Seven Weird Things about James

hotdog.jpgPeople are cool. I love learning about people, the little idiosyncrasies they have or the weird things they do. I’m voyeuristic that way. (Hey, who isn’t?) Shane’s post about being his own drummer was fun to read, and I was disappointed not to be tagged. I love tag.

Lucky me. Harry discovered Wendy had put out the same challenge to come up with seven wierd things to bloggers at large, which meant I got to play. Not to be outdone by my companion-in-action Harry and his post, I decided to write my own seven quirks.

  1. I knit. I knit very well, thank you very much, and I’ve created some beautiful cabled sweaters and tons of funky hats. My mother was a crafter and little kids don’t know that boys shouldn’t do girl things. So I learned to knit, and I still do (behind closed doors). Deb from ChappysMom assures me that knitting men are cool and in fashion. Traditionally, men were just as much knitters as women. So there.
  2. I can juggle. Juggling is a lost art and definitely a trick to turn a crying kid into a smiling one while trying to avoid squashing oranges on the floor. My teen (when she was not such a teen) had been to a book fair and picked up some literary delight for me on how to juggle. A star was born… though I practiced the whooooole summer three years ago to perfect my talents.
  3. I pick up languages like I was born speaking them. I have a very keen ear (my piano teacher hated me because I would forget to read the sheet music since I didn’t need to) and it takes very little for me to catch on to new phrases and words, right down to the correct accent. This came in handy about four years back, when I had a Russian riding student. Who spoke no English. Or French. After five lessons, we were conversing easily.
  4. I have classical piano training. Yes, James plays Mozart. Or could, if I had a piano in my home (I’m working on it). This talent, however, clashed directly with my interest in learning guitar, because my guitar teacher was aghast at my rigid approach to music. I needed to have everything measured and timed and read the sheet music… and he wanted me to go with the flow and play it by ear, something that I’d been specifically told *not* do to for years. I can’t win. I also know how to play the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone, the drums, the recorder, the harmonica, and the tin whistle. I absolutely love the tin whistle, but my cats can’t stand it.
  5. I love peanut butter on hot dogs. With relish and mustard. Or rather, I did until I saw a documentary on how hot dogs are made. Somehow, eating esophagus turned me off hot dogs for life.
  6. I am extremely particular about books. They must all be lined up on shelves, each book in a series following the next and each turned so that I can read the spine if my head is cocked to the right. If I find an author I like, I must have all the books that author wrote (difficult when they go out of print). I also don’t lend books (horror!) or allow anyone to touch my books on pain of losing fingers.
  7. I am a sure thing. My favorite number is six and I always pick evens and tails. Harry often asks, “Pick a number from one to ten,” or “Alright, James, odds or evens?” and I clutch my hair in frustration. “NO! Don’t ask me that! You already KNOW what I’ll say! That isn’t fair!!” We’ve learned to use dice instead.

So there you have it, seven weird things about me. Looking the list over, some aren’t so weird, some are just habits and some are just how I am, but all in all, it works. It does give you a little look inside my world, at any rate. Cheers!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Brett Legree says:

    Well, I promised Harry I’d come back and do this – better late than never.

    (I assume I’m not hurting your feelings, Harry, by not posting this under your list – I just didn’t think I should go back and post on a two-days old post!)

    In no particular order:

    7 Wierd Things About Brett:

    1. If something mechanical is damaged (e.g. a car gets a dented fender), it falls from grace in my eyes. I don’t want even it if it can be repaired. I just want a new one. (Note: this could be rather expensive…)

    2. I listen to a strange variety of music – from extreme metal, to hard trance. Kind of like oil and water. But I try to mix them anyway (leads to some strange playlists…)

    3. The sound of someone typing makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. (Yeah, that sounds a bit like a fetish. So sue me.)

    4. I like to eat potato chips and ice cream. Together. Like peanut butter and chocolate. Hershey, are you listening? (Hershey’s Ice Cream Chippy Cups?)

    5. I also like to eat potato chips with a glass of milk. Can you sense a theme here? Perhaps my being half Irish is connected to my love of potato chips… (but I don’t eat ice cream and wash it down with beer – I tried it once, and the Beer Gods were angered for weeks)

    6. I have a strange affection for IBM’s OS/2 Warp 4. Not sure why… maybe if I ever time travel back to 1996, I can be an expert.

