Damn Fine Words Writing Contest: The Winners!

Today we’re announcing the winners of the Damn Fine Words writing contest… but boy, was it EVER tough to choose just two submissions.

25 people fought hard to win a chance to get into the Damn Fine Words writing course and learn effective techniques that would change their life. Some posts were straightforward. Some were thoughtful. Some touched our hearts.

It wasn’t an easy choice. But after great deliberation and many discussions, the judges and I narrowed the many submissions down to two lucky winners.

Lynn Hess and Rena Tucker, you’ve each won a free membership to the Damn Fine Words writing course. Starting tomorrow and for the next ten weeks, you’ll enjoy an intensive learning experience that will change your life – and your business game – forever.

Here’s what Peter Shallard, the Shrink for Entrepreneurs, had to say about our winners:

Lynn Hess demonstrates a profound psychological shift in her recent writing. Her commitment to developing her skill as a writer has moved from “should” and “could” (possibility) to “must”. It’s now a necessity.

In my experience, those are the psychological conditions people adopt before rapid and enormous transformation begins. I know if Lynn is a part of Damn Fine Words, she’ll absolutely rock it. I’ll look forward to seeing what she produces as a result of the course.


Rena Tucker is a woman on a mission. An incredible thing happens when an entrepreneur (or writer, for that matter!) connects with their purpose: The Motivation versus procrastination struggle vanishes and they pursue their objective with a resolve and tenacity that’s a whole new level.

When I read between the lines of Rena’s entry I knew I had found someone who had connected with the ethos and drive to make huge things happen. Writing is going to be a part of that journey and I want to see Rena equipped with that skill.

Congratulations, Lynn and Rena – I’ll be in touch soon via email.

To everyone who participated in this contest, thank you. You made us laugh, smile and want to take you under our wing. We read posts from heaps of talented, creative people and tons of determined, focused people, and we applaud each and every one of you for writing down those words.

Keep writing, keep bettering your skills and keep believing in yourself. You all have the courage and talent to get where you want to be.

If you’re ready to reach for greater goals and learn effective writing skills to help you get there, join the Damn Fine Words writing course today – and when I say today, I mean it. Class begins tomorrow and doors close to new students in less than 24 hours. Don’t miss your chance!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners. I look forward to reading some of their work!

  2. No doubt after I’ve taken the class I’ll have more eloquent words to thank you — but for right now all I can say is that I’m humbled and very grateful, because I read all of the entries and know that this contest was full of Damn Fine writers. And I’m and more motivated than ever — because I want to live up to the faith and confidence you’ve shown in me and my writing. Peter, wow, thank you for your kind words, and for your prediction of “rapid and enormous transformation.” I’m on board with that, for sure!

    Thank you, James, Peter, and Taylor, for this opportunity. I can promise you it won’t go to waste.

  3. Congratulations to the winners! I envy you guys.

  4. Best wishes. What a great opportunity, plus you’ll get to say “Damn” and feel proud.

  5. If I applaud to Lynn and Rena , it is because they deserve it. I enjoyed everyone who had the courage to participate in this writing competition

    I thank you very much simply . you made me laugh& keep smile on my face as forever. I will always remember this whenever I want to pick up my pen .. Believe me I have met talented , creative & tons of determined people . It will keep warm and I wont suffer anymore from cold whenever I want to write my articles. Congratulations you all.

    Ntarugera François


  6. Fantastic news – well done Lynn and Rena. Enjoy the course and I too look forward to reading your work as you hone your skills.

    Rena, I read about your inner critic, who makes you doubt yourself, and of your promise to your mother and I know you are about to fulfil it.

    Lynn, you began your post with how you are an optimist and solutions-based and winning the competition is testament to your dedication. Yes you may feel scared and fed up of not feeling good enough, but today is the beginning of a very special journey for both you and Rena 🙂

  7. Congratulations to Lynn and Rena! Can’t wait to watch you grow with the class 🙂

  8. Congratulations, Lynn and Rena! I look forward to being your classmate in Damn Fine Words.

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