Focus For a Strong Business Foundation

Ever tell yourself it’s time to sit back and focus?

One thing I’ve noticed is that many people try to cast a wide net on the Internet in the attempts to strike it rich – or at least, earn a decent living. They don’t focus on one project; they juggle ten or fifteen, hoping one takes off.

To me, this is a huge waste of time and effort. My experience from our own projects has shown me it’s best to have one idea and focus on doing a good job rather than spreading yourself thin over several smaller projects.

Why waste your time trying to chase down the next big fad? Face it; unless you have a crystal ball predicting hot trends, you’ll always be one step behind.

Money is the driving force for many people creating all these little websites to attract attention. I often hear these same people say, “I don’t have a big budget, so just do what you can.” If I didn’t have a big budget, I would funnel my resources into one project and do everything I can to make it work well and yield a profit.

A successful business has focus. Business owners need to have focus, too.

We ran into the problem early in our careers. We attempted to combine writing and graphic design into one business. We couldn’t effectively promote services at the same time. It was better for the business to pick one and focus on that service. We built that portion of our business to be strong – and only then turned our focus towards the other half.

Focusing on one area at a time was one of the best decisions we ever made. JCME has its foundation securely in place, and we can begin the process of building up another area of our business.

Before you decide to go into business, sit down. Think seriously on which direction you want to take – and stick with that direction. The internet is a huge arena. It takes time and a lot of effort to be noticed and build a following.

Be patient – and focus. The results will be more than worth it.

Post by Agent X

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