual, no flickr or youtube thumbs, and no dancing bananas….

    Darren Daz Cox’s last blog post..A bunch of new paintings in progress!

  11. I haven’t been on Twitter for a week (ear infection) and I have to say that I miss the social interactivity it gave me a great deal. I have taken a look at Plurk, but that’s a horrible, horrible interface they have going on there. Frightening.

    What was even sadder was that a friend of mine pinged me yesterday and said, “What’s up with Twitter? Our morning crowd is gone…” So sad.

  12. Michelle says:

    I too have been suffering from the 5 minute limit message when I haven’t even done anything!

    I’m hoping that Twhirl and Twitter are going to improve because otherwise it doesn’t look like something worth continuing with.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Knight Rider Sat Nav

  13. I switched to Plurk a while back, but it’s not really because of the downtime (though that was a factor), I just didn’t like some people’s constant marketing themselves on it. Sure I could unsubscribe, but there’s just so many of them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little bit of marketing (I found this post from Problogger’s Twitter, and I do some myself – my current Twitter is promoting a post I had written about the C64 game Paradroid on my Retro Garden), but constant marketing from people (auto twit from a post, asking for a digg an hour later, stumble half an hour later, catching the American audience with it 7 hours later etc.) just drives me crazy. I imagine these people ran and told their parents what they did in the toilet when they were 3.

    So much so that I prefer plurk, it’s not the best (beginning to suffer from downtime now), but I just like it a lot more as I choose who follows me, not the other way around.

    Rhys’s last blog post..Coldplay – Viva La Vida is my new Kareoke Song

  14. James, I’m still there in the “mornings,” hoping everyone will come back soon enough 😉

    Twitter is getting worse and worse, but the alternatives are not as good. Scrap that: they’re utter crap. Plurk is possibly one of the worst web services with the most idiotically designed interfaces I’ve seen in my life – as James said.

    Twitter received some funding quite a while back and I’m surprised that they’ve been so slow to start making things better – if they’re not just being slow, then the parties they’re throwing with that cash must be pretty awesome.

    Joel Falconer’s last blog post..Marketing Lessons from Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy

  15. Ahhh, my bromances await me… that’s so nice to hear.

    Actually, I plan to be back by “my” Friday. I am on the mend and don’t have to work so hard at focusing while someone stabs me in the brain with a knitting needle through my ear.

    Twitter received funding?

  16. I’m not 100% sure yet, but it feels like these services are lowering the bar for the quality of information being shared. Maybe the attraction is wearing thin because its so much low quality in high volume that people are starting to feel its less worth spending time on (particularly as the problems mount up).

    Paul’s last blog post..Publishing blog posts in advance with WordPress

  17. @ Paul – I think that’s why people resist signing up for things like Twitter – they believe it’ll be low quality information.

    But it is what you make it. Consistently, people say to others that they follow MenwithPens because we entertain and tweet valuable information or say intelligent things. It is an art.

    And once people have that, it rocks.

    Well, it would if it worked…

  18. Try http://www.Ping.fm to cover all the bases. They provide a gmail chat bot to quickly post to twitter, facebook, pownce, pluck, on and on.

    Robert MacEwan’s last blog post..What Does Pura Vida Mean?

  19. I’ve been off of Twitter too—too annoying. But I do miss gabbing with everyone, especially first thing in the morning. I’ve been using plurk, but it seems to work best if you have a smaller group of people—all of the different tangents and personalities you get on Twitter would just make a mess over on Plurk. I’m going to try reinstalling twhirl again and give it another chance.

  20. The problem is finding an alternative. Plurk seems to be the current buzz, but it’s missing one very important thing: users. Until all my followers move over to it I’m sitting tight with Twitted.

    Oli from the-iBlog’s last blog post..Evernote hits the wild, paid for option available

  21. Well, I’m a Twitter lover. Twitter is my version of the watercooler at work– something I haven’t been able to access on a wide scale. Being deaf, I can only lipread one person at a time. So Twitter is giving access to chatter that I haven’t had for oh, a couple of decades.

    Twitter, just needs some big name advertisers to put it on the top of Twitter –then the whale and birds would get fed and go away. Money makes everything better, right?

