Seven Wierd Things About Harry

hd.jpgA couple of weeks ago, Wendy Piersall at eMoms posed the question “Just Exactly How Wierd Are You” and challenged people to describe 7 wierd things about themselves.

I have since learned that maybe I’m not as weird as I believed. For instance, Wendy talked about her Egyptian heritage. I shrugged. I’ve always believed I had a spiritual heritage…that’s not so weird. I’ve always felt people have a blood heritage and a spiritual heritage. Yes, I believe in past lives, but even that isn’t so unusual; lots of people do.

Then we have Shane at Shane and Peter. While he admits to being spiritual and believes in the supernatural side of life, he’s skeptical of others who start spouting off about their psychic abilities and experiences.

I’m the same way. I’ll risk revealing that I’m pagan. I’ve been reading Tarot since the age of 9 and have an uncanny ability to know what people are thinking. This still freaks out my roommate when I say or do something he was thinking of only seconds before. I’m also very skeptical of others claiming to have psychic abilities, maybe because I’ve seen so many “wannabes” who have no idea what they’re talking about. I don’t know how to explain it, but Shane? I hear you on that one.

Without further ado, here are my 7 weird things about me:

  1. I hate it when people bite their forks or spoons when they eat. The sound of teeth on metal (or the mere thought of teeth on metal) makes me cringe.
  2. If a book or a movie is part of a series, I must have that whole series and read or watch it from the very beginning. Even if the movie or book is utter crap, I have to have it. (If there’s anyone out there who can explain the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 to me, I’d appreciate it).
  3. I’ve taught my cats to walk on leashes. I won’t let the cats go outside to run loose, as I’ve already lost one cat to the busy streets where I live. I feel bad that their whole world consists of the inside of this house, though. Lakota (a Pixie Bob) is so much like a dog in attitude that he loves the leash. Cougar (a mixed breed) tolerates a leash but figures it’s worth putting up with to go outside and eat grass.
  4. I’m a gaming geek. I love RPGs (role-playing games, not rocket-propelled grenades – although I do like things that go boom, too), and I’m a fan of White Wolf.
  5. I like the smell of railroad ties. That always reminds me of when I was 5 and my parents took me to Palisades Park back in the early 70s.
  6. I have a ’76 Harley Davidson Electraglide bike parked in my office.
  7. Instead of a conventional stove and oven in my kitchen, I have a monster barbecue grill.

And a small bonus weirdness: I don’t own a car. My motorcycle is my main means of transportation. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I’m on the bike. Does that count?

So there you go. Now it’s your turn.

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  1. Brett Legree says:

    Harry – I will come back later today with my 7 weird things, but I just had to comment quickly before I dash off to work, and that’s about your point #6.

    *You* are the man. Can I come and live in your office?

  2. Hi Harry – I like your bike. I used to do the cat on the leash thing too, but only for 3 or 4 months each time we moved house.

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Are You Part of This Bungling Band of Bloggers?

  3. Harry, like Brett I will have to come back to respond more, I’m heading out but when I saw the headline I had to read it. The first thing I did though before reading it was scroll down to see if James wrote the post – now that would be funny and I’d love to see that post.

    Bike in your office – cool. But is that anything like a TV in your room I wonder? 😉

    Oh and yes, Pirates 3 sucked and no I can’t explain it and probably won’t watch #4.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  4. @ John – Ha, now that would’ve been a cool idea – each of us writing on the other person’s wierdness! My own wierdnesses are coming on Thursday – stay tuned!

    @ Brett – To be honest, I did not know there was a bike in Harry’s office. (I’m afraid of flying; never been to visit yet.) I compete with a set of juggling balls, a German whirlygig powered by candles, and two sets of gaming dice from Israel. But a bike… damn.

    @ Cathy – I admit I laughed my ass off at the cat leash thing when Harry started doing it. Have him tell you about his exploits with toilet training the cats… on a real toilet.

  5. Brett Legree says:

    @ James – don’t worry, your office is still cool.

    My office had a pile of cat vomit in the centre of the floor this morning.

    So perhaps I can come and live in your office too? It isn’t that far away (and I assume there is no cat vomit…)

  6. @ Brett – No, but I have a hutch-style kitty litter box beside my desk. More visually appealing than vomit but…slightly odorous, shall we say?

  7. Brett Legree says:

    Hmm, maybe I should teach my cat to barf in his litter box then!

