Are You Ready to Indulge Yourself?

We’ve been busy, very busy.

Behind the scenes of our daily life, we plot and connive, exploring millions of ideas running through our heads. Like Jekyll and Hyde (or Luke Skywalker and Han Solo), we’ve worked night and day, whispering in hushed tones while we tweak our secret to perfection, gleefully enjoying ourselves as we build a brand-new venture in the online world.

It’s time to tell you what we’ve been up to. Are you ready? We are.

Indulge Your Imagination

Our first venture is a brand-new creative writing role-playing game. This fantastic fictional world hitting the blogosphere on May 28 lets you escape reality, run wild in the realm of your imagination, and free yourself from daily stresses, if only for a little while.

The best part? You’ll learn how to be a better creative writer without even realizing it. You’ll be able to:

  • Hone your fiction writing techniques for better dialogue and description
  • Practice new forms of creative writing to make your novels leap off the pages
  • Observe the effects of your writing and get instant feedback while having fun

We’ve taken our love for creative writing and our experience in role-playing, and we’re offering it to you. Come play after a long day. Take a break from your work when your mind needs a rest.

All you need is the willingness to let your imagination free. In a collaborative writing environment that uses a character you’ve created, you’ll take part in a never-ending story full of drama, excitement, humor, romance and mystery.

But we warn you – it’s addictive. You’ll get a taste, and then you’ll want more… and more… and we’ll be there to give it to you.

Places are limited. Contact us for more information on how to join. Our creative writing role-playing game launches May 28, so get ready to escape reality.

Capture Your Creative Writing

We’d be remiss if we didn’t back up our new creative writing role-playing game with a place where you can capture fantasy in your hand. That’s why we’re launching a new blog that covers creative writing and role-playing topics to help you learn strategies, techniques and explore ideas.

You’ll find:

  • Monthly contests you can enter to win great prizes
  • Tips, tricks, hints and advice on creative writing and role-playing
  • Discussions about tricky issues to help you overcome obstacles
  • Ebooks and resources that teach you how to role-play
  • Interactive opportunities with creative writers just like you

Everyone’s welcome to join in the discussions and ask questions or just simply visit, read and learn. From fantasy to romance to drama to mystery, we’ll help you to capture fantasy and escape reality – all in one.

Get ready for our double launch on May 28 – and stay tuned for more details from your favorite sharpshooter duo.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the new site – I’m sure it will kick ass!

    Dave Navarro’s last blog post..Interview with International Man of Mystery Lodewijk van den Broek

  2. Brett Legree says:

    Yeah! It’s finally here!!!

    You guys have been working hard on this, I know, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

    (You could consider this my request to join, but I’ll also use the contact form.)

    Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – a friend’s fire.

  3. James,

    Thank you. Finally, a picture of Hairy.

    Don’t work too hard. There’s always room for a little shiraz. Ooh, and it’s Viking Friday…

    I’m sure it will be fabulous. Another great venture from Men With Pens!



    Kelly’s last blog post..Building an Empire on Resentment

  4. You had me at big picture of naked girl.

    John Hewitt’s last blog post..5 Reasons I Love Blogging More than Freelancing

  5. Brett Legree says:


    She doesn’t look too Hairy to me… 😉

    Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – a friend’s fire.

  6. Really looking forward to it! I threw my hat in the ring when you first announced and am excited to participate. It is not only a wonderful idea but an incredibly generous thing for you to do, allowing us to learn from two masters of fiction and having fun doing it.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Fashion Your Own Style

  7. That sounds like an intriguing project. Not sure I have the time to delve into in, however, I’ll be a distant watcher, keep tweeting about it 🙂

    LeRoy’s last blog post..Ça slammait le 19 mai, j’vous l’jure!

  8. @Dave: The design is great, I can’t wait to premier it either

    @Kelly: ha. very funny. 😛

    @John: I said to James last night our readers were over due for a slice of cheesecake.

    @Brett: I’ll send you a sheet, but send me the request through the contact for so I can keep track of everyone

    @Karen: We’re happy to have you along, Looking forward to see what you come up with

    @LeRoy: Lurkers are welcome too!

    @Readers: My mailbox was flooded with requests for character sheets. I’ll be sending some out shortly. Spaces are filling up quickly so be sure to get your request in as soon as possible!

  9. I know what I ‘ll be working on this weekend…I have never gamed though…well unless you count that little Saturday exercise in dialogue…gulp..

    Janice Cartier’s last blog post..Sweet Spots and Vibrations

  10. Brett Legree says:


    Done! 🙂

    Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – a friend’s fire.

  11. I used to enjoy creative writing for the sheer sake of creative writing – I’ll certainly look forward to this opening!


