20 Powerful Apps to Organize Your Thoughts

I always did like those posts that list a bunch of apps and tools I’d never heard of. I’ve found some really great apps that way. But no one’s ever bothered to offer us one of those “check these out!” posts – until today. Please welcome today’s guest poster, James Adams, and his collection of apps to organize thoughts. (We could all use more of that, eh!) Enjoy.

Everyone these days is busy. Regardless if you are a freelance writer, a business executive, a graphic artist or if you are working a part-time job, you surely could use a bit of help in organizing your thoughts so that your days run more smoothly.

The Internet is home to many tools that will assist you in saving your favorite websites, keeping track of your appointments, making mind maps, taking notes and creating notes to keep you on track. Here are twenty of some of the best for you to use to keep yourself organized.

1. Google Notebook

Our friends at Google have developed this application to assist you in collecting notes and information from the Internet. Use it when shopping online or planning a trip. Google Notebooks can be accessed from any computer as well as from mobile phones and it can also be shared between friends.

2. Jott

This tool is ideal if you find yourself too occupied with something to take notes. You simply call a number and leave yourself a note or add an appointment to your daily planner. Jott takes the spoken messages and turns them into text.

3. UberNote

This helpful application is a management tool that allows you to store and access your content from anywhere. Use email, instant messaging and your mobile phone to submit your notes or you can clip content from the web with the browser toolbar.

4. FruitNotes

Fruitnotes is an easy-to-use online notebook that allows you to create, organize and share your notes with friends and associates online. You can upload photos and videos with your notes or use it to record your voice and notes over your phone.

5. TiddlyWiki

Use this wiki as a collaboration tool, for taking notes, making websites or whatever else you need to do in order to stay organized. TiddlyWiki has all of the features of a wiki including functionality such as saving, editing, tagging and searching.

6. Wiki on a Stick

This is a personal wiki that contains software, interface and data to store on a USB stick. Create mini websites and maintain your notes.

7. Tomboy

This is a desktop note-taking app for Linux and Unix users. It is very easy to use and helps you organize your ideas and information you use daily. With Tomboy you can highlight text, check spelling and auto link web and email addresses.

8. Pimki

A personal information manager, Pimki is a tool that helps you unload those ideas and to organize your thoughts in order to get things done. This tool offers you the ability to store, manage and retrieve all of the separate bits of information in your busy life.

9. FreeMind

This software tool helps you to prioritize and know where you are in your thought processes, where you have been and where you are going. FreeMind helps you to keep track of your projects using notes with links in what is called the knowledge base.

10. Gliffy

Create flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans and technical drawings with Gliffy and collaborate with others using visuals. This tool makes it simple to create, share and work together on a wide range of diagrams.

11. WiseMapping

You can create free mind maps with this application from anywhere and publish them to share with others. You can also view other people’s mind maps.

12. Google Calendar

Use this Google calendar tool to track events, set reminders and share with others. You can import your appointments directly from your Gmail account as well.

13. Scrybe

This is a web-based organizer that caters to your busy lifestyle. Scrybe is in beta version only now, but you can submit your email address so that you will be notified when registration is re-opened or you can receive an invitation from a current user.

14. iGoogle

With iGoogle, you can keep your most important information in one location by personalising your homepage with Gmail, news, Google calendar, Google reader and more.

15. Pageflakes

This is a handle tool that lets you create a personalized page containing your interests. Includes a calendar and to-do-list to keep you organized and on-task.

16. MyHomePoint

This tool was designed to be used by families. It keeps track of family members’ schedules and appointments and sends you reminders. You can also share notes with one another on MyHomePoint.

17. Yahoo Calendar

Ideal for scheduling and organising tasks, this tool allows you to add an event quickly to the calendar and includes a note pad and a contact list.

18. Treepad Lite

This freeware gives you 600Kb of space to store your notes, emails, texts, and so on into one or more databases. Makes editing, storing and searching data easy.

19. Nozbe

This is a web-based time and project management app that helps you get things done. Organize your projects and see what you have left to do. Works in your browser and connects to your mobile phone.

20. Thinkfree

You can create documents with this app for sharing and collaborating. ThinkFree Office offers file sharing and storage. More options are available for a fee, such as mobile access.

Do you have any more great apps to add to this list?

James Adams works with an ecommerce development company based in Manchester specializing Ruby on Rails. Check out their blog for more posts on marketing and development. He spends a lot of his time either editing or writing posts on the CartridgeSave blog about print advertising, design and the arts.

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  1. Evernote and Hiveminder should not be left out!

  2. I believe Evernote should have taken the place of several of these.
    .-= Jim Kimmons´s last blog ..First Time Home Buyers Book =-.

  3. Great roundup of apps to organize your thoughts/notes. I personally love Evernote, which I noticed wasn’t on the list. I would definitely look into it, you can sync your notes across all of your computers, as well as your mobile.

  4. I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I keep all my notes and ideas in well-organized Word documents and file folders. When I travel I use a high-capacity thumb drive for all the new files I create, along with the main Businesses directory that contains nearly everything I work on frequently.

    I have used and definitely like the FreeMind software.
    .-= John Soares´s last blog ..Google Page Rank 2 Just 28 Days After Creating This Blog =-.