  22. I still remember the day, not so long ago, that you plucked me from the Twitter slushpile, James. Makes me sad to think you’d give it up, but then I understand.

    Oh Fail Whale, from Hell’s heart I stabbeth at thee!

    I still enjoy Twitter when it is working, but it seems like the community there keeps dwindling away.

    Jamie Grove – How Not To Write’s last blog post..On the RhodesTer, An Ode to Dave

  23. Yep seems crazy that they can’t get something as simple as Twitter to work – it’s hardly rocket science. I understand the stress of having so many users but honestly, is this outfit run from a garage somewhere? It’s been 3-odd weeks of unreliable service now.

    I don’t blame the Twhirl people. Twitter slashed the API and service levels and killed all the apps. Pity as they were the biggest evangelist’s for the service. Sorry Twitter, without the apps you’re pretty worthless. No one wants to refresh a web page all day.

    Plurk isn’t doing it for me. Too much like a chatroom and not a messaging client. One of the main complaints actually seems to be the lack of a simple scrolling chat client – shows how people just want to KISS.

    I think Google will clean up here once they launch Jaiku. They have the infrastructure to pull this off. There’s no point in them buying Twitter if they can just as easily replace it with their own version. Twitter’s doing a great job of helping them in that aim.

  24. @ Nick – Now, if Google launched something, I’d be all over it. I love Google. Seriously. They make GOOD free crap, you know?

    @ JamieG – Ah, forsooth, my loyal subject returns… Yes, yes, it was a beautiful fated day when I realized thy potential just from a simple gravatar. Long live the king!

    @ Karen – I use it for the watercooler value too. Most definitely. I’ve made some pretty good friends just by taking a break and hanging out here and there for 15 minutes or so. I’ve had fun. It breaks the isolation. And I can definitely see the advantage for you, of course. Going to a party must be hell.

    @ Oli – Ha, true! Not enough people moved yet. I probably won’t, even though I have an account at Plurk.

    @ Robert – Hmmm and does that pull and grab all the tweets and whatnot and bring it back?

  25. Unseen forces seem to be bringing on Twitter whingeing today – I did the same at my blog.

    Perhaps it’s time for a new phrase: Twingeing, or bitching about Twitter’s unreliabilty.

    Mark Dykeman’s last blog post..Which dies first – Twitter or Fail Whale?

  26. I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon just as it started having problems. The problem I have now is that I don’t feel the desire to tweet. Rather, viewing the tweets already there every once in a while seems to be more to my liking.

    Heck, if my blog posts didn’t go out as tweets via twitterfeed, you probably wouldn’t see much from me in a week or more.

    I’m also on Plurk. The same general problem is there, but even more so. There are even more people telling me when they went to the bathroom and such.

    What we really need are speciatly twitter-like services broken down into categories so we don’t have to filter so much noise out.

    RT Cunningham’s last blog post..Product Review: Improve Vision

  27. @ Mark – I’ve also been whinging about Twitter on the-iBlog.com, seems it’s the ‘in’ thing to do :)

    @ Nick – I get the impression Twitter isn’t as big a service as we thought – I blogged to that affect here: http://tinyurl.com/5qmt24 hope James doesn’t mind the link?

    Oli from the-iBlog’s last blog post..Evernote hits the wild, paid for option available

  28. A couple of margaritas with a stiff shot of tequila makes parties less hellish. That, and people who are willing to slow down to communicate. A couple of gestures thrown in helps too. Just as long as they’re not drunken gestures. :)

  29. @ Oli – We’re good with links when they’re relevant to the conversation. All clear.

    @ RT – Actually, that’s a scary thought. Categorizing what type of tweets we might write? Finding where our personality fits in so that people can filter us? Hmmm do I check off “entertaining” or “value” or “writer”? Eekk. Looks like hot water to me lol

  30. I’ve been frustrated with Twitter and Twhirl too and haven’t been on it as much. Despite the dizzying interface, Plurk is working well most of the time. What would make it really useful would be the ability to filter messages by cliques/groups. I seem to chat with different people on each of them, and I haven’t given up on either yet.

