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A few months ago, we asked you guys how you’d like to earn a living writing fiction and fantasy-related work instead of business-related copy.

The response was pretty overwhelming. Most of our readership isn’t just into writing for the scads of money to be made while working in your pajamas and holding a beer in one hand (because that’s how freelancing works, right?).

Many of you are fascinated by the idea of writing just because you love it. Many of you are creative writers, or role players, or gamers. Many of you have a passion for using writing to create worlds and novels.

So when Gamer Lifestyle told us they were reopening their membership course again and that they’ve added new features, a select few spots, and some exclusive offers for Men with Pens readers, we thought we should let you know about it, because we want to you the chance to pursue that writing lifestyle.

First, a Recap

When we first told you about Gamer Lifestyle, we explained that this program is all about helping you make money writing on something you already enjoy doing – namely, roleplaying, creative fiction and gaming. The two creators of this course, Johnn and Yax, have both earned some pretty serious money creating products around that passion.

Between them, they’ve founded a role-playing gaming company, written for gaming publications like Wizards of the Coast and Dragon Magazine, written nine books, and host three incredibly popular websites, RolePlaying Tips, Campaign Mastery and Dungeon Mastering.

They’re big advocates of the Gamer Lifestyle, and they want to help you make a living writing about something you love instead of spending all your time writing for other people.

What’s New

If you’d like a recap on all of the great stuff that’s included in the Gamer Lifestyle, check out this post we wrote when they first opened the course. It includes hundreds of hours’ worth of training modules – with new additions constantly coming in – task lists to keep you moving forward, how-to videos, and community forums, as well as one of the best guarantees we’ve ever seen:

They guarantee you’ll earn your first dollar using the Gamer Lifestyle in just three months, or your money back.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, and we recommend you check it out again. But, what we mostly want you to do is look at what’s new and improved. Johnn and Yax have upped the ante quite a bit – and we were pretty impressed, because we frankly couldn’t see much to improve.

New Dynamic Checklist System

We all know how hard it can be to keep on top of our goals if we can’t see our progress. Yax’s brilliant creation fixes that problem. His checklist system lists all the actions you need to take to see income from your gamer lifestyle – and you can see your progress as you check off tasks with a percentage bar for each section.

When you hit 100% in a section, you’ll know that’s a portion of the Gamer Lifestyle that’s about to bear some very lucrative fruit. Instead of a passive system, you’re working with a guided tour to writing and gaming your way into a new income stream.

It also takes all the guesswork out of the lifestyle. You’ve read books that offer great ideas for how to create a business, but they don’t actually tell you what to do first and second and third. Yax’s system eliminates that problem. Simple steps, in order, tracking on your personal Gamer Lifestyle account. Talk about a motivator.

New How-To Videos

The how-to videos were a huge success, and Yax and Johnn know how to give people what they want. With easy follow-along tutorials, you’ll never be stumped by any of the technical aspects of the Gamer Lifestyle. Just follow along with the videos, and you’ll find yourself wishing these guys would create how-to videos for everything you’ve ever found difficult. Your taxes, for example. These guys could help you blast that out of the water.

Until they get on the tax thing, though, how-to videos that show you how to make money writing and gaming are a pretty sweet deal.

New Low Price

When Gamer Lifestyle first opened, it cost $450, and slots for the course filled up fast. But Johnn and Yax knew that price kept a lot of would-be gamer-lifestylers out of the course, so they racked their brains for a way to cut costs. They decided to cut the one-on-one coaching from the course and turn it into a monthly live group session instead, cutting costs by $200 and ensuring that everyone still gets a chance to get the answers to their questions in a group forum.

That’s $250, for a course that used to cost $450. They even offer a payment plan for those who can’t come up with the $250 all at once (3 payments of $97). It’s a pretty insane deal.

The best part? If you want to add the coaching back in, it’s just $150 per session, and it’s exclusively you and Johnn and Yax. You can get all your gaming questions answered instantaneously, with the focus strictly on you and what you hope to achieve with this new income stream.

Plus, the lack of coaching won’t be a problem for 5 lucky Men with Pens readers, since they’re also offering:

Free One-on-One Coaching for the First Five Signups

The first five MwP readers who sign up for the Gamer Lifestyle course will get an hour of coaching with Johnn and Yax totally free. That’s an hour in which you can pick the brains of two guys who actually live this lifestyle already – gaming and writing to earn an income.

You can find out how they did it, and you can ask them how to get your own skills to the point that they can support you in the gamer lifestyle.

And you can do it for free, if you’re one of the first five people who sign up.

We loved this course. James practically lost it when he first saw it, and it only gets better with age. And with that new low price point and the prospect of getting free coaching from Johnn and Yax personally, we can’t imagine what could hold you back.

You should get on it fast, though – they’re closing the course in just five days.

Yeah. Five days. That’s how quickly this baby fills up. And with the twin awesome guarantees – your money back if you haven’t earned your first dollar in the gamer lifestyle in three months; and your money back for any reason if you’re not satisfied in six months – it’s not surprising.

If earning a serious income stream from roleplaying, creative writing and gaming sounds like a dream come true to you, you should invest in this course. We’ll be expecting to see your byline in the next Wizards of the Coast.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. I would simply adore being able to pay for this kind of course. With summer break coming up and me not having to teach, I plan on spending a great deal of my time working on finding a way to make a living with my writing, fiction and copy.

    Unfortunately, even as great as the limited time offer pricetag is, my wife would never go for it. The whole four months without a paycheck and living on a budget thing really puts the GL course out of reach.

    I will, however, be downloading their free ebook and keeping my inbox ready for any and all updates I can get from their site. If they ever release a more “on a tight budget” affordable ebook, I’ll be on it like eyes on a Beholder. Count on it.

    Oh, and thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been away from my RSS feed the last couple of months thanks to work being intsense, so this was a very nice surprise to find this evening.
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..Review: “World of Warcraft – Arthas – Rise of the Lich King” by Christie Golden =-.

  2. Wow, sounds like an amazing deal, I will definitely consider it as I do truly love writing and would love to do more than isn’t just business blogging.


  3. I have never heard about “Gamer Lifestyle” and I think that this is an amazing opportunity because I like write and I think that maybe I will give a try to this product, and his guarantee is very interesting for me “You make your first dollars in your first 3 months”.

    And also the one-on-one coaching I think that this going to be the most amazing feature for newbies like me :P. Thanks for share this opportuniy 🙂

  4. Hmm well, i gotta admit it’s a pretty nifty offer. I might consider it seriously 🙂

  5. I just signed up after reading this. The impression is pretty good for now 🙂 At least it was a fine deal alright 🙂


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