Seven Weird Things about James

hotdog.jpgPeople are cool. I love learning about people, the little idiosyncrasies they have or the weird things they do. I’m voyeuristic that way. (Hey, who isn’t?) Shane’s post about being his own drummer was fun to read, and I was disappointed not to be tagged. I love tag.

Lucky me. Harry discovered Wendy had put out the same challenge to come up with seven wierd things to bloggers at large, which meant I got to play. Not to be outdone by my companion-in-action Harry and his post, I decided to write my own seven quirks.

  1. I knit. I knit very well, thank you very much, and I’ve created some beautiful cabled sweaters and tons of funky hats. My mother was a crafter and little kids don’t know that boys shouldn’t do girl things. So I learned to knit, and I still do (behind closed doors). Deb from ChappysMom assures me that knitting men are cool and in fashion. Traditionally, men were just as much knitters as women. So there.
  2. I can juggle. Juggling is a lost art and definitely a trick to turn a crying kid into a smiling one while trying to avoid squashing oranges on the floor. My teen (when she was not such a teen) had been to a book fair and picked up some literary delight for me on how to juggle. A star was born… though I practiced the whooooole summer three years ago to perfect my talents.
  3. I pick up languages like I was born speaking them. I have a very keen ear (my piano teacher hated me because I would forget to read the sheet music since I didn’t need to) and it takes very little for me to catch on to new phrases and words, right down to the correct accent. This came in handy about four years back, when I had a Russian riding student. Who spoke no English. Or French. After five lessons, we were conversing easily.
  4. I have classical piano training. Yes, James plays Mozart. Or could, if I had a piano in my home (I’m working on it). This talent, however, clashed directly with my interest in learning guitar, because my guitar teacher was aghast at my rigid approach to music. I needed to have everything measured and timed and read the sheet music… and he wanted me to go with the flow and play it by ear, something that I’d been specifically told *not* do to for years. I can’t win. I also know how to play the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone, the drums, the recorder, the harmonica, and the tin whistle. I absolutely love the tin whistle, but my cats can’t stand it.
  5. I love peanut butter on hot dogs. With relish and mustard. Or rather, I did until I saw a documentary on how hot dogs are made. Somehow, eating esophagus turned me off hot dogs for life.
  6. I am extremely particular about books. They must all be lined up on shelves, each book in a series following the next and each turned so that I can read the spine if my head is cocked to the right. If I find an author I like, I must have all the books that author wrote (difficult when they go out of print). I also don’t lend books (horror!) or allow anyone to touch my books on pain of losing fingers.
  7. I am a sure thing. My favorite number is six and I always pick evens and tails. Harry often asks, “Pick a number from one to ten,” or “Alright, James, odds or evens?” and I clutch my hair in frustration. “NO! Don’t ask me that! You already KNOW what I’ll say! That isn’t fair!!” We’ve learned to use dice instead.

So there you have it, seven weird things about me. Looking the list over, some aren’t so weird, some are just habits and some are just how I am, but all in all, it works. It does give you a little look inside my world, at any rate. Cheers!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.