    All things considered, it could have been worse – at least I saw it before I had a chance to step in it… 🙂

  8. Man, you guys are cracking me up, lol!

    @Brett: Yes, you can come live in my office, only if you bring the Canadian liquor.
    @Catherine: The Harley belongs to my roommate. He retired it after 14 years when I got my first big Japanese cruiser (a Yamaha V-Star 1100). The old Harley just couldn’t keep up without falling apart. Harley’s are notorious for dripping oil too (note the pan underneath). This one is fully drained and it *still* leaks a good sized puddle after four years.

    I like taking the cats outside. It’s good for them and for me. One of these days I’ll get around to building an enclosure around the back porch so they can go out at any time on their own.

    @John: That’s a good idea, I’d be curious to see what James would come up with for my weirdness. No TV in the bedroom, but I’ll comment on that in the other thread.

    The only reason I wanted to watch Pirates 3 was to see Keith Richards. We waited the whole damned movie to see him. Once that scene was over, the movie was done.

    @James: The toilet training thing was an exercise in futility. And not my idea either. *smacks James in the head* Thanks so much for bringing that up. Maybe you writing about my weirdness isn’t such a good idea after all.

  9. Brett Legree says:

    @ Harry – sold! I’ll bring the liquor, and leave the cat vomit at home…

  10. @Brett: Although I have tile floors everywhere, I don’t think we need to import any Canadian cat vomit. *blech* How did we get on that topic anyway?

  11. Brett Legree says:

    🙂 Due to my non-linear thought processes, I have a knack for derailing conversations everywhere…

  12. I was a little worried that saying this might take away from the conversation, but since we’re onto cat vomit now, I figure I’m safe.

    Can I be the girly one here and say that the name of your bike makes it sound like a vibrator?

    Naomi Dunford’s last blog post..Moral Of The Story: Violent Snuggling Edition

  13. Okay, the cat puke I could handle. But man… I will never think of that bike in the same way again.

  14. Sorry dude. Somebody has to speak the truth around here.

    Naomi Dunford’s last blog post..Moral Of The Story: Violent Snuggling Edition

  15. Wow Harry, I knew there was a reason I liked you so much – mustache and all! I too study the tarot and all things symbolic. Seven weird things about me:

    1. I watch the signs. When I found a fool card from a playing deck in the UK with a hole punched in it I knew I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    2. I’m afraid of flying. But I do it anyway.

    3. I talk to myself when I’m trying to figure things out. It’s very embarrassing when someone comes home!

    4. I think we live in a holographic universe.

    5. Did I mention Fear of Flying? Maybe it’s an Erica Jong thing.

    6. I like to lie on the couch and daydream for hours. I find that it’s very healing, but I don’t often have time for it. It’s also helpful for writing my fiction.

    7. Umm…Alright, you have give me the inspiration to write my next blog piece. If I say anything else I will feel too naked.

    Good God! Am I actually going to submit this!?

    Ellen Wilson’s last blog post..London Calling!

  16. @Ellen: If you can’t believe you wrote what you just wrote, wait until you see the rest of this comment.

    I have a mustache? How’d you figure that one? Must’ve been in one of my past lives.

    @Naomi: Um…well, the way a Harley rattles around so much, yes, you could say it’s a giant vibrator. Ever see that episode of Married with Children where Al got a motorcycle? That’s why Peg didn’t want him to sell it.

    Pete (the owner of this bike) says he knew this girl once who used to like to go for rides with a tennis ball placed rather strategically…and, well, it made things interesting.

    That’s all I’m going to say about that.

  17. @Naomi – my wife agrees with you about the name. I didn’t get it. You women. Hey, I thought it was the guys that always thought about that stuff.

    @Harry – you cracked me up with the No TV comment in this thread. I like my tv in my bedroom and I think you’re crazy. 😉

    @James & Harry – my TiVo in my bedroom rules! I only watch one show at night before bed. I’ve had this problem way before I ever had a TV in my bedroom. There are only two things that make me fall asleep fast: medicine AND/or sex! I just can’t seem to convince my wife I need a good night’s sleep every night!

    @Brett – a pile of cat vomit! I love this post and comment section. I feel ya brother . . . I feel ya. It’s like Rodney Dangerfield said, “I get no respect; no respect.”