    7. Pagan. Yup. Well, I’m a fallen Catholic I guess. I’m not into the pagan rituals, Wicca and all that stuff. I sort of follow the 8 festivals of the Wheel of the Year. I figure it is my duty to have a bonfire, get drunk, and sacrifice virgins (okay, maybe not the last part).

    Oh, and I like hot dogs (now with more anus meat!) – and D&D, yup, I have every single product from the 1st Edition, and most of 2nd Edition. Seriously. Along with numerous other RPG’s. Generally in perfect condition. I, too, have a thing about books. I want them in perfect & pristine shape… πŸ™‚

    I couldn’t resist spelling it “wierd”. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  2. Brett Legree says:

    (oops, number 1 should read “I don’t want it even if it can be repaired.”)

    Perhaps wierd item #8 should be “My grammar goes out the window before my third cup of morning coffee.”


  3. Hi James – I did not expect you to knit. I am also guilty of number 4 and usually over trivial things. I bet I’m annoying you not being able to make a decision over this name problem!

    Now, if I’d watched that program – would I want to stop eating hotdogs?

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Authenticity in Business and Other Lies

  4. Gosh, James, you knit? Who knew? (grin) And, truly, I can think off-hand of several excellent male knitters. The blog Brooklyn Tweed is one of my favorites–great knits and fabulous photos. I wish I could take such great photos!

    I can sort of kind of juggle, but I’m very bad at it. I know what to do, but keeping everything in a vertical plane escapes me after about 5 or 6 passes.

    Incidentally, I did this meme a couple years ago, here (That’s 12/23/06, if the link doesn’t work.) That was just for 6 things, though, so . . . let’s see.

    7. I find it pretty much impossible to talk without using my hands–especially if I’m trying to explain things. You’d think I was Italian, but I’m not!

    Oh, and you’ve got “weird” misspelled in your title….

  5. I hate the word wierd. Or weird. Maybe it’s one of those Canadian/American spelling things…

    @ Deb – Talk with your hands? Bienvenue à Quebec! Everyone here uses their full body when speaking and gesturing has new meaning with Frenchman.

    @ Catherine – Oh god yes. I was 30 seconds into the show and nearly throwing up. This isn’t the show, but it gives you a nice view of… ugh. How Hot Dogs are Made

    @ Brett – Alright, you just about outdid me with that last!

  6. “If I find an author I like, I must have all the books that author wrote”

    This sounds a bit like me. One of the weirdnesses I should have mentioned on my list is that I am extremely averse to using the library. If a book is worth reading, it’s worth owning.

    (Note the correct use of linkage above. Does it mock you, James? πŸ™‚ )

    Joshua Clanton – Design for the WEB’s last blog post..Linklist:Building Business, Finding Business, Geometry, and Audacity

  7. James,

    I am very happy to see a man admit he knits. Men have been known for generations to not only knit, but sewing etc…and no, a man doesn’t have to be gay to do these things. Sometimes men just have a different view and outlook than women. Oh my gosh; did I just say that? πŸ˜‰

    I also have some of my ‘weird’ things. If you don’t like someone who can’t make a decision, then I guess you would get very frustrated with me. I have to make so many decisions in my family (hubby rarely makes any) that I wish someone would make them for me and when someone asks me what I want, forget it, I never can think of anything.

    I rather think you amazing, not weird. Languages, music….amazing. So many of us would love to have those talents.

    I am a peanut butter, banana, miracle whip person or peanut butter, jelly and chips (preferably with ridges).

    @Brett: I am on the electronics side. I hate it when something breaks because I don’t want to take it to anyone to fix, I want to either fix it or teach myself to fix it. We recently had our ps2 go kaput, I have been on the internet trying to figure out if I can fix it and guess what, I probably can. Woohoo! I will get the part and go to town.

    Laura’s last blog post..Update on Daughter’s Illness

  8. Shaddap…

    My treatment of books nears reverence. When my toddler grabs a storybook and tosses it aside, I’m aghast, shocked and horrified. “We don’t throw books in this house!” I pick it up carefully and make sure none of the pages are bent. “You have to be very careful with your books, honey. Books are very important. We take care of our books in this house…”

    And then the eternal question: “Daddy… why?”

  9. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – I’ll have to check out that video then, out of morbid curiosity…

    Yeah, #7, my wife thinks I’m crazy for that one, but I have a couple of friends here at work who are in on the joke. While everyone else was out celebrating Halloween, we were celebrating Samhain in my back yard. Drinking beer, having a bonfire and sharing a lot of laughs…

    (No virgins were hurt during the creation of the episode.)

