Damn Fine Words: The Writing Course that Gets Business Results

Damn Fine Words: The Writing Course that Gets Business Results

They tell you to write. They tell you that your success depends on quality content. They tell you to produce lots of it. You should blog. You should improve your web copy. You should write sales letters. You should comment and tweet and say insightful things on Facebook.

No one tells you how.

Until now.

For years, people have asked me to teach them what I know. How to write engaging posts. How to write snappy headlines. How to create compelling web copy. How to draw readers in. How to create succinct, powerful articles.

How, how, how…

These weren’t writers setting up shop to be hired. These were entrepreneurs and business owners who wanted – no, who needed – to write more effective, compelling content so they could get results.

They knew the grammar. The punctuation. The sentence structure. They wrote well… but not well enough. It showed in their web copy, because it didn’t bring in sales. It showed in their blog posts that didn’t get comments.

It showed each time they tried to write for their audience. Because it just didn’t work.

And these people wanted to learn how. How to improve their writing skills so they could create the type of engaging, compelling, effective content everyone tells them to write.

So I decided to show them.

Damn Fine Words is the answer.

Damn Fine Words is the most exceptional, innovative writing course ever created. If you’re a start-up business owner, an entrepreneur, a self-employed freelancer, an in-house writer, a blogger, an editor… if you need to create effective content to market your business (or someone else’s), then Damn Fine Words is for you.

A cross between a writing course and a business course, Damn Fine Words teaches you valuable techniques, content-creation tricks, and insider strategies top writers use every day to get results with their target market.

That’s what Damn Fine Words is about: Results.

And the Damn Fine Words course helps you get those results in less than 10 weeks. Packed with 20 hands-on lessons specifically designed to teach you how to be a better writer, a more effective writer, it’s geared to help you improve your writing skills fast.

Not by the end of the course, either – by the end of each lesson.

You’ll enjoy fun activities and practical, hands-on exercises. You’ll benefit from specialized tasks called Use It Now, designed to show you how to immediately improve your business. You’ll be learning from day one – and all through the course.

Here’s the awesome part:

Many course owners slap material up, set everything on automation and walk away. Not me. I spent a full year working hard to produce the best educational material possible. And while I automated some tasks to make your life real easy, I’m not walking away.

No sir. You’ll have special access to a members-only area where you’ll be able to get advice, tips and feedback on your writing, and I’ll be there every day. Ask questions, learn new tricks and pick up great techniques that help you get the results from your writing you’ve been searching for.

And that’s just the beginning.

Want more details? Click here to visit Damn Fine Words and learn more about this game-changing course. By the way…

Pre-registration is now open.

And if you register for Damn Fine Words before September 1st, you’ll benefit from a $200 launch discount.

This course will change your life. You’re going to love it.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Sounds great; its something that is actually missing from tons of online courses being offered on the net so I am sure you will have many people signing up.

    My problem, I am doing my final semester of a Post Grad degree, am a member of another group and considering a few others. The question, how much could I fit in the six minutes of free time I get every day? 🙂

    • Each time I’m feeling time-strapped, I sit back, look at each item on the list and say, “Does doing this bring me something back? Does doing this move me closer towards my goals?”

      We tend to fill up our time with a lot of stuff we might enjoy… but that doesn’t get us where we want to be in a year, five years or even ten. So when I spot something that’s fun versus something that helps me free up my time forevermore to do more fun stuff… I go for it!

      (PS: Laura’s book, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, absolutely rocks.)

  2. $1600?? I’ll cast my lot with Jon Morrow for blogging insights and my 40 years as a professional writer for the rest.

    • Jean! So good to see you here! I can always count on your positive comments each time I mention a new product or service I’ve launched (which I think happens about twice a year, now that I think about it…)

      It’s good to see you’re doing well and have great resources to fall back on. Like I mention over on the Damn Fine Words sign up page, this course isn’t for everyone, and those who feel they’re getting by just fine on their own aren’t my target market.

      Best of luck to you!

    • You know, Jean, I was going to reply to you before commenting below, but decided against it, figuring it was better to ignore the negativity. But I’ve changed my mind.

      Really! Is there any need for it? If you don’t like James’ material, don’t look at it. Coming here and commenting merely to try to pull her down says a lot more about you than it does about her (and her course).