    As for my weird things and habits, I don’t think you need all 87.5 listed here so I’ll just mention one.
    When I get a cheese burger from a restaurant (or fast food place) the cheese is usually on the top part of the meat (i.e. the cheese touches the top part of the bun). I always flip it over so that the cheese touches the bottom bun.

    @Harry again – I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to figure the best way to make fun of you for misspelling “weird” in the title, but I figured this sentence should do just fine! 😉

    I enjoyed these comments and the post. James, watch out. We’re waiting.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  18. I promise to regale you with tales of interesting facts and figures from the life of James C! (and to weather the laughs and giggles after.)

  19. @ John – You know, Harry and I were talking today about what sort of comment section atmosphere we have, and we decided it really was like a bunch of friends all hanging out and letting the conversation wander where it will.

    Now, I’m honestly not sure if that works for us or against us, as we do get off topic, but we both agreed that it makes it that much more real for everyone.

    Thoughts? (Actually, it’d be great to hear from the people who don’t post in the comment sections, but then again, they probably have no idea of our conversations because they’re not subscribed to comments…)

  20. Cats on leashes, Paganism, and entire series consumed in the proper order… these are a few of my favorite things. Why do I suddenly feel like breaking out in song?

    Anyway, I haven’t gotten the leash for my cat yet, and I’m a little nervous about it because my cats have always roamed free. But times have changed, so I’m going to give it a try.

    A great post Harry.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..Talk is Cheap but Good Dialog Can Be Worth Millions

  21. @John: What misspelling? I don’t see any misspelling…*whistles innocently* I plead the 5th and blame James.
    @Melissa: Ah, yes, breaking out in song…Harry’s 9th weird thing. I have a microphone connected to my stereo for impromptu karaoke sessions when the stress gets to be too much. I’m lucky I have a good voice or I’m sure I’d catch hell from the neighbors.

    Just take it slow with the leash training. Make sure you have a quiet day and have a safe place for your cats to bolt if something startles them. I leave the door open for mine and they run inside instead of fighting to get away in another direction.

  22. Brett Legree says:

    @ John – this is why I laugh, loud and long every day, since it doesn’t matter how bad my day is, nothing says “I love you” more than cat vomit in the middle of my office floor!!!

    I was actually going to list “I like to spell ‘weird’ as ‘wierd’…” as one of my weirdisms but… 🙂

  23. @James – you know, we are in the realm of social media, so I would like to think that it works. It does for me, anyway. Maybe it’s because I connect with you guys because we like to help people, I play the guitar, and I love martial arts.

    Looking into it a bit deeper, maybe the reason we get off topic sometimes is because of what you do to keep the comments coming. If I remember correctly, when you did your guest post on Copyblogger about how to get people to comment more on your blog, you said part of what you do to keep the conversation going is replying to reader comments in a way that suggests them to keep participating.

    I think it’s inevitable to get off topic, especially when the commenters are regulars, as I’m sure you already know.

    Is it good or bad?

    I don’t think it’s bad as long as the POST provides the good content. What I would like to suggest maybe is from time-to-time you might want to add something like Let us turn your website’s content into a selling machine. Email us and find out how or something. You know, like the subscribe to our blog. I know I’m bad about that kind of stuff.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  24. Also, I think many people only read the first few comments anyway which are usually right on topic. Many people don’t have the time to read lots of comments. I know for myself, I always look to see how many comments there are before I start reading comments. I look because my time is valuable.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  25. @Brett – I love it. See Harry, this is what you get for writing a post like this!

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  26. @John: Bring it on! It’s exactly what I wanted. Where else can you talk about motorcycles, cat vomit, Canadian liquor, and vibrators? All we need is Fabio and…

    Oh, wait…that’s Naomi’s blog. 😀

  27. Harry, I have to confess to having my own karaoke machine, although I haven’t used it in quite some time. If I had such a thing connected to my computer, it’s doubtful I’d get much work done! Thanks for the training tips. I’m tempted to just keep him indoors but he’s become the ultimate destroyer, breaking anything and everything. In fact he just shattered a large vase, while I was reading your comments. Now he knows he’s in trouble and is curled up ever so innocently with the mama dog.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..We Interrupt This Broadcast…

  28. @ Harry – I’m the FRONT MAN, not the FALL GUY. Sheesh.

    @ John – *points to the navigation* Guns for hire, my friend. We can make any blog rock.