    @ Laura – I have a whole closet full of computer equipment just like that. I know I can fix it, if I have the time… my wife knows she can fix it too, by putting it out in the trash!

  10. @ Brett – We do that on St-Jean Baptiste Day, June 24, which is the National Day of Quebec. No Englishmen are invited, virgins are welcome to participate, next-day hangovers are guaranteed, and anyone fool enough to have a Canada flag hung on that day is taking big risks. Usually the red n’ white gets replaced by the blue n’ white for 24 hours.

    We follow that wild patriotic celebration with Canada day on July 1st, where the Frenchmen fall into bitter mutters and lay low while the rest of Canada parties down. Copious booze, craziness and loud outdoor festivals figure highly. Not sure about the virgins on this one.

  11. @ Laura – try this one: Slice of bread spread with mayonnaise, one slice of Kraft singles, a slice of tomato spread with peanut butter and crumbled bacon on top. Broil until the cheese is bubbly. Awesome food.

    As for knitting… Aye. Me Irish ancestors fished the sea wi’ crocheted nets an’ darned their own socks, so if ’twas good enough fer them, then it’s just dandy fer me!

    Electronics? My basement contains six keyboards, four mouses, various components and parts most people don’t recognize, two antennas, wires galore and plenty of USB/PS2 converters. If someone needs it, I probably have it. And I can probably fix it.

  12. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – I have had the pleasure of celebrating St-Jean Baptiste Day many times (my other half is French-Canadian, so I’m sort of in the club) – oh yes, the next day is always rough…

    My “theory” was that there wasn’t enough of that going around, and I thought I’d invent a new “religion”.

    All are welcome…

  13. @Brett: yes, pagans do have more fun. It’s a requirement.
    @James: Elvis loved peanut butter and bacon sandwiches too. And I don’t know if it was Jean Baptiste day when I was up there, but the Frenchmen trying to sing ACDC was a hoot.
    @Deb: my first thought was you must be Italian, too.
    @Catherine: When it comes to indecision, I’ve seen worse *glances at James* Just so long as you don’t make me move the couch too many times, you’ll be fine.
    @Laura: Hi! I’ve run out of wit, but didn’t want to leave you out. It’s still too early.

  14. A Mozart playing, juggling knitter who speaks many languages? You’re a man of many talents, James.

    I share your horror of mistreatment of books. I DO lend, but very wisely. Ruin one of my books and you will be on my sh*t list for life.

    Do you pick up the verbal tics of people you speak to? My accent and vocabulary change depending on the person I’m talking to, but I’m usually unaware of it till someone calls me on it.

    Sharon Hurley Hall’s last blog post..Freelance Writing Questions: Avoiding Scams

  15. @ Sharon – Only in French. We don’t have wild differences in accents and pronunciations like the Americans do, so generally speaking, all English sounds the same up here. But pair me with a French from France person, and slowly but surely, my Quebecois accent melds until I sound like I’m from Paris. Then I can’t shake that for about half an hour and everyone laughs at me. πŸ™

  16. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – that happened to us last summer, in a different way. My wife & I vacationed in New Zealand for two weeks, and when we returned, a lot of people here stared at us when we talked, until it wore off after a few days.

    (New Zealand English & “Ottawa Valley English” might as well be from different planets… one seems quite proper, and the other a bit of a hack)

  17. @Sharon: the accents thing happens to me. Here in Vegas there’s really no particular accent, we’ve got too much diversity. I’ve since regained my NY accent after living in Philadelphia, Boston, and Wales. When I was in Quebec, I kept telling James he was the one with the accent. Pete still gets on my case about words like “tourist” and “lawn” (typical NY drawl on those). But he’s just as bad with his Iowa accent.

    I’ve made it a game to recognize accents, I can pretty much nail what part of the world a person is from. I love listening to the subtle – and not so subtle – differences, especially when it comes to the Brits and the Americans.

  18. Brett, you are weird and I like you. Go get a website so I can come visit!

    James, thanks for the Valentine’s Day present. Now let me guess, you are not a Libra, and you are probably good at math. I would also guess you have some Virgo in your chart due to your anal retentive need to keep order. But you don’t have a mustache.