  5. Great list with some new ideas. I for one am glad to finally see a list without Evernote in it. Everybody already knows about and uses Evernote. Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Chris Mower´s last blog ..Greater than ‘Me’ =-.

  6. Nice, handy list of apps there, thanks James. I actually gave up on Google Notebook when they announced they were going to cease development, I guess they changed their minds.

    Tomboy Notes also gets a thorough workout on my Linux machine.

    Now to see what else I’ve been missing from team Google.
    .-= Marc´s last blog ..The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – A review =-.

  7. Mary E. Ulrich says:

    My Home Point– looks interesting. Is there something similar for teachers to put schedules together for a large group–maybe 30 people?

  8. IGoogle and Nozbe great tools.

    Nice list, anything that helps me stay on point is def needed lol
    .-= John Paul Aguiar´s last blog ..Google Says – A Strong Twitter Community Will Get Your Tweets Ranked On First Page =-.

  9. This is a really good list of techy stuff, but sometimes we get a little wrapped up in staring at a screen, be it on a laptop, desktop, phone, hoeverpad, spacecraft, wherever.

    Although I am completely obsessed with gadgetry I have found that the ebook called Tadoodlist is a great way to get back to your roots with this crazy little invention called pencil and paper.

    …because sometimes you just have to unplug.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire
    .-= Joshua Black | The Underdog Millionaire´s last blog ..The Dwight Schrute School of Small Business Passion =-.

  10. I like seeing some new apps, but I agree with others…Evernote is the King.

    My system is:

    Things for Mac
    .-= Nathan Hangen´s last blog ..The Dark & Sinister Science of Authority Blogging =-.

  11. Forgot to add that I love Dropbox as well…perhaps for a different use, but this gives me an idea for a guest post 🙂

    How to manage files and ideas for JV projects with partners from across the world.
    .-= Nathan Hangen´s last blog ..The Dark & Sinister Science of Authority Blogging =-.

  12. You know I’ve heard of very few of these apps, so thank you for sharing. I will do some investigating.

    I can’t understand why my beloved not taking app is missing though – Evernote.
    .-= Matthew : Big Red Tomato Company´s last blog ..What you can learn from chefs =-.

  13. I’ll second the votes for Todoodlist and for Dropbox!

    • A Great to do List is wunderlist from 6wunderkinder. You can also use it to
      Organize your ideas. What I really love about it is the fact that I can access it from all kind of devices and the easy way of sharing it with others.
      I use it for all kind if things. Starting from my grocery list to managing my projects at work.

  14. James,

    My adds: I use BatchBlue to keep me sane and organize my contacts; my plain ol’ Microsoft Entourage acts like a big fat notebook to organize many hundreds of blog posts and post ideas; and I wouldn’t be without Inspiration for outlining, mind-mapping, site maps for wireframing client websites, etc.

    Nice list—there’s a couple on here I haven’t looked into so I’m headed off right now!


    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Name Your Fantasy =-.

  15. I’m a big fan of iGoogle for my RSS feeds. I can only see 10 or so on the home page and that’s exactly the point. I don’t want to subscribe to hundreds of them. That said, Men With Pens is perennially on that list!

    –Who could leave out the best thought-gatherer ever? Notepad!

  16. timelady says:

    Evernote – and oh, Feedly for rss. Once you have used Feedly, you wonder how you coped.
    Dropbox is vastly wonderful too.

  17. Ever since Google Notebooks stopped development I’ve been searching for a note-taking application that was as easy to use (I loved the functionality of their firefox extension). I haven’t really found anything yet, but I’ve had fun playing around with different applications.

    This is a good list, and even though I’ve had a habit of trying out new apps there are a few news ones here I hadn’t seen yet.

    I recommend these, they’re all free:

    http://lessprojects.com/ – Great for project management, even for managing multiple people. Designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs in mind.

    http://www.springnotes.com/ – I find their dashboard intuitive and clean. Notebook application based on wiki.

    http://www.listography.com/ – Downright simple: it’s just lists. Good for organizing all sorts of thoughts and ideas.

    When it comes down to it I still love writing my initial thoughts and ideas on paper. You can’t really beat something that intuitive. I go digital afterward to give me more portability and to save on paper.

  18. Great organizational tools. With so many things to keep track of, work, home, projects, events, and more, tools like these are an awesome help.

    Although I do still agree with Joshua Black, and sometimes, you just can’t beat a notepad. It’s handy, it’s quick, it’s there, and you don’t have to be online to use it.

  19. John Skardzius says:

    I will add my support to the people who mentioned Evernote. It is cross platform, i.e Linux/Mac/PC. There are apps for all major portable platforms, and it synchronizes all of them.

    Having tried Thinkfree for quite some time, I would suggest people also try Zoho.com Zoho allows for offline editing, and access to Google Docs, which mitigates the fear of a web based startup going under with all of your data.

    An alternative to PageFlakes is Netvibes. I can’t comment on which is better as I have not tried pageflakes in a few years. I can say that I have found the Netvibes integration into Twitter and Facebook streams to be seamless.

  20. I use 5 of these listed now, and have 2 more to look into, should help me out big time. Thanks!

  21. This is a gerat collection of apps. Thanks for sharing.


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