    Barbara Ling’s last blog post..21 Days to a more profitable blog – Day 4! Craft your Why Subscribe? Page and Network

  12. I am so in. Pysch pysch pysch pysch pysch psych psych.

    Hah. You know, I counted the ‘pysch’s to match the little song going on in my head, and Spellcheck underlined the first five, but it couldn’t be bothered for the last two. Spellcheck GAVE UP ON ME. Maybe it does that to everyone, and that’s how horrible mistakes happen. Maybe you only get a limited number of underlines.

    Wait, right. Role-playing creative writing and naked chicks. PSYCH!

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..War on English: Bad Copywriters

  13. Oh, wait. That’s because I’ve been doing a repetitive typo. Damn it all to hell. That just looks foolish.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..War on English: Bad Copywriters

  14. This is going to be awesome, boys. I can’t wait!

    Bob Younce at the Writing Journey’s last blog post..Three Ways to Juggle Life and Work

  15. Thank you all for your overwhelming response for character sheet requests! All of our Lurkers have come out of their hidey-holes and made themselves known because of this and it’s pretty cool.

    @Tei: She may be naked, but she is tasteful.

    @Bob: YES!

  16. Harry,

    You fixed Tei’s typos? How cute.

    Naked lady is tasteful. However, the lady’s face is grey, which disturbs me no end. Her left leg is fabulous.



    Kelly’s last blog post..Building an Empire on Resentment

  17. @Kelly: I didn’t fix her typos and was wondering myself what they were.

    Yeah, our lady does have a bit of a gray face. Odd lighting.

  18. I’m not much into role playing, but I’m eager to check out the informative blog.

    @Kelly and Brett – you two crack me up!

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz’s last blog post..Finding Your Purple Cow By Thinking Laterally

  19. Ack! I’d better send my sheet back to you. I set it aside after I filled it out, and promptly forgot about it. Guess it’s a paper shuffling day in the swamps.

    Can’t wait guys!!

    Nicole Brunet’s last blog post..New Addictions and Getting Organized

  20. @John: The information will be as good as the gaming, you can count on that!

    @Nicole: You’ll be the one to have the honor of the first submission if you do 😉

  21. @Harry And here I thought I was way behind everyone else. 🙂 Damn, now that makes me wonder if I’ve put enough thought into my character, and everyone else is going to blow me away. It just flowed so easily because I already had a character sitting there waiting for something like this to come along!

    Nicole Brunet’s last blog post..New Addictions and Getting Organized

  22. @Nicole: Sometimes a character does just flow. That’s when you know you’ve got a good one

  23. Well then, it never happened. La la la la la . . .

    Oh, no. DAMN. Stupid microchip. ::sigh::

    I misspelled ‘psych’ the first five times. I swapped the ‘s’ and the ‘y’ for reasons that are beyond me and my typing fingers. I suspect the y finger is just quicker on the draw, or something.

    But hey, if no one noticed –



    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..War on English: Bad Copywriters

  24. Harry, we’ve talked about this. No naked pictures of me without prior written consent. Jesus! What we do in private is PRIVATE.

    Naomi Dunford’s last blog post..7 Home Business Lessons From StomperNet

  25. How could it get fixed if Harry didn’t do it? It’s in my email all funny and buggered, then I come over here and it’s fine!

    Kelly’s last blog post..Building an Empire on Resentment

  26. Oh, yeah, there’s another dude here somewhere. He must have gotten out the Liquid Ink for you.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Building an Empire on Resentment

  27. @Naomi: I had to do something to make you comment. Looks like it worked.

    @Kelly: That’s still going to remain a mystery because James wasn’t home all day. Maybe Little Pen did it?

  28. Ooh, that small brat. Working voodoo 2.0 without me. Harry, I may have to borrow your cage.


    Kelly’s last blog post..Building an Empire on Resentment

  29. @Harry… You dirty, sneaky person.

    Naomi Dunford’s last blog post..7 Home Business Lessons From StomperNet

  30. Michael Martine | Remarkablogger says:

    You know I’m in. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

    Michael Martine | Remarkablogger’s last blog post..5 Killer Blog Networking Tips

  31. @Naomi: I keep telling everyone it’s the quiet guys they have to watch out for. While James is doing his song and dance for the crowds, I’m off making mischief while the audience is distracted.

    @Michael: Just got your email. One CS on the way. Thanks!

  32. Meryl Evans says:

    G-d knows, I’m tired and need a real vacation. Alas, hubby can’t take any trips for a while (long story) and I’m no lone traveler. Maybe this could be what I need.