    Sharon Hurley Hall’s last blog post..Balancing Writing Jobs

  31. @SHH That would make Plurk much more useful. I would assume that since we can make cliques, that hopefully eventually we’ll be able to actually use them for something :)

  32. @ Oli

    Good article. Yep they seem like the classic Web 2.0 start-up to me. None of the funding has gone in infrastructure or expertise to handle the user load. They have taken $20.4m in funding already and are looking for more.

    I guess they were hoping the moment the strain started showing, Google/Yahoo or MSN would jump in to buy them up. Having the servers buckle seems the subtle way of telling the big players that you’re open for bids. Problem is, no one’s stepped forward.

    At the end of the day, Twitter is a very simple application. We have two clones of it in Russia already. The only thing they have going for the service is the audience, which is rapidly moving away. I think Google’s probably hedging their bets on people migrating for free to Jaiku in a few weeks. They would have to do minimal marketing to grab the audience, just offer a decent application and a stable service. They don’t need to buy Twitter for the $60m+ suggested.

  33. I remember eBay in 1999 and 2000 was always down. Somehow they survived. I think Twitter will survive as well.

    Twitter’s being so open with the api is one of the causes of the downtime, imo. Now they limit access when Twitter is overloaded.

    I Tweet from the Twitter Interface from a Firefox tab. Yes Tweets vaporize and I see the whale or nothing happens. A simple copy and paste to notepad before tweeting saves the Tweet for later and usually In 5 minutes or so the Tweet will take. The impatient can use Twiddict, which does this for you. It also shows you current Twitter status.

    Filtering the noise – use Summize or Twemes.

    Comments here about other annoying Tweeters amuse me. It’s easy to unfollow, just do it.

    Happy Twittering,


    For me, Plurk isn’t even an option. The interface makes me feel like I’ve entered a bad cartoon. Plurk’s requiring daily posts to maintain Karma alienates me.

    Lowell’s last blog post..Unblogging With WordPress

  34. Pownce, people. Pownce.

    Yeah, I know the whole “Kevin Rose made it” thing makes it a little icky, but they at least did extensive beta testing (although as a marketing strategy, that long closed beta kinda bit them in the hindparts).

    It’s more stable and full-featured than Twitter, and IMO, has a better UI than Plurk (I have no idea why suddenly everyone loves horizontal scrolling. Has someone told Jakob Nielsen?) Plus I find the headless dog … disturbing.

    The only problem I see with Pownce is there’s basically noone there. Bummer.

    KatFrench’s last blog post..Who is Hans Van Eeghen? LOST begins it’s new ARG for 2008

  35. I was one of those pretty late to the Twitter game as I, like many, wondered just what it was for. But now I get it, and use and enjoy it. I do not look forward to starting all over again somewhere else, especially since there’s no clear successor. I’ve looked at Plurk, too, for example. Seems like a lot more to manage, whereas Twitter is a nice, simple stream of messages.

    Getting pretty tired of that #$%*ing whale, though.

    Matt Tuley, Laptop for Hire’s last blog post..Is that graph necessary?

  36. Quite to my surprise Twitter is at #2 (behind Google) in driving traffic to my site. I’m not a heavy user of the service–I might twit 1-3 times/day–but I feel I’m connecting with enough like-minded folks that it’s worth the up’s and down’s (literally) of its service.

  37. Recruitment Nick says:

    @ scott, which is why I prefer plurk, it’s set up makes networking like minded people far easier.

    Mind you I only started in twitter and plurk about a week ago so i am no expert

    Recruitment Nick’s last blog post..Another useful business forum for those starting up

  38. Hey Harry,

    Although I don’t like seeing so much of the fail whale, I still get a kick from Twitter and am willing to wait it out until it overcomes the growing pains. (Come ON, corporate sponsors — chip in!)

    As others said, Twhirl’s suffering is caused by the limits that Twitter imposes. But if you want to use Twhirl anyway, just go to the little wrench icon in the Twhirl top right corner, select the Network tab, and adjust the Twitter API usage. Twhirl has an option to let you see what the current API limit is (right now, 20 requests per hour) but you have to change your setting yourself. I wish Twhirl would auto-adjust to the max, though!

    Re Plurk: I detest the interface. I find it cumbersome and just a little too twee for me, whereas I could Tweet all day. :o)

    Carolyn Bahm’s last blog post..47?365, No. 56 – Andi’s Mom

  39. Wow, 38 comments before 8 am PST! That’s gotta be a record for me. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one having all these problems.