    Also, I am jealous because I am supposed to learn French this year, and I am horrible at languages.

    Ellen Wilson’s last blog post..Your Assets

  19. Harry, I play that game too. It’s great fun, isn’t it? I’m not so good on spotting the different American accents, apart from Brooklyn, Midwest and Southern, but I still love to try.

  20. @ Ellen – Alright, I’m a Cancer. Harry says that I’m born on a Gemini cusp, which makes me analytical and very linear. I have Leo rising, which means I enjoy being King and the center of attention…don’t know what the hell gave Harry that idea… I have a Cancer moon and since I have Cancer traits, that makes me very much a Cancer.

    I think as far as math goes I’m terribly good at it and hate it, so I consistently say that I suck at it. But hand me a problem and I’m all over it, so yeah… shhh about the math. I *love* critical thinking.

    Order’s important. Not anal. No mustache.

  21. Shame on you for playing Mozart, James! Bust out the Rachmaninoff πŸ˜‰ (heh heh, just kidding) Mozart is the bane of my existence, mainly because classical clarinetists have his concertos crammed down our throats, when all we really wanted to play was Debussy… Anyway, major coolness points for being a musician and a knitter.

    A big shout-out to the Pagans – we really do have more fun!

    @Harry – That’s an awesome game! I’m terrible at identifying accents from around the US, but I can spot the differences between people from Milwaukee, WI and people from Green Bay. We’re kind of strange in these parts πŸ˜€

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  22. @ Ellen – why, thank you! You’re pretty cool too (I know this because I went and checked out your blog the last time we were both on here – I have not commented yet but I will start doing so) – and, your wish is my command!

    (link to embryonic test web site included)

    I am very new at this blog thing, but last night I thought to add some links back to James, Harry & Dave Navarro and *voila!* comments at my corner of the world!

    Thanks guys, btw (to be honest, I just noticed now, what with this silly day job thing getting in the way) – it is good to finally be out here.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..reboot (redux).

  23. Hey Taedwondo Happiness, I was born in Milwaukee! My son is Cancer sun, and Cancer moon, James. I know what THAT’s all about. Moodiness and caring go hand in hand. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Capricorn rising, and Gemini moon. I think that some of the best writers are Cancers.

    Ellen Wilson’s last blog post..Your Assets

  24. @ Brett – now you just need Subscribe to Comments installed so we can keep going back to play on your blog!

    @ Ellen – After Harry told me all that, my first question was, “Is that all good stuff? It’s good, right? C’mon, tell me more about myself; I like to hear it!”

  25. Well, thanks Brett. I just checked out your new diggs also. A little chocolate for you. Damnit, I have to get back to work.

    Ellen Wilson’s last blog post..Your Assets

  26. Rock on, Ellen! I’m originally from the great north woods of WI. Or, you know, Green Bay πŸ™‚

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  27. @Ellen: and my response to James was a moment of silence as the nightmare of putting charts together came back in a rush.

    I’m a Sagittarius too, with moon in Libra, Cancer rising, and a Scorpio cusp.

    @Brett: If you link them, they will come.

    @RLD: I got my mid-western accent education from Fargo and a receptionist where I used to work who was from Wisconsin. Every time she went back home to visit family, she’d bring me cheese. She got me hooked on cheese curds. I found them up by James too, and he just laughed at me. No cheese curds in Nevada.

  28. @ James – will do, I made a note to myself to go back and enable a bunch of that neat stuff, and that will be the first thing I do.

    (I was wondering to myself, “how do I make it do that?”)

    @ Ellen – thanks very much! Yes, a deep chocolate brown. The room where I write has walls that are similar in colour, so it feels like a natural extension for me, I guess. And it reminds me of coffee (one of my great loves in life, besides an ice cream / potato chip mixture).

    And I hear you – I’d better get back to work, or else!

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..reboot (redux).

  29. @Harry – Fargo? Oh maaaan….. Fargo-type accent is about 3 hours north of where I’m from, in the Upper Peninsula of MI. Green Bay sounds more like newscasters and Milwaukee picks up bits of the Chicago accent. Though I do love that Fargo “yoopper” accent…:D

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  30. PB on hot dogs? OMG.

    But I now secretly respect you even more for admitting to being a knitter. I am too. πŸ™‚

  31. @ Wendy -I feel like I’m coming out of the closet or something LOL What will the neighbors think!