      Oh, and when I visit your site, all I get is this error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_SL in /home/thewrite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tweet-old-post/tweet-old-post.php on line 7”

  3. Hi, James – from your personal coaching, which I’ve been dreaming to purchase now this. Geesh!

    I am a real fan and I even personally wrote you about that but is that really the price? US$1600.00? When I register now, do i pay the first half already?

    Can you not make it more affordable for aspiring, third world country citizens who’s exchange rate is Php42 to a US$ and would like to achieve the financial independence she long to have? US$1600 is a whopping Php67,200.00 already. 🙁

    I hope you could consider. Yeah, yeah, i know the benefits and taking it from no less than a James Chartrand – but a “good deed” won’t do you any harm, right? Hehehehehehehehe.

    • Yeah, that world economy thing really can be a problem, I know. I could probably live like a King in Thailand… but it’s just not the same dollar exchange when coming from Canada.

      There is a payment plan available, absolutely. You can pay half now and take a full month to pay the rest. That gives people a definite chance to budget with plenty of breathing room.

  4. Siita Rivas says:

    Some copywriters just don’t get it! that’s why this course is not for them!

    I say, ‘At last – someone is thinking about business owners!’
    As a business owner- if I pay a copywriter at $1.00 a word or even 50c that’s very few articles and blog posts before the course is paid for! and it can take me as much time to convey the content for the article as it would to write – if I were confident.
    I struggle to find my voice in the company of copywriters so I say ‘bring it on!’ a course just for business owners to help them blog for their businesses – taught and supported by someone who ‘get’s business’
    Go girl- I hope the course is packed with kick arse business owners – who need help to write!

    • Thanks for the support, Siita, and I agree – I’ve been wishing for a writing course like this for a long time. No one else was building it… so I did.

      And you’re right that a lot of business owners already invest their time and/or money into content… but most of it doesn’t pay off and just becomes a loss, because it isn’t well written to get results.

      I aim to solve that. Once and for all. 🙂

  5. Wow! James, as you know, you’re one of my two favorite copywriters. (Actually, three, if you count me! 😉 I’m sure this will be an awesome course, and I’ll definitely be sending people this way. My only concern is the price. Surely $1600 isn’t enough? You’d have so much to cover; how will you do it all for just $1600?!

    • Yeah, I know. I’ve gotten some peers telling me I’m nuts already – they think $1,999 or even higher is the right price tag for what I put into this and the value people receive. You of all people know how much work goes into a course like this!

      • If a business owner were to create a 25,000-word whitepaper promoting their business or products, proofing and editing it would cost them $750. So, gaining enough writing knowledge to last a lifetime isn’t at all out of bounds for $1,399.

        On a related note. I used to be a computer instructor. We’d get people taking classes that paid for their own courses out of their own pockets, people who got their employers to pay for the classes, and people who got the government to pay for their classes. Without exception, those people who paid their own way put the most into the class. Those that had their employer or government pay, usually played Solitaire (no joke). The best way to make someone serious about a topic is to make them pay their own good money for it.

        • Someone called me yesterday and said, “You know, I just sent one of my staff on a two-day workshop. It cost $899 per day. And I honestly have no idea whether what he’ll remember is going to be worth my money. I wish I could’ve sent him on a course like yours… except you don’t have one on Warehouse Distribution yet.”

          And yeah. I put a long lead time on the course registration (no three-day special here!) because I want people to think about it, be informed, and make a conscious, well-thought-through decision to sign up. I can pretty much guarantee that they’re going to get far more out of the course because of it.

        • Shane,

          I am a business manager. I agree with you, but your figures are way too low.
          25 000 words for $750 ? Are those your rates ? It would cost me at least 10 x that . My time is too valuable to write 25000 words that need to be edited, but for $1600 I can have a close assistant follow this course and from then on have expertly written copy ? Let’s see….my ROI is ….1000 words !
          To Jean : what is your ROI for $1600? You do know what ROI is, correct ?

          • @John: “Common” editorial rates: http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php

            Give me the name of that guy charging 30 cents per word so I can shake his hand and steal some of his marketing material! At that rate, he’s pulling in $1,500,000 per year and is my hero.
            (10 pages per hour is pushing good-quailty editing, so considering an average page contains 250 words, a 25,000-word document would take 10 hours to complete. $7,500 divided by 10 hours is $750 per hour. $750 times 40 hours is $30,000 per week. Times that by 50 weeks to get $1,500,000 per year)

            • Actually, Shane, those rates from that link are fairly low… at least where I’m from (Canada!) Edtiors around here typically *start* at $75 an hour. I charge double that. And I know those who work with companies often get the same as I do or more.