    I’ll be sticking with Twhirl for a little while to see how this all plays out.

  40. I’ve only been on twitter for a couple of weeks. I enjoy seeing other people’s random thoughts pop up every now and then on the right-hand corner of my computer screen. I don’t take twitter too seriously, though.

    Marelisa’s last blog post..Creating Your Dream Life: Your Thinking Style

  41. When Twitter first chirped on the scene, I, as well, scoffed. However, I begrudgingly registered without necessarily having a need for it, but with the possibility of one day, someday having a need for it.

    And this is truly where Twitter succeeds. As Harry said, the Twitter community is vast and making connections more personal is the appeal of the service. So, now I am venturing into an entrepreneurial venture on the webernets and Twitter has immediately, suddenly become much more attractive. Twitter, although housed within a robin’s egg of personal micro-blogging, can truly spread its wings in the entrepreneurial business world.

    …but, alas, its reliability is waning, which is foreboding of demise. How long can Twitter continue pulling money out of the web 2.0 ether, though?

  42. My Twhirl is on the left hand side of my monitor too!

    Now that I think of it, every other application is on my right. Weird.

    Musing datapoints, Barbara

    Barbara Ling’s last blog post..Make money with high gas prices – 109+ Resources and Ideas

  43. @ Barbara – All my applications are on the right. When I read that Harry put his on the left, I was all, “… what? How does he DO that?” Bizarre, bizarre 😉

  44. How do I do that? I’ve got a lot of real estate, lol. The right hand monitor has all the stuff I’m working on at any given moment, the left hand monitor has stuff that’s temporary, like IM windows and Twhirl.

  45. @Recruitment Nick I had actually signed up for a Plurk account a while back but have not experimented with it much yet. For me, it’s one or the other–no time for both. But I’ll give Plurk it’s fair shake, especially if twitter continues to have outages and capacity issues.

  46. I agree. Twitter is very unreliable and is getting very irritating. I’m hoping they fix it. If not, maybe the Plurk will become an alternative if it gets a new interface. Who knows?

    It was wacky once again last night!

    Ellen Wilson’s last blog post..What are You Fishing for?

  47. Interesting. I’ll admit I’ve never tried twitter — I actually have avoided the entire online social scene (closest i’ve gotten is linkedin, but that’s not particularly social). I have heard a lot about twitter, but have decided I don’t need one more thing distracting me (my EscapingReality addiction distracts me more than enough!)

  48. Perhaps because I don’t function at full capacity & — when I do — I crash, I still love Twitter. My Plurk account is scarcely used w/the diminishing Karma to prove it. The minutiae there is far worse than Twitter & customizing one’s Twitter stream is so easy to do; don’t be afraid to unfollow. ~_^

    Twitter was originally built for simplicity, not scalability, by their own admission. They’re determined to not just patch its problems w/money but to rework what doesn’t. Of all the services out there, Twitter has the best approach, which is why they’re taking the time to rebuild & why I’m willing to hang in while they do.

    All the lowered API rate does is limit how often I can get an update thru Twhirl which honestly just gives me more time in between tweets. I’d already kept my settings down to 30 checks per hour to accomplish just that thus don’t mind a few extra minutes wait between updates. If ever a conversation feels fragmented, I simply look it up on summize & hardly ever need to go to Twitter’s site.

    As a blogger w/periodic losses of functionality, I can’t help but hope quality & future potential would inspire people’s patience — even allowing a certain contentment when not thrilled. Truth be told, it’s what I’m banking on w/coffeesister.net. Like Twitter, I may disappoint at times now but tis toward a future of better interaction. ^_^

    Twitter fills a need
    one that Plurk et al cannot
    hang in there with us

    Dorian aka coffeesister |_|)’s last blog post..Found Fridays; links loved, finding Fridays

  49. I find it slightly odd that you are giving up twitter, especially on a blog like this. Im not trying to be critical towards you but I find Twitter as a great tool to promote your blog, and interact with other people as well as readers. I know twitter has quite a few scaling issues but it’s a very valuable tool to me. I even just got someone to pay half of my business card cost through Twitter promoting my blog.