    Meryl Evans’s last blog post..Links: 2008-05-23

  33. Fiction. I haven’t been lurking around here long enough to psyched about the new game or to have been anticipating anything. I’m not even sure I know “how” to do creative writing role play in a collaborative environment any more (if I ever did). The idea of taking time to write fiction, though, that’s tempting. I haven’t written fiction in…forever.

    Not having been a part of your community, I don’t know if you even want people like me in the game. I don’t know if I fit. I don’t know that I have the time to dedicate to a game. Still, in spite of my misgivings, I filled out the contact form…and then weaseled out before hitting the “Submit” button. I told myself that I should learn more about you before I sated my curiosity by requesting (and potentially wasting) valuable space.

    I’ve tried to read. I’ve checked some of the blogs of other commentors (commentators?), but I’m going further and further afield. It would take months to catch up. So, I’m asking: What kind of player are you looking for in this game? I’m willing to free my imagination. My mind needs to rest now and then. I can overcome (or give in) to my addictions at will. Is that enough, or are you looking for something more specific?

    Sorry so long. I tend to ramble when I’m tired. Do I still get cheesecake?

    April’s last blog post..Rainy Day Expression Lesson

  34. @April: Of course you get cheesecake? Would you like that imported from New York?

    The only prerequisite we have for this game is that the players know how to write, and write well.

    Once we open up the new site, have a look around. There are still spaces open (so far only Nicole has given us a completed sheet – Yay, Nicole!) so take your time and decide if it’s for you.

  35. Propagandroid says:

    I right good and wood like to join into on the project for which you have taken the time to so mearsly inform us.

    And PS I like your sight. Feed button so much better than undigital clipboard!

  36. Thanks, Harry. I’ll check it out.

    Cheesecake imported from New York, not Nevada? That’s a bit of a letdown. You mentioned in a post that you and James were discussing your readers’ need for cheesecake. Having read in posts on Rogue Ink about some of your other pursuits, I naturally assumed that we would be treated to homemade cheesecake. New York (read commercial) cheesecake just wouldn’t taste as good after that kind of anticipation….

    April’s last blog post..Rainy Day Expression Lesson

  37. @ Propagandroid – Please use our contact form to request a character sheet. Thanks.

  38. @April: Actually, my original reference to cheesecake was that of the human variety 😉

  39. Sign number 21 that I’m getting old…or I could blame it on Indiana Jones. I took my son to see the midnight movie on sneak peek night on the condition that neither of us “skip” the next day. We followed through, but I’m still … sign number 22. Oh, well.

    April’s last blog post..Rainy Day Expression Lesson

  40. Oh Harry, now you’ve frightened me. What do you mean by us knowing how to write well? Not riting lyk tHiS? (In that case, I’m an *excellent* writer. 😛 ) Or being able to write engaging dialogue and have interesting characters? If that’s the case, I’m not sure that I’m a good person to have in your role-playing game. 🙁

    @ April – When cheesecake is requested, I deliver! Any special requests? 😀

    Allison’s last blog post..Queen of the Tom Tom Roll

  41. @ Allison – We mean writing well enough to leave a logical comment in written English that reads well and is comprehensible – like you just did. You’ll do fine 🙂 Send us a contact form request if you’d like in.

  42. @ James – Oh thank goodness. Already got a character sheet, just trying to figure it out! Creating a character is harder than I thought. 🙂

    Allison’s last blog post..Queen of the Tom Tom Roll

  43. Feel free to ask questions. If you want, you can just write a nice biography and that’ll do us fine.

  44. I don’t have a character sheet, but I think my character’s shaping up to be a stereotypical, dumb blonde. Harry says, “Duh”. Well, he would if he lowered himself to respond in one-syllable words.

    Allison: Thank you so much! I like just a hint of lemon – with blueberries on top. You are such a sweetheart! Harry was just mean. 😉

    C’mon, guys, the cheesecake provided was okay to look at, but definitely not my flavor. Where’s the cheesecake for the rest of us?…and I’m not talking about biceps…

    James: Off topic question: How do you get the smilies (I know, “emoticons”) in the comments? I tried to Google it, but then my head exploded.

    April’s last blog post..What Flavor Is Your Cheesecake?

  45. @ April – Hm. Cheesecake for women, eh? We have a few of those pics around here, and one is of a woman with a whip, if I remember well. Look up control freak.

    Smiles in the comments… the same way you do? Or just did? A colon or semicolon followed by a paragraph?