    I knit mostly because I can’t seem to sit still and have to do something with my hands. I can watch TV when I knit, too, so it’s very soothing and brainless. No thinking. Like I said to Chappy’s Mom, though, damned if I’ll bring my knitting out in public. Some things are best kept behind closed doors. Bad enough I outed myself here!

    (yes, PB on hot dogs. Awesome.)

    @ Harry – Yes, but you can’t say “aboot” and “hoose” and “ohts” and “goots”. So there.

  32. @James: of course not, I’d be laughed out of Vegas if I started talking like a Canadian.

  33. Sheesh . . . it’s only 12:40pm and I’m late to the game!

    James, knitting? I mean . . . knitting??? Do you listen to Barbara Streisand while you knit as well? πŸ˜‰ Everyone is playing this off as if it’s normal. Knitting?

    I was prepared to lay it all on you but to be honest, other than the knitting and hot dog thing your weird habits didn’t seem too weird. Come on, there’s gotta be something else even more embarrassing, nudge nudge . . . *wink* . . . nudge nudge.

    Running the risk of sounding like an outsider here, I have to admit I was taken totally off guard learning everyone’s Pagan. Since I don’t personally know any Pagans (or at least that I know of), that’s the weird part of this all to me. Not that I have anything against anyone, just the fact that I’ve met so many on here when I’m 32 years old and never got to know anyone Pagan.

    I also am very analytical and almost took up a major in Physics because of my love for astronomy. I even dedicated an area of my website to the subject. When knowing what I know about astronomy and science, I have to admit the Gemini, Cancer, etc. thing is all a bit out of place for me; however, in case you’re wondering, I’m an Aries and I think I do own a light saber.

    Good post James, but I want more. Something I really can make fun of you on.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  34. I’ll bore you even more. I’m Catholic, not pagan. Paganism is interesting, certainly, and I know bits and pieces like I know how to tinker with my car, but that’s about it. I can recite Hail Mary in French backwards and forwards, though. Not that I ever go to church or anything, but hey.

    And the women think my knitting habit is perfectly fine and manly. *lofty sniff* It garners respect, thank you very much. You’re just jealous.

    Something you can make fun of… I grind my teeth in my sleep? I have a plastic *thing* that I have to put in my mouth because it wears my teeth down. How’s that?

  35. Better. But if you went a few months without wearing it and then every time you smiled (and show teeth) your teeth were all jagged and uneven, now THAT would be great. πŸ™‚

    Yeah, I’m a “Christian,” but back in the ‘olden’ days I seriously questioned my faith. I mean, all of my faith, beliefs, and morals were my parent’s, not mine. When I was old enough, I had to discover these beliefs and find out if they really were my own. I had to discover the real me.

    I mean, I’m a logical person and there are plenty of areas in the Bible that makes you say, “yeah, right!” So I dug and had to answer a lot of tough questions and as a result, I’m still a Christian.

    As a side note, obviously my site, your site, and other’s on here site’s are about and for entrepreneurs. I have a note written down to write a blog article on one day. I firmly believe entrepreneurs should do what I did. They need to discover themselves for who they are and don’t accept what they believe because it was taught to them in school and by their parents.

    By finding out who you are and knowing why you believe what you believe, you can go about attaining success and attaining wealth with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

    Does this make any sense to you guys? Sorry, I’m getting off topic!

    . . . knitting?

    PS A shout out to my to all my Pagan friends, I still love you and everyone here RULES!!!

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  36. *chuckles* John. Siddown. You’re gonna hurt yourself.

    And yes, KNITTING. You know, I could stab you with a needle…

  37. Brett Legree says:

    @ John – my apologies and no offense meant, hopefully not too much taken.

    In all seriousness, I am Catholic by upbringing and live what one would consider a Christian life.

    (I don’t kill, steal, etc.)

    My friends and I needed a convenient excuse to have a fire every so often and enjoy good cheer and good company. So, the “pagan festival” was born.

    In truth, all three of us are good Catholic boys… πŸ™‚

  38. @ Brett – We have an open, tolerant blog here. You can be whatever you want. No need to apologies at all, because you didn’t say anything wrong. Silly man. But it’s good to see the gang so focused on getting along πŸ™‚

    Backwoods bonfires really need no excuses. It’s just bonus that there *is* a handy one!

  39. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – I’m laughing at what you said about being able to recite the Hail Mary in French backwards and forwards.