    Ryan Ray’s last blog post..Get Your Link On, On My Business Cards & Website

  50. @ Ryan – The advantage we have is that we’re two people – James and Harry. We can afford to have one person choose a path that’s best for his interests and let the other continue. Harry will do marketing in other areas, and I’ll still regale Twitter with my wit. Win-win all around.

  51. @ James – True facts indeed, I still think without a website I would use Twitter as its fun to “tweet” haha, thanks for the reply

    Ryan Ray’s last blog post..Get Your Link On, On My Business Cards & Website

  52. @Ryan: Aaaahhh….I never said I was leaving – just yet. Twitter’s on notice for now. In other words, alright, Twitter, I’ll allow you to rent a room on my desktop, but if you continue to give me excuses why the rent is late, out you go!

  53. Meryl K. Evans says:

    I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t check twitter as often. Though I want to connect, I can’t be sure I hear back from folks or they hear from me when they ask for info. But what service compares? I’ve yet to find one. plucky Plurk doesn’t quite have the usability that Twitter does (not counting downtime).

    I’ll keep using it because that’s where people go for the 140 character convos. It’s getting old to spread across so many average services. There’s ping.fm, but I haven’t quite gotten into it yet.

    Meryl K. Evans’s last blog post..The Power of Story in the Digital Age

  54. “I’m putting Twitter on notice. Shape up or you’re gone. Go join your buddy Entrecard over there in the corner.”

    Ah. Entrecard. I tried that one (and it was fun for a little bit–until it started to feel like a job with no real payoff) and eventually had to let it go. I haven’t missed it. Much more fun to concentrate on writing posts and checking out others’ posts and commenting on them when I can.

    Twitter–I can certainly see how it would be much more fun to use than Entrecard ever was, but as far as using it as a business tool–I’m still waiting for someone to demonstrate conclusively that they’ve generated significant business from Twitter to justify the time spent twittering away.

    It could happen, but as I say, I’m still waiting for that report.

    Jesse Hines’s last blog post..How to Become a More Clear and Concise Writer by Reading Road Signs

  55. Harry, i took a break from Twitter only to come back and find it broken…daily! I have Plurk and FriendFeed but it’s not easy to add all the Tweeps. Twitter reeled me in and let me down. I’m hopeful that with Jeff Bezos investing the API will improve. I am hanging in there, just not as often. Heartbreak has made me cautious.

  56. I still love twitter but admit that it’s been getting a little frustrating. It’s been growing so fast, I guess, that the system overloads a lot. I hope they fix it soon because I want it to work the way it used to. :(

    Katherine’s last blog post..Setting Writing Career Goals – Freelance Writing Can’t be Ignored

  57. I wouldn’t write off Twitter just because of a wonky Twhirl update. I’ve had a certain operating system tweak out after piss-poor updates too, but that’s life. I can’t throw my computer out the window every time Microsoft lets me down. And believe me, I’d go through millions of dollars if that were the case…:)

    The same thing happened to me on Twhirl: I updated, then the program sucked. I uninstalled, went back to the earlier version and it works just fine. All you have to do is wait a little while until the upgrade doesn’t suck and it’s not like you *need* the update anyway. Sure it’ll bug you (once each start-up) to update, but just “x” out of the box and you’re fine.

    Sometimes program coding is just plain horseshit. Sometimes you have to sit with an HP printer all day long, wondering why the piece of shit won’t effing print already. Just don’t let it get to you and go with the last known thing to work :)

    r.l.david02 – TKD Happiness’s last blog post..Why can’t I gain belt rank? (part 1)

  58. Kyle Dylan Conner says:

    Took the words right ‘outta my mouth.

    I’ve been getting the exceeded limit as well with Twhirl, its a pain.

  59. I just Twittered (“Tweeted?”) the other day: Where has MenwithPens been? Didn’t James invent Twitter or something? 😉 (and yes, I included the winky face)

    lornadoone’s last blog post..Exit Strategy 3: Passive Income for Writers

  60. Have you tried http://twiddict.com/ – it queues your Tweets until Twitter is live again…?

    Justin Souter’s last blog post..Microsoft vs. Yahoo! My tuppence

  61. I like Twitter, and I’m not really a huge fan of the whole “Put your entire life on the internet thing” but it has a different feel to it than myspace, or facebook. As much as I like Twitter, all these server issues are beginning to annoy me and I’m sure I’m not the only one….