              John must be thinking of writing rates – and if so, 30c per word is very, very low.

              So either way, the point is… learning how to write is WAY cheaper than paying a pro to do it!

              • I agree. It takes about an hour to proof/edit 10 pages (well), so 25,000 words takes 10 hours. Ten times $75 per hour equals the $750 I mentioned prior. Of course, if an editor knows the document in question will take longer, a mere increase of 2 cents per word brings that total to $1,250. Worth the price though. I recently proofed a best-selling book that was already in circulation. Found 77 errors. I know for a fact, finding these errors was worth 10 times the going rate for this author.

                • Yup, sorry. I meant writing, then proofreading my own writing or an assistant’s work. Seriously though, this will pay for itself after 5 or 6 press releases. This does not include that the press releases will be much better and get my business more attention and more sales …hehehe and more profits !

      • If someone asked me to train them, they’d pay a helluva lot more than $1600, I can tell you. Not because the content would be better (I’m sure it’d be worse), but because I don’t have it all structured and prepared and ready to go.

        Plus, I’ve always found I can teach someone to write, but I can’t make them a writer. I know from our discussions a year ago, you’ve found you can. (You have a degree or major in psychology, don’t you?) I guess, given that difference, it makes sense you’re offering a brilliant course, and I’m not.

        But I still think it’s too cheap, even at the full price. I suspect you’ll find it necessary to raise the price before too long.

        • I have some university education and did major in psychology, yes. And if I was a betting person, I’d put money on that suspecting of yours… I’ll do everything I can to keep this course affordable.

  6. Hey James,

    I wish there was a program like this when I started! Sounds like a great course — and sounds like something you’re perfectly suited to teaching as well.

    Happy launch day, and have fun with it!


  7. I’ve been following Men with Pens and then James for a long time. The amount of stuff I’ve learned and the help I’ve gotten from the blog, from James has led me to a point where I’ll sign up for anything by her with my eyes closed.

    If it’s by James and I have the money, you can bet I’ll be signing up for it.

    Which is what I did with Damn Fine Words. I got a sneak peak and the course is going to blow your mind!

    Okay, so I sound like a groupie and I blame you James. Not my fault your stuff is so stellar!

  8. Tempting James.

    Your writing coaching has helped me immensely so far – I’ve started a business and been told by the editor of a huge website with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers that my writing is of an excellent quality and would like my writing on the site… so I’m seeing results, and it’s from your advice.

    (James knows his stuff, everyone. Use it as intended and you’ll go places)

    But I don’t know if I should get a refresher or just keep using your existing lessons which I still refer back to. Am I your target market?

    • I’d say you and I covered a little more than half what’s in the course. You’ll definitely benefit from the new learning you’ll pick up from those lessons when they occur. Some we’ve done together – but as you said, a refresher is always smart. Practice makes perfect!

      Plus, you’ll benefit from the forum, too – I have some pretty cool stuff planned for that!

  9. P.S. I’m still waiting for you to mention that if a person bought a $5 cup of coffee each work day, they’s spend $1,250 per year. Drop the coffee and pick up a pen!

  10. Siita Rivas says:

    Just wondering whether there will be scope to develop, as in edit and polish, our ‘authentic blog voices’ in the writing course.
    As a business owner about to launch a separate blog site, getting confident with my style of writing is a challenge I need to overcome.
    It takes me hours to write and I’m always convinced I sound like a ‘tool’ [Aussie vernacular.]
    I can design in a flash & with great confidence -but expressing well in written words is not my forte..

    I’d love it if there was the scope to test drive our written authentic selves ..with feedback before exposing ourselves to the world.
    Do tell.

    • Not sure what you mean by “scope to develop/test drive”, Siita, but everything you’ve mentioned is absolutely covered in the course. Editing, polishing, your authentic writing voice, getting confidence, writing much faster (without sounding like a tool!) and expressing yourself well through writing… done! I’ve got your back.

      And then some: Imagine all that… and then getting RESULTS from your business because of it!

      • Siita Rivas says:

        ‘Develop’ and ‘test drive’ –

        Put up a piece of writing for critique/comment so that I can learn how to write words, without confusing people. Test drive as in take it out of pit lane where I’ve been tinkering around with the engine and run it round the track to see if needs adjusting – before the big race.

        But the key thing I need is writing faster without sounding like a tool.
        You’ve got that covered!


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