    @ Melissa – unless you live in the country, loose cats are dead cats, unfortunately. My two have no idea what outdoors looks like.

    *can croon Harry Connick Jr. songs with no karaoke required and still sound good*

  29. James, I agree for the most part, although my cat Zoe, who’s no longer with us, did just fine indoors or out (in the suburbs). Then again, she taught herself to pee in the toilet, an obvious sign of feline genius. She was more capable outdoors than most humans.

    Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m not inclined to let Boo outdoors off a leash. But the neighbors’ cats (and every neighbor seems to have at least one) completely roam the street. Some days, it looks like a cat convention out there. The country is less than a block away. I’m livin’ on the edge.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..We Interrupt This Broadcast…

  30. You wild thing, you…

  31. I’m sorry if this is a bit random, but I heard mention of the martial arts…

    @John: If you can’t tell, I LOVE the martial arts 🙂 I train mostly in Taekwondo, but we hit up other martial arts for the sake of competent sparring. The Competition Team at our school is now preparing for a point sparring competition (go us!) What’s your martial art and do you compete at all?

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Really Cool Water bottle

  32. @RLD: I never would have guessed! Maybe you should join John and I in our Pay Per View martial arts extravaganza. He thinks he can kick my butt.

    Good luck with the competition. It’s been years since I’ve done that and I still miss it from time to time.

  33. Hello RLD. I studied Li Su Lung Do (the way of the little dragon Lee). For the most part we learned Kung-Fu and studied the fighting philosophies of Bruce Lee.

    I don’t have much to do with it these days. It’s been years since I last trained. The ideas, creativity, and motions are still in my head but without practicing those moves for years, well, I’m sure you know.

    I know Harry is somewhat in the same boat as me, weird habits and all ;). We both have blog articles referencing our martial arts background, it really does flow into all aspects of life, business related and not. I think I wrote a blog article about learning to be creative and training yourself to just react.

    Harry and I were talking about how we should go at it. It would probably be an ugly fight – ugly because we are both so rusty at our moves current martial artist would probably laugh!

    I wish you the best and nice to see you around here. Keep kickn’

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  34. @John: “It would probably be an ugly fight…”

    More than you could ever know.

  35. John and Harry,

    Your background sounds awesome! I know very little about the Chinese martial arts and I’m amazed by anyone who can do Kung Fu. You Kung Fu types can be so acrobatic and I still fall over doing tornado kicks. Our combined martial arts awesomeness MAY not be Pay Per View material, but I smell a Youtube video…:)

    I’ll be interested to check out your martial arts posts. I’ve seen some recent ones here, but I’ll take a look at yours, John. I’m trying to blog on my own experiences, but I’m VERY new to blogging. I’m still in the experimental phase, but I guess we all have to start somewhere 🙂

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  36. …Does anyone happen to ride horses, perchance? I like horses…

  37. Can we use light sabers too?

  38. Like you even need to ask! OF COURSE there will be lightsabers 😀

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  39. @James – My father-in-law is a cowboy. Does that count? We just want you staying down in the basement writing good content; only Harry is allowed out. 😉

    Seriously though, I do play the guitar. Played since I was 11 and have been in a few bands.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  40. @RLD: COOL!

    Weird Harry Fact #10: He owns a Darth Maul double bladed light saber.

    I am sooo going to kick both your asses!

    @John: Should we tell James nobody out here has basements?

  41. @Harry and RLD – you guys are cracking me up!

    Mine is green.

    @RLD – if you scroll down the About Me page on my blog you’ll see the Yin-and-Yang symbol. My company’s philosophy is symbolic of that. I help people and we come together as a community, we gain each other’s trust, they host with me (helping me and my family).

    I just reworded my home page’s content, maybe let me know what you think as a first time visitor? It’s ok, I take constructive criticism very well. I’ve been an entrepreneur for awhile but myself am somewhat new to blogging.

    Hey James and Harry, I’d LOVE a post explaining how to use sites like Sphinn, Digg, and StumbleUpon. I have a general idea, but the more info the better.

    About the Pay-Per View, I mentioned to Harry we should consider (as a joke) advertising a fight between us: the web host vs. the content writer and display it on YouTube. I wonder how many Diggs we would get?