  46. April,

    Thank you. I haven’t heard a good bicep gag all day. Now I can go back to work.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Tip of the Week: How You Can Get Me to Jump Over my Granny

  47. James: I’m not really a dumb blonde; I just play one on your blog. What I meant to ask was: Where might one find simple (okay, maybe a little dumb, but definitely not blonde) instruction on enabling (or placing, or coding, or whatever) emoticons in one’s own blog?

    Woman with a whip?…Hm. Good idea. I learned to crack a whip a couple of years ago (no aim, just cracking). It’s a very satisfying sound. Wonder what it would be like to hit something? What would a dumb blonde with a whip choose as a target…in a blogosphere “filled” with smart men who show me my “dumbness” and then refuse to give me cheesecake?

    How about man with a cowboy hat? 🙂

    April’s last blog post..What Flavor Is Your Cheesecake?

  48. Man with hat as cheesecake, not target. The male I gave birth to took it upon himself to pluck a gray out of my head the other day. I’m beginning to believe my last remaining brain cell may have been attached to the follicle….

    April’s last blog post..What Flavor Is Your Cheesecake?

  49. We can do cowboys. *nods*

    And if you’ve ever been smacked with a crop (no, not THAT way… someone at the stables was fucking around. And NO, not THAT kind of fucking around), you would know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of hitting something.

    Ouch. That’s all I’ll say. And I assure you that it feels damned sweet to hit the offending smacker back.


    I have no ideas about the emoticons. Buy a Men with Pens blog?

  50. Um, whoa there, James. That was just . . . well, dirty. It was dirty. I’m going to come right out and say it. Everyone should just pack up the cheesecake and riding crops and come on over to my place, because I’m starting to feel left out, here.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..War on English: Bad Copywriters

  51. @ Tei – That’s because you don’t have Subscribe to Comments yet. *ahem* And I’m trying to figure out what was dirty. My stable story or the fact I did shameless promotion?

  52. I believe it may have been the phrase “on the receiving end of hitting something.” I mean. Just possibly. You might have had me at ‘riding crop.’ I’m easy that way.

    I shall now go back into my hole, where the Men can’t get me. If it makes you feel any better, I am spending today transcribing some insanely boring audio. Want to know why automating your NMS software is a good idea? ME NEITHER.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..War on English: Bad Copywriters

  53. I’m lacking in the brains department on this one, too. I don’t see Tei’s “dirty”.

    Color me impressed. I just flashed back to an episode of Highlander . The villainess is on the beach doing her best impression of a damsel. It works on Duncan, but Methos tells her, “I’m from before the Age of Chivalry. Pick up your sword, bitch.” Okay, not an exact quote, but I’m not geek enough to remember the exact words (and he should have said “bitch” if he didn’t).

    Ouch backatcha. I’m new to the blogosphere…off to figure out how to turn the 6 blogs I read into a fairy tale longer than a paragraph….

    April’s last blog post..What Flavor Is Your Cheesecake?

  54. TuxGirl says:

    How many people are going to be in the same game together? It seems like if we have too many people, it could cause problems, so I’m curious how many people this game can hold?

  55. @TuxGirl: Twenty people is about the maximum we can handle, so the first 20 people to get their characters in and approved will be the first group to play. After that, everyone else on the waiting list will be notified as spaces open up.

  56. There’s a surprise. First a graphic of a woman being attacked by a man, and now a naked woman in shreds of materials. Well, the visual message about what the sites are about is pretty clear. Congratulations on your lack of originality and promotion of stereotypes. Just what a creative writing site should be about.

  57. @ Bella – You have quite the selective perception going on. The woman in the other image wasn’t being attacked by a man – there is no sign of violence or fear. Subjectiveness or your own past experiences may be clouding your opinions.

    In this picture, the image is tasteful, unrevealing and completely artistic. Since when did the human body (male or female) become distasteful and a stereotype? Also, we’re not gender biased. We have images of men on the site as well – artistic, tasteful and nothing graphic at all.

    And both Harry and I fully believe that creative writing involves one very important aspect: creativity. Which is what these images stimulate. Most of our readers appreciate that we choose photos that evoke emotion without being graphic or distasteful.

    We have open, tolerant minds – do you?

  58. Oh, bloody hell.

    Bella, seriously. The Men with Pens are fun-loving geeks who, if you browse around through the posts for awhile, have delightful things to say about the womenfolk in their lives. I’ve been playing the RPG with both of them, as a woman, and nary a voice of evil putting-down-o-the-womenfolk have I heard. Chill out.

    If you want to spend some time discussing stereotypes, I’d like you to find an equally artistic fantasy picture featuring a man on the web. Seriously. Artists prefer to draw women. Does that make them prejudiced? Not the argument of the day, but if James was looking for a truly stunning fantasy photo, the odds are pretty high that it would feature a woman.