    Andrew’s last blog post..10 Motion Sickness Tips For The Healthy Traveler

  62. @ Lorna – I think they invented Twitter for me. BUT! I did invent a word because of it; how could I leave that behind?

    Niebu everyone :)

  63. I want a service like this to succeed, because I want to follow guys like Problogger and see more about what he is up to (he tweets interesting stuff he is reading or doing that doesn’t necessarily make it onto his blog). Its hard to separate the quality tweeters like that from the “lots of followers and tweet their every mundane move” guys.

    Paul’s last blog post..How my trip to New Zealand taught me to be a better blogger

  64. @Justin Souter http://twiddict.com/ –very cool. It’s interesting the sort of services that crop up b/c of Twitter’s shortcomings! I’ll give it a try next time Twitter is down.

  65. I liken Twitter to a big library where we’re all sitting at our computers working. Every once in awhile one of us looks up and waves to someone across the room and a brief (140-characters-at-a-time) conversation ensues. Then we go back to work.

    @lynnterry tweeted today that Twitter now brings in more traffic than any other source. Don’t throw out Twitter just yet!

    I love the networking myself. I am a “people person” and working in solitary confinement at my computer was having a deleterious effect on me — until Twitter. I’ve built new relationships with people who were once mere names in a webinar room and my soul gets what it needs as I interact. Having those pics up in the corner makes such a difference. It’s like talking to the actual person.

    I can’t recommend it enough.

    While I can’t track my traffic directly from Twitter, except when I’ve included a link in a tweet, I know people are googling me and then going to my site for writers.

    I’ll be glad when the growing pains are over with Twitter, but I figure getting in now and being established is better than waiting until all the bugs are worked out.

    I suggest giving it try again with a different view. Networking is the name of the game these days. Connections between people. In an age where we see scams all around us, we rely on relationships and recommendations from people we trust.

    Twitter is a tool, not just the recreational vehicle as some people use it. It’s best not to use it to directly market to people. People who use social networking entities aren’t there to be “sold.” They’re there to connect with like-minded people.

    So find your group and connect away! And have fun at the same time.

    Deb Gallardo

    The Story Ideas Virtuoso’s last blog post..Creative Writing Exercise – Ficbits

  66. I love Twitter. For all the obvious reasons. Yes, of course, i miss it a lot when it is down. But i do not mind. Because, i have realized that some times it is better to be with yourself.

    ravi karandeekar’s last blog post..With interest rates set to rise – real estate, automobile and consumer durable companies to see their sales dropping in the coming days

  67. @James – I knew about “niebu,” which is why I was joking that you invented Twitter. Plus, you’ve been pretty active on there in the past and it was weird while you weren’t posting.

    Personally, I still haven’t quite figured Twitter out. I never know what’s appropriate to say or not.

    lornadoone’s last blog post..Social Networking Overload

  68. Well, I’m definitely having issues with it. It’s NOT user friendly and despite being fairly tech-able I hate anything that causes frustration. There is more frustration with Twitter than benefits so far as I’ve seen. But, perhaps it’s having teething issues that will get sorted so, I’m hanging in for the moment.

    Meanwhile, have you jumped into Plurk yet??? It’s like twitter but more conversational and easier to keep up with.

    Rebecca Laffar-Smith’s last blog post..Networking, Friendship, and Colleagues

  69. @ James: You need to do a review of Plurk, what you don’t like about the interface? I think the timeline thing is a little strange but it’s also creative. I love getting to see only the threads that have been updated or are new and it’s wonderful having conversations that actually stick to the rest of the conversation no matter who said what.

    Still, Twitter has its moments.

    Rebecca Laffar-Smith’s last blog post..Networking, Friendship, and Colleagues

  70. I’ve just started using Twitter and I love it except for the almost constant lag time. Most of the time when I go to the site or am on it and refresh it, it brings up the over the limit page. As nice as it’s been for networking, it’s taking too much of my time just to try and use it. I’m giving it a few days however. Maybe they will do something about it??

    Cindy’s last blog post..Organization for WAHMs


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