    Oh and those tornado kicks, yeah those always got me, too. My instructor told me something though that I will always remember. His instructor was a bit heavier and when asked how to kick someone in the head he said “Well, I kick them in the knee and then I kick them in the head (when they fall to the other knee).”

    Gotta love the logic.

    @Harry – I was beginning to think we were REALLY getting off topic, but then you mentioned you had a light saber!!!

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  42. Harry, I am now seriously considering getting a Darth Maul double-saber to be used in bo staff practice. I wonder what kinds of looks I would get in the dojang….

    You get 200 coolness points for having one 😀

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  43. @John: That would be a James post for sure. I never really use any of those, which is probably the wrong thing to say, but it’s true.

    As for the YouTube, if I knew my computer wouldn’t explode, I’d dust off my After Effects program and put together an animation.

    You know, the moment I saw the word “tornado” I thought you were talking about the weather. Bit windy out there tonight, eh? I’m expecting to see small children being blown down the street at any minute.

    @RDL: Believe it or not, at my last job owning a light saber was a prerequisite. In fact, that was part of my interview, since everyone in the graphics department went out to the backyard for duels 3 times a day (um, yeah, the office was actually in a house with a yard and a pool – long story). Anyway, I had to out do my manager and get the Darth Maul.

    You can use bo staff moves with it, but Dennis (the manager) was a hard core Star Wars fan and he insisted that most of my moves wouldn’t work because I would have cut off my arms in the process. Still, when it’s lit up, it looks way cool.

    You’ll need a lot of swinging room though, this thing is like 7 feet long.

    *smirks at James* I got coolness points.

  44. …I’m still trying to conceive of a world with no black squirrels AND no basements. What on earth do you build your houses on?

  45. @James: Very hard rock called caliche (cah-lee-chee) We’re lucky we can get inground pools installed.

  46. Wow, you are so much like me it’s not even funny. Actually, both of you are. I read tarot. I love horses. I’m an RPG nerd. I have a cat who’s more like a dog, and I feel guilty about keeping them in the house. I write.

    The two of you together are like one of me. Except there are two of you, and, uh…you’re guys. But other than that we’re identical. We should totally be friends.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..This Post Should Be Simple and Easy–If You Know What You’re Doing. (Heck, You Get a Free Education Just By Reading It.)

  47. @Jennifer: That’s why I love topics like these, you get to know people outside of “work”. Maybe you’re our long lost sister from another mother?

    What RPGs do you play?

  48. @ Jennifer – Hey! Aren’t we already friends?

  49. Well, I got into it with King’s Quest when I was a kid…it’s an old PC game that had a long-running series for a while. I went really old school after that and became obsessed with text-based games like Zork. Now I’m a Final Fantasy addict (I’ve played I, Vi, VII, VIII, X, X-2 (yes, it was horrible; and yes, I was obsessed with achieving “perfect ending” Nirvana) and XII. I just finished Kingdom Hearts, which my little sister is obsessed with, and right now I’m playing Dragon Quest VIII which I believe was designed by the same dude who designed the Dragon Ball Z cartoons, and which is so old-school that you can’t even save your game unless you’re in a town, and which is so addictive I cannot even believe it.

    Ohh dear. I am a total nerd.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..This Post Should Be Simple and Easy–If You Know What You’re Doing. (Heck, You Get a Free Education Just By Reading It.)

  50. *cough cough*… um… no. I know those games… uh… I played them too… Dungeons and Dragons, anyone?

  51. @Harry – My staff is 6 ft long, but 7 ft would be a bit of an adjustment. I can’t believe that a lightsaber would be a prereq for a job! That goes on my list of perfect jobs.

    @ Jennifer – rock on, I love Final Fantasy! Kings Quest confuses me though, and the version I have now isn’t encoded properly. I’m going to admit that I occasionally bust out the SNES games and play some old-school RPG. I’m currently addicted to *cough* Sailor Moon *cough*.

    …Crap, I’ve now publicly declared my nerdiness.

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  52. Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
    Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes
    That make me think the wrong thing

    Barenaked Ladies – One Week

  53. HA! *points fingers at closet gamers* I KNEW it!

    I’m not a big video RPG’er. (Weird fact #11: video games make me carsick), but I’m all for the tabletop RPGs.