    I could probably still give an entire Mass from memory.

    And, the guys at work call me “Father”. Because I have four kids, no doubt, but people have also said I remind them of a priest, in looks and temperament.


  40. Good. Can we use you for confession?

  41. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – oh, I know – I just think John is cool and all, and I just want to be remembered as a “nice wierd guy who likes to eat ice cream and potato chips while drinking Quebec liquor around a bonfire on obscure and forgotten pagan holidays”…

    (All are welcome at the fire, btw… although, on February 2nd we kept the festivities inside, it was too cold to start the fire!)

  42. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – done. Your innermost secrets are safe with me, all for the low, low price of a case of the finest Quebec liquor.

  43. @John : I was raised Catholic. My mother used to tell me I was one of the most pious children she’d ever seen in church. My father was an altar boy, went to Catholic grade school and then on to Iona, a Catholic college before he went to attend Pratt for his art degree.

    Like John, I hit a point in my life where there were too many inconsistencies and had to find some answers for myself. My parents were open minded enough to let me explore. Coming out of the 70s, Native American spirituality was big, but it wasn’t *mine*. My family has it’s roots in Russia, Austria, Italy, and Scotland. I started digging into some of the Celtic mythologies and traditions and it just fit.

    I used to be big into the whole pagan community thing, but since have let the public side go. For me, it’s very personal and it’s more of a lifestyle than a status symbol. With all the stigmas attached to being pagan or Wiccan, very few of us broadcast it and that’s probably why John hasn’t run into any of us up until now. Contrary to popular belief, we all don’t go running around dressed like refugees from a Renaissance Fair, or looking like goth kids.

    @Brett: The old holidays aren’t forgotten, they’ve just been keeping a low profile for the last several hundred years.

  44. I had the exact same problem when I took guitar lessons. “Where’s the sheet music?” I asked. My guitar teacher looked at me like I was nuts. And, I’m the same way about my books. I don’t lend out my hardcovers but I will share paperbacks. I play with my bookshelves about every two weeks like a little girl plays with dolls (I never did play with dolls). I love to rearrange and organize them. It’s a sickness, I’m pretty sure.

    I recently borrowed a few DVDs from a friend and she wrote them down. I felt like I was at a video store in the 80s.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..Criticism: Can You Handle It or Are You a Slave to Your Ego?

  45. @James – ok ok. I’m just messin’ with you because in all seriousness, your habits aren’t all that weird. Stabbing me? Well at least we know you could sew my wound back up! To be honest James, since I’ve come to this site I’ve been impressed with you (and Harry). You guys inspire me!

    @Brett, or uh, Father πŸ˜‰ – I agree with James. No apologies needed my friend. I didn’t see anywhere that anything here would offend me. I might be Christian but I’m a VERY open person and very much a people person (and by no means a perfect Christian πŸ™ ). Remember . . . I live in Las Vegas! I worked graveyard room service at the Hard Rock for a few years – now there are some stories to tell!!!! Confession did you say?

    Quebec liquor? I’ve never had any. What kind do guys suggest?

    @Harry – I think the goth thing would be cool. I’m kind of into that. I use to paint my finger nails black and enjoy watching people judge me. Little did they know I hold a degree in Computer Sci and Mathematics and own a Landscape Business. I listen to My Chemical Romance on my way to Church! And I’m glad to hear you discovered who you are and didn’t accept someone else’s belief system.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  46. @John: We seem to be inspiring a lot of people these days, and I couldn’t be happier. Your inspiration feeds our inspiration and it’s a beautiful thing. Who could ask for more?

    As for the goth thing, I was never into that, but I did work at the NY Ren Fair several years back and I do have a puffy shirt or two in the closet (sorry, James, just hijacked your thread with Weird Harry Factoid #12…or is that #13.2? I’m losing count).

    So, hows about some of those Hard Rock stories? Ever meet anyone famous?

    @Melissa: I do the same thing when I lend out DVDs. I never used to, but once in a while I’d lose track of what went where and never saw it again.

    @James: Next time we run across a meme like this, please, stop me. Everyone knows far too much now, We may have to eliminate them.

    Oh, did I just say that out loud?

  47. @ Harry – true, the old holidays are not forgotten, just remembered by wierd guys like me (Up Next: Ostara aka Easter)

    @ John – well, that’s what I figured, being as you are in Vegas and all.

