A Casual Conversation with Chris Guillebeau on Writing

You can’t really go anywhere online without hearing about Chris Guillebeau or his ultra-famous blog, the Art of Non-Conformity. He’s remarkably well known – and with good reason: Chris challenges conventional beliefs and helps his audience do the remarkable… on nearly zero budget.

Chris puts his money where his mouth is: He’s visited 193 countries without ever having held a “real” job or earning a regular paycheck. And during his extensive travels, he’s managed to continually write for his A-list blog, build an empire of training resources and publish several books, his latest being the $100 Startup (of which I have a copy in my hot little hands).

Chris writes – a lot. And from the strangest places, too, like third-world airports between lonely red-eye flights and Bedouin tents in the desert while grunting camels lurk just outside.

Alright, maybe the camels are an exaggeration, but clearly this devotion to writing (sometimes under incredibly tough circumstances) requires some sort of magical skill to maintain. It’s nothing short of amazing… and you’re going to learn Chris’ secrets.

I’ve invited Chris Guillebeau to sit down with me for a casual conversation, all about writing. Just how does he keep going? How can he manage to write so well and so consistently from all these crazy locations? And what’s with his eclectic blog that breaks all the “stick to your niche” rules?

You’re going to learn Chris Guillebeau’s writing secrets – all of them.

Join Chris and me on April 30 at 1pm EST and listen in as we discuss writing from anywhere in the world, how to consistently feed a hungry blog and crafting bestseller books without ever losing focus. This call is going to be valuable, especially if you want to leverage your writing skills to live off your success.

You won’t want to miss this conversation – you’ll pick up writing techniques, tips and advice that let you walk away feeling smarter, sneakier and ready to tackle new goals. Chris and I will discuss:

  • The truth about writing, and whether you absolutely need to do it
  • How to continually feed your blog, even when you don’t feel like it
  • Tips to keep writing when you feel lonely, isolated and discouraged
  • Advice on writing while you travel and what to do in crazy locations
  • The difference between blogging and books – and which you should choose
  • The secret to facing your writing critics and what you should tell them
  • How to be an eclectic writer who still stays in your niche
  • Whether you should outsource your writing or do it all yourself
  • How to persevere and stay focused on your writing goals

This conversation is going to be great: Chris is a true gentleman and a real pleasure to talk to, and he’s passionate about challenging people’s beliefs about traditional careers and employment. He’s practically THE freelancer advocate.

In fact, you could say Chris is your key to a better, more fulfilling career. (Even if all you have is $100.) After you listen to our call, you’ll feel inspired to plan your next great escape… with confidence you can write your way there.

[Editor’s note: This event has passed, but you can listen to a recording of the event and get a valuable worksheet just by signing up for the Damn Fine Words newsletter.]

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. James….
    I’ve followed Chris for the past 4 years. His mission and goals rank at the top of my list as compelling and inspirational. He leads by example. His voice is authentic and comes through as someone who has chosen an unconventional route and galvanizes others to follow…in a way that works for them.

    This is a conversation I won’t miss. Thanks for making it happen James…Fran

  2. Ahhh…a mistake….I meant I’ve been following Chris for the past couple of years….not 4…..I must have not had my first cup of coffee yet…:)

  3. um . . . “Join Chris and I”???

  4. The most inspirational thing about Chris (and you too James) is that both of you are using your talents, doing what you love and making your dreams come true– helping others in the process.

    The niches of traveling, saving money and writing gives you the foundations to build, even if it is from a place with 10 foot snow drifts or an airport surrounded by camel dung.

    Sounds like a fascinating conversation. 🙂

    • It’s not always easy, I’ll admit, and Chris and I will talk about that – but going through the tough stuff to tell people what not to do, what to do, and why it’s all still so worth it is… very fulfilling.

      See you on the call!

  5. Really looking forward to eavesdropping on this conversation. Big fan of both of you!

  6. I look forward to this damn fine interview. When I asked Chris how he writes during all that travel, he said, “I just do it.” Okay, he said a little more than that.

    But I look forward to hearing more because it’s more difficult for me to write while traveling than while at the home office in Denver.

    • Sometimes it IS like that – you just do it, because you have to! But I’m personally curious to hear Chris’ tricks, because I have a bad habit of needing silence to write (and yes, it’s a habit, not a need!)

  7. Siita Rivas says:

    I look forward to hearing ‘How to be an eclectic writer who still stays in your niche ‘

    Thanks for doing these interviews James – You pick great people.
    Now if I can just work out how to get that Aussie clock set on 1pm EST.
    Somtimes this hemisphere sucks..I hate that ‘sorry sucker the webinar is over’ sign!

    BTW I’d happily subscribe $ to these interviews ’cause they inspire and motivate me – but I can’t always make mid night rendevous! and truly I’m not a party pooper.. just my addled brain needs sleep at night.

    • Siita, you’ll be pleased to know that as a Damn Fine Words student, you have full access to all the interviews and their worksheets… and you’ll jump for joy when I tell you that I have 4 (and a 5th coming) in the sidebar of the DFW course. Log in and go read/listen at your leisure! 🙂

      It’s tough to work these calls in a global world. I get hate mail about them from people on opposite time zones from me (and when I say hate mail, I’m not kidding; some people have an incredibly inflated sense of entitlement… for free goods that take hours to coordinate and create!)

  8. Siita Rivas says:

    WOW! That is fantastic.

    I was just thinking some comments ought to be simply flicked on to the shrink!

    Those of us who adore you for the value you bring to our lives and businesses will forever defend you in the face of criticism. I nearly drew my sword – But In the case of stupidity I figure its best best ignored.

    Let all of us who truly value you and all that you do, be the indicator of your true worth.
    I can hear the crowd cheering for you from way over here in Australia.

  9. Chris is my inspiration for big changes currently taking place in my life. Hoping I can catch this call…

  10. Krista Summitt says:

    James: I have recently started exploring writing as a business; looking forward to this call. Is there a web link we can listen on? Thanks for doing this.

  11. Man!! I can’t believe I missed this one….

    I could have used a good dose of Chartrand +Guillebeau last week.

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