A Special Gift for You (that Probably Shouldn’t Be on This Blog)

A Special Gift for You (that Probably Shouldn't Be on This Blog)

I like a fine Shiraz.

This won’t be a shock to any of you regular Men with Pens readers or anyone who has taken one of my Damn Fine Words writing courses. A glass of wine is my most-recommended solution to a lousy day and my go-to reward for pulling off a great coup. It’s probably the only vice I’m willing to admit in public – mostly because people often offer me a glass if I mention it.

But my love of fine wine isn’t common knowledge. In fact, if you Google my name, you’ll find out more about my underwear than my drinking habits. So when Naked Wines made me this offer, I was impressed:

Every single one of my readers and followers gets a $100 off any of the wines on the Naked Wines website.

FREE WINE. What’s not to love?

That’s exactly why I blew them off, of course. Completely. I thought, “Who the hell are these guys? $100 off is a LOT of money. (And a lot of wine.) Are they kidding me?”

I thought this was a classic case of a pitch sent out to a bunch of people by a company who hasn’t bothered to do their research. I’m the owner of a copywriting and website design company, after all. So why were these guys contacting me, of all people? Didn’t they know that nothing I do has anything to do with wine?

They did, as it turns out – and that’s why they got in touch with me.

Naked Wines is the real deal. They’ve been listed in Forbes, Mashable and Bloomberg. And they’d done their homework. They knew exactly who I was. They liked my writing and my readers. They knew I was fond of a glass of Shiraz at the end of the day. And they said, “We have something your readers might like. Do you think they might be interested?”

The more I thought about it, the more I started to think, Hell, they just might.

So here you go: It’s the holiday season, and I’m sure you have people to entertain, which means you may be laying in more wine than usual. (Or laying into the wine more than usual, whichever comes first.) And I know many of my readers like a fine glass of wine just as much as I do, so if coupon is useful to you, I hope you enjoy it.

If you buy $160 worth from Naked Wines, use the coupon code below to get $100 off – and that means you can pick up a lot of wine for just $60.

It’s a pretty sweet deal. I won’t tell you what a case of wine costs me up here in Canada, but I’d definitely jump on an offer like this. (I tried to, in fact, but the deal’s only valid across the border.)

And I know, I know: Some people will think it’s stupid of me to offer this to you guys. It has nothing to do with my business. Nothing to do with my blog. It’s kind of pointless, really.

But you know what?

Sometimes business isn’t about branding or strategy or marketing. Sometimes it’s just about a good bottle of wine – and the season to share with those you care about most.

Happy holidays, to all of you.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Cheers James! May you and your loved ones be blessed this holiday season.

  2. I can’t think of any better offer than this (other than a link to your first fiction book).
    Happy Holidays. 😉

    • I know, eh? It’s just about the best damned holiday gift I could think of. (Now please buy a case and sneak it across the border for me, will you?)

      Oh – by the way, you now have a cohort. Yes, I have a second person nagging me for fiction…

      • Just think of how many cases of Shiraz a best seller could by – even in Canada, eh! Who’s the cohort? We’ll coordinate our efforts.

        • Kari Wolfe, actually (I believe you may know of her). Been gently nudging me to get the fiction going again, and has even poked at reviving the group fiction site I had once upon a time. I have to beat her off!

  3. WHOOHOO !!!!!!!!

  4. Timing is good. Talk about finishing off a rough day how about a rough year.

    2012 has been rougher than stink dogs breath.

    Yeah definitely a good offer woth checking out, a good stocking stuffer, thanks JC

    • There’s always a year that helps us keep the good ones in perspective, eh? I’ll personally never forget 2007!

      (And happy stocking stuffing!)

  5. Thanks James,

    I will think of you while I am enjoying a lovely glass of Merlot.

  6. Diane Aksten says:

    James: Somehow they know I like wine, too (could be all the wine posts I put on my Facebook page) because I received the same email; fortunately for me, I’m in the States so I will be taking advantage of this awesome deal!

    BTW, just started following Men With Pens and really enjoy your style; I’m a freelance copywriter just getting started in the biz and part of my job is finding people to follow; you’re on my shortlist!


    • Diane, I have only one thing to say: Clearly, THEY’RE AFTER US. (Anyone else offering free wine can come after me as well, I say!)

      And thanks very much for the compliments. That’s always nice to hear, and I’m glad to know I’ve been helping!

  7. The way you explained this, it seemed on target for your business readers.

    Perhaps we need a follow-up post from the owners of Naked Wines on the why and the results of this business strategy. Google is a wealth of information, but how do we mine it for our particular interests.

    Especially in small niches, or the 693,000 articles available on every topic under the sun–including that sun in wine country where the grapes… dreaming here….:)

  8. James, I occasionally write about the pleasures of bourbon—why hasn’t Maker’s Mark or Booker’s broken down my door with a barrel?

    “Sometimes business isn’t about branding or strategy or marketing. Sometimes it’s just about a good bottle of wine – and the season to share with those you care about most.”


  9. Hey : I do understand your concern and your ways when it comes to help the business owners on how to entertain their audiences through better writing.of course as an entrepreneur and a pro- copywriter ,but at the same time the founder and CEO of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words.

    But this one of sharing a bottle of wine with those you care most rather writing strategic plan for branding or marketing is a good one of the year. Enjoy your wine with all you care most, but in your mind that we need your pen for the year 2013.

    Ntarugera François

  10. I’m a HUGE NakedWines fan and thank you for helping promote them. I’m an arch angel & believe firmly in wanting to help their business model.

  11. MMMM…Shiraz….and Zinfindel (non-white), Pinot Grigio, Pink Moscato *sigh* Cheers to you, and Happy Holidays from Northern California!

  12. Free Wine?
    It’s not free. It’s handsomely discounted.

    But it’s not free.

    I hold you to higher standards than this misleading bit of copywriting.

    • Well, technically, it IS free wine. Discounted or not, you get to have $100 worth of wine for nothing. Sounds like free to me! 🙂

      (And this wasn’t copywriting – this was just me, writing a blog post. Sometimes it’s not all about the wordsmithing trickery!)

      • Nuh-uh. If you have to spend money to get something, whatever you get isn’t free.
        Tell you what. You send me $10 and I’ll give you $5 FREE.

        • LOL! But I cry faulty logic – you don’t have to put out the money AND THEN get it back… the money never leaves your hands and stays in your pocket. No exchange of money for the extra bottles = free wine.

          Another great example: “Buy one and get the second free”. This doesn’t mean that each are only worth half to begin with. The first is X dollars and the second zero dollars.

          Or! “Buy one and enjoy this special bonus towel.” The one is still worth $XYZ. You’re not spending more to get the towel.

          Your $10 to get $5 back isn’t anything free – it’s a leap of faith trust agreement. I have to give you the money AND THEN trust I’ll get reimbursed. The wine? Hey, no trust required. They knock the money off right off the bat.

          All you need to trust is that you’ll get great wine, and from what I hear from those who’ve already gotten their case, it’s damned fine stuff! 🙂


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