    @RLD: Now we’re talking about staff size? Wow, we’ve really degenerated. *looks around hoping Naomi isn’t lurking nearby*

  54. Cars make me carsick.

  55. Thanks for tainting my innocent female mind, Harry! 😉

    RLD: Taekwondo Happiness’s last blog post..Preparing for belt testing

  56. @RLD: OMG…I thought you were a guy this whole time! Damn, sorry ’bout that. Do I ever feel silly now.

  57. *wonders why male or female makes a difference*

    Bet you her staff could whup your lightsabre…

  58. LOL Harry. Uh, me too, sorry RLD. Hey, what’s your name? I need to read more through your site. I guess it’s because I’ve only been in martial arts with guys. Geez, and I always tell people to have an open mind and look at things in unconventional ways!

    Games, I use to play computer games myself, but these days I’m finding I don’t have enough time in the day to play. My all time favorite game is Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. I love first person shooter games.

    @James – we WISH we had basements. Basements RULE!

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  59. @Jennifer – all you need now is a Harley and we can put James and Harry out of business!

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  60. @John: No. She needs a Honda VTX. Harleys suck. You have no idea. I may have one in my office, but not in my garage.
    @James: It doesn’t matter, it’s a mental image thingy.

  61. @ John – Basements rule when used as woodshops and full of powertools. Basements in Canada generally suck because they’re cold and cement. Well, at least mine is. But! It does have a woodshop… which is currently empty, actually.

  62. I bet basements would be nice here in Vegas when it’s 120 in the summer time.

    John’s last blog post..My Marketing Hero Himself – Seth Godin

  63. Wow, I’m in good company here! What a nice treat to find this thread.

    @Harry “I’m also very skeptical of others claiming to have psychic abilities, maybe because I’ve seen so many “wannabes””

    Yes, that comment is as true as you can get. When you met someone who truly understands these types of things it’s nearly impossible to pry their mouth open lol.

    @James, played the D&D card eh? Pen and paper gamer for 13 years and counting! What’s your favorite world? Ever played Lankhmar?

    @Jennifer – wow, we need to get together! If you have not played them I recommend Suikoden I and II and Star Ocean II.

    Great blog! I’ll be back (Mwahahaha)

    Xyzzy (Connie)’s last blog post..More Children’s Product Recalls for January/February 2008

  64. @Connie: Thanks for stopping by. It is an amusing thread, isn’t it? I think you figured out the psychic thing. It’s true, my religion/spirituality is a very personal thing and I don’t talk about it often. It’s the people who broadcast it with a big neon sign on their heads that usually don’t “get” it.

    Glad to hear you’ll be back, we like visitors. Now I’ll have to go have a peek at your blog.

  65. Harry,

    I think you and I are very similar. I can’t stand any types of noises like you have described, not even whistling….I go into psycho mode. 😉

    Not into RPG’s, have tried, but not my thing. I prefer the first person shooter. I guess that goes back to the psycho thing huh?

    My mother also puts her cats on leashes, my cat is scared to death of a leash and the outside.

    I love Harley’s, but wouldn’t own one. Driving in a car is dangerous enough; why put yourself out there for all of those idiots on the road to possibly hurt you. Cars offer a tad bit more protection (although the way they are made today, maybe not much..hehe).

    I loved reading these meme’s from you and James. Awesome!

    Laura’s last blog post..Update on Daughter’s Illness

  66. @Laura: whistling is just as bad! I had an instructor for anatomy class that would constantly whistle. Bad enough the studio classes for drawing the human figure were torture enough for me (I have a hard time drawing people, animals, no problem) but to have that whistling on top of it for 3 hours made it one class I couldn’t wait to get out of.

    The only video RPG I played was Halo. I like the first person shooter too.

  67. So does that mean you didn’t read any of the Harry Potter books until this year?!

    Oh, you poor thing. 😉

    Wendy Piersall’s last blog post..Think You Have to Spam to do Well in the Search Engines? Think Again.

  68. @Wendy: Ah…sort of. I read the first one when it came out years ago. Then got the second one, and the third. By the time the fourth rolled around I blew it off. Then after Deathly Hallows came out I bought the rest of the series and tore through them in less than a week. Then I got sidetracked by past Lost and Smallville episodes.

    Now I’ve got a ton of technical books to read, and three excellent Ann Bishop novels James sent me for Christmas. My Gryffindor namesake is going to have to wait a little while longer.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by, this was a pleasant surprise 🙂 I saw you speak in Vegas last November. Next year we’ll have to get together for coffee if you come back.


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