    Actually, that’s your challenge. Right now. Go find me an equally tasteful fantasy pic of a naked dude, and I’ll concede the argument. Because believe you me, I have tried.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..Save your world. Write.

  59. Tei issues a challenge. Of course, I have other things to do (like actual work), so I immediately get right on it.

    The human body is beautiful! There are some I’d rather look at more than others, but we are all marvelous creations. The image on this post is great and screams “fantasy”. Hey, maybe “Tell Her Story” could be the next writing challenge…or maybe not. 🙂

    April – BrewBQ’s last blog post..A Sloggy, Bloggy Tale

  60. Well, I think Tei’s idea of fantasy was flowers, ribbons and bubbles… but… uh…

    I should really leave the commenting to Harry from hereon out. Bro? Your turn, buddy. 😀

  61. April: I adore you, but that, darling, is a beefcake. I did say tasteful, right? I did!

    Which generally falls under the category of ‘things-I-would-not-be-ashamed-to-have-my-mom-see-over-my-shoulder”. Like Michaelangelo’s David. Actually, that was the only period I came up with. Lots of tasteful male nude art back in the Renaissance. They were pretty fantastical too. Except they didn’t have ‘fantasy’ then, they had ‘mythological’. I’m still unclear where the line came in.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..Save your world. Write.

  62. I was going to say the frame’s kinda tacky, and I sure as hell don’t want any of those grapes…

    What can I say? I think this world is far too PC and everyone is overly sensitive to a million things. No one knows how to have fun anymore, or make a joke for fear of the villagers coming at them with torches and pitchforks.

    We’re not going to change the way we do things.

  63. I willfully ignored the “David-esque” in favor of “Grape Guy”. What can I say? I hadn’t had a good laugh or a good cup of coffee all morning. Sometimes the line between “tasteful” art (visual and other media) and…everything else is extremely fine. Other times the trip across the line requires sturdy boots, provisions, and a strong will…and a cast-iron stomach. 🙂

    Harry reminds me of a scene from “Compromising Positions”. On seeing pictures of a housewife with produce (those kind of photos), one character quips, “I must remember never to try her coleslaw.”

    April’s last blog post..A Sloggy, Bloggy Tale

  64. Oh, look! Grape-Nuts!

    Kelly’s last blog post..3 Essential Points for the Business Bilingue


    Oh, me. ::wipes tears out of eyes::

    Kelly, will you marry me?

    Who’s a sucker for a pun? ME.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..Save your world. Write.

  66. *slaps forehead* Oh jeez…

  67. Kelly, that was too funny. It’s the laugh I’ve been trying to achieve all day, and I get to have it again every time your comment pops into my mind. Thank you!

    …How are you with coffee?

    April’s last blog post..A Sloggy, Bloggy Tale

  68. Tei,

    I knew I could count on you. 😉

    How come all the proposals I get are from ladies?

    Do not answer that.

    So I go on a search for tasteful male skin, because I love a good click here (no there isn’t one, that’s how bad it was), and all I get is red cheeks and red ears and oh my goodness guess who never looks for anything of that sort on the Internet.

    I’ll be blushing ’til next Wednesday.

    Love you, too, dear. No more challenges for today, okay?

    I need a glass of wine to calm down.




    Kelly’s last blog post..3 Essential Points for the Business Bilingue

  69. @ Kelly – Oh come on. You knew you were peeking through spread fingers.

  70. James,

    That’s why the cheeks are so red.

    I didn’t say I didn’t look today, I just said I haven’t previously. Looked. On the ‘net.

    It’s nice to reminisce.

    Oh, dear…

    Kelly’s last blog post..3 Essential Points for the Business Bilingue

  71. *crosses arms and arches a casual eyebrow* Mmmhm. The Internet. And you’ve never looked. Mmmhm.

  72. James,

    Not to put all chicks in with me, but generally, chicks have better things to do with their time than type “tasteful male semi-nude” into an image search box for Tei.

    (I yelled back, “I typed SEMI !” It didn’t listen.)

    Like make money, feed kids, live RL,… Wait. I don’t have a RL. I think up blog posts on dates, for those of you who haven’t visited me at MCE lately.

    Besides, seen forty, seen ’em all. 😉


    Kelly’s last blog post..3 Essential Points for the Business Bilingue

  73. @ Kelly – I read that post. Been thinking on a reply all day lol

  74. Something tasteful, I hope.

    Kelly’s last blog post..3 Essential Points for the Business Bilingue

  75. Where’d my darn emoticon go?

    Too late… 🙂

    Kelly’s last blog post..3 Essential Points for the Business Bilingue


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