The Ebook-Writing Course that Brings You Power

The rumors are true: Ebooks equal power.

All the pros tell you this. They say that if you write a compelling ebook, you’ll juice up your sales. They say that if you write expert advice, you’ll instantly create credibility. They say that if you write an engaging ebook, you’ll bring in new customers. You’ll succeed.

And that’s true. A single, well-written ebook can take your business to the next level, where you’ll enjoy new respect, more attention and fresh income – fast. It can generate thousands of dollars in business profits, thanks to brand-new clients, satisfied customers and an engaged audience that hangs on your every word.

Just imagine what would happen if…

  • You offer your ebook as a free download… and get hired for a $5,000 project by a client who was impressed by your excellent expertise.
  • You give away your ebook as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter…  and increase your audience nearly overnight.
  • Your ebook goes viral and gets shared like wildfire… bringing you attention, respect, and free word-of-mouth marketing – fast.
  • You send your ebook on “how to get the most out of…” to past clients as a gift, and turn them into appreciative, loyal, repeat customers.
  • You sell your ebook and turn it into a money-making product that provides you with long-term income for months – even years!

Ebooks are powerful marketing tools that open double-doors of opportunity. Just one could become your most valuable business asset ever.

You need an ebook, the pros say. Write one.

But how?

How do you write ebook content that turns your free download into a must-have incentive? How do you write an ebook that makes you look smart, savvy and credible to potential clients? How do you write an ebook that makes people’s eyes light up as they reach for their wallets?

After all, you don’t consider yourself a writer. You’re a business owner. Sure, you may do okay with blog posts and newsletters, but an ebook? You don’t know the first thing about writing an ebook, let alone one that brings you tangible business results and a better bottom line.

No one tells you how… until now.

Welcome to Damn Fine Ebooks.

I’ve invested a year and a half of my time and money to build a brand-new ebook-writing course that teaches you what you need to know. This course changes the game, and it’s here to teach you how to plan, write and finish an ebook… one that brings you business results.

Damn Fine Ebooks brings you completely fresh material – and you can’t get this kind of training anywhere else.

You’ll learn brand-new writing techniques that specifically relate ebooks. You’ll also learn how to polish your words to perfection – and you’ll be able to use these new skills on any type of content you write.

And you’ll write a complete ebook during the course. All you need is an idea.

The step-by-step lessons walk you through every phase of ebook creation. And in less than 12 weeks, you’ll have a brand-new ebook ready to help you do business.

That’s right: In 12 weeks or less, you’ll have an ebook you can put to work for your business. I’ll even tell you how.

Even better?

I’ll help you write it.

My involvement in this course is intense. You’ll get my usual smart and practical feedback, and you’ll also get my eyes on your words – literally. I’ll personally give a full chapter of your ebook a comprehensive edit that includes extra notes, suggestions and my private feedback on your work.

This goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever offered before. You won’t have to wonder whether your writing is good enough.

You’ll know it’s the best it can be.

Even better than that? I want this course to be a true success for you, so I’ve made special arrangements to provide each student with a personal action coach. Your coach will call you each week and discuss your goals to make sure you stay on track, motivated and moving forward.

Before you know it, your ebook will be done.

Here’s what you need to know:

Because my involvement in this course is so intense, seats are limited.

I don’t want a million students. I want the right students: motivated people who are ready to learn, engaged in discovering better ebook-writing techniques and serious about their success.

So if you want to write your ebook with me… now’s your chance.

Registration for Damn Fine Ebooks is open.

Click here for details on this course.

First class begins October 29. Won’t you join me?

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Dear James:

    Here we are. Lets get serious when it comes to talk the learning process. I have been impressed by the way you consider education. Though your involvement in this course is so intense and have limited ,seats , I can tell you that , not every is like you when it comes to teaching. I have not heard any one saying that he/she doesn’t want a million of students , what is important is the right students , well motivated who are ready to learn. It sound nice to me because I have heard the rest wanting to make more money out of blue.

    Ntarugera François