    (I really need to get down to Vegas some time. I don’t gamble. I actually want to go to “The Gun Store” down on E. Tropicana and rent a machine gun, just to say I did it…)

    Hmm… Quebec liquor… lots of good stuff. Where do we start, James?

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..reboot (redux).

  48. @Brett: Save your money, just come over to the house here, we’ve got quite the arsenal going on. We’ll take a ride out into the desert, set up a few targets and have at it. The Gun Store does sound cool, I haven’t been to it yet, but if you come for a visit, we’ll add it to the agenda.

  49. @ Harry – it’s a deal (that’s something I love about where you live – God Bless America!)

    Not much of an arsenal in my house these days. I used to be a tournament paintball player in the 90’s (small time stuff in Ontario), so I still have my equipment.

    But I doubt it would even repel a black squirrel… πŸ˜‰

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..reboot (redux).

  50. @Harry and James: You guys give me some good laughs when I need them.

    @Brett: I hear ya! Now, if I could fix everything on my own car without it taking twice as long as a mechanic then I would. But who has that kind of time? πŸ˜‰

    Laura’s last blog post..Update on Daughter’s Illness

  51. @Laura – time, yes, I’ll take some more of that, please.

    @Brett – I use to own one of those black powder guns they used in the 1800 where you had to pack the bullet in yourself. It was a pain in the butt after about 12 rounds but it was fun to shoot.

    @Harry – no, I love these way off topic posts at times. It’s nice to get to know people you are socializing with.

    Hmm, celebs? Let’s see. There was:
    Slash, Billy Idol, Gene Simmons, Mark McGrath, one of those guys from The Who, Ringo Star, Avril Levin, Carmen Electra, Michael Jordon, Dennis Rodman, Tony Hawk, Kerry Hart, John Stammos, Jay Leno, and I know I’m missing some others.

    I’m not really star struck, but maybe that’s because I’ve met so many of them? Although, it was great meeting Slash. He was one of my idols on the guitar back in the day. We talked for about 30 minutes. He’s a cool guy.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  52. @John: I know what you mean about the star struck thing, I’m the same way. Maybe it’s this town, you know? Gene Simmons cracks me up, talk about a marketing guru. And Slash always sounds so down to earth.

    Back in the day, when GnR was first starting out, I had the chance to meet him, but didn’t. I was driving carriages then and one of the other drivers shouted at me from the opposite end of the stands (the line up by the curb where we’d park the horses and hustle rides in front of Independence Hall). I hear this “Harry! Hey, Harry! This is *them*!”

    I glanced up and there was Shawna, all of 5′ 2″ and surrounded by the scruffiest looking guys I ever saw, bouncing up and down and waving her arms. I had no idea who the hell she was talking about. I just waved and said “That’s nice.”

    She had the biggest crush on Duff, talked about him all the time.

    Was Carmen Electra as gorgeous in real life as she is on TV?

  53. (. . . with my wife looking over my shoulder πŸ˜‰ )

    Put it this way. The first time I saw her I didn’t actually talk to her. I was a food runner at the pool and when I walked out of my little food area I noticed every guy at the bar standing on the bar’s foot rail leaning over the bar, dozens of people sitting in their lounges sitting up, and staff stopped in their tracks all looking in one direction.

    Naturally I looked in that direction to see what was going on and Harry I tell you it was like hearing the voice of God . . . but, uh, seeing instead. She was barely wearing anything and she stopped the natural flow of work for a few minutes. She was strutting it. This was back in about ’97 or ’98.

    Gene Simmons – yeah he signed my room service check in his room with his sun glasses on at night! My favorite show is The Apprentice. My entire family tells me I should try out. I tell them I have to wait for the series where he invites entrepreneurs who aren’t rich but knows a lot. I like real estate investing so I’m naturally drawn to Trump.

    This season I started out rooting for Tito (I love martial arts and I’m from Huntington Beach, CA), but I’ve been impressed with Piers and Trace lately. Trace is coming up with some pretty cool ideas.

    Oh and Slash, the coolest celeb I ever met. We talked about Jeff Beck and other guitar players and a few other things. Really cool guy.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  54. @John: Jeff Beck! Holy cow, there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.

    *waves at John’s wife*

    Nice description, I can picture that happening. Maybe I should start hanging out poolside at the Hard Rock from now on.

  55. You have some very cool skills. The language and piano are especially impressive.

    Joe πŸ˜€


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