How to Create a Workshop From Your Ebook

How to Create a Workshop From Your Ebook

So you wrote an ebook… now what?

Most people just slap their ebook up on their website and offer it to blog subscribers as a free download. A few others stick a price tag on their ebook and try to make a few bucks. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, passive action leaves potential on the table collecting dust.

Want an idea that turns your ebook into your best business asset ever?

Use your ebook to create a workshop.

Ebooks don’t have to stay online. There’s no reason they can’t be used outside the virtual world and work to engage new potential clients. In fact, using your ebook as a marketing tool in your workshop could light up your sales – and bring you plenty of credibility.

It’s easy to create a 3-hour ebook workshop using your ebook content. You have workshop potential in the palm of your hand.

For example, you could use your ebook to prepare worksheets for the techniques you outline in your content and then work with people in person, in a hands-on setting to help them really grasp the material.

Or you could put together a presentation that takes your ebook material to the next level, discussing advanced techniques or relevant strategies you didn’t cover in the ebook content.

Or you could write a speech that helps people understand why your ebook’s topic is important to them, and how they could apply the advice to their business.

This isn’t hard: You have all the material. Your ebook is written. All you need to do is take your good advice, pull it back out of the pages and bring it into the real world.

A workshop can be a powerful event for your business. It lets you introduce your services or products to fresh clientele – people who may not know much about your business. They soon will: You can engage with everyone at your workshop and actually shake their hand. They’ll listen to what you say with interest, and they’ll see for themselves that you have expertise and experience.

And that, my friends, is a wonderful thing.

In-person workshops work.

I know this is probably a surprising fact, but it’s true: Most people don’t spend hours every day surfing the blogosphere like we internet-savvy people tend to do.

Most people actually have lives outside the computer. Most barely even log on to do more than check out Facebook. They have full time jobs and families. They don’t have 6 hours every night to browse the latest articles of this or that blog. They aren’t spending their weekends on the web.

They’re not like us.

That means it’s very worthwhile to spend time in their world – and in their world, in-person meetings, physical-presence workshops and short weekend courses or after-work training sessions are pretty common.

Even if everyone were internet buffs, there’s nothing quite like having a normal, everyday sit-down conversation with a potential client. It’s always fun to meet people face to face for a good conversation. (Yes, even if you’re an introverted web recluse.)

And when it comes to business, there’s nothing better than being able to talk over techniques, answer questions, provide reassurance and offer extra assistance with someone right there in front of you, listening to every word you say.

Personal engagement goes a long, long way for sales.

That’s why a workshop is perfect for your business.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Start small. Don’t go for a weekend ebook workshop if you’ve never done this before – keep your workshop short and practical, and limit attendance to a small group of people. That way, you’ll never be overwhelmed and can handle the event easily.
  2. Plan out your workshop – know what you’ll cover and how it relates to your ebook. Expand on material or dig deeper into the topic. Prepare bullet points. Know what you want to say – and practice it out loud to make sure you have enough to talk about for two hours or so.
  3. Prepare handout material. People love this stuff – worksheets, checklists, take-home material… You don’t have to think of anything new, because your material is all right there in the ebook you wrote. Use what you have and recycle sections into complimentary material.
  4. Book your room. You could offer a lunch-style workshop, where attendees enjoy a restaurant meal while you talk, or you could host a more private workshop in a hotel meeting room. Choose the setting that helps you create the ambiance you’d like, from casual to formal. You could even invite people to your home office, if you’d like – just make sure you have the space and enough chairs for all.
  5. Contact local business organizations in your community and tell them what you’re up to. The nearest Chamber of Commerce, for example, or maybe a Business Development Group. Hand them a flier that outlines your workshop and the benefits of attending, and ask if they’d pass word on to their members. You could even ask if they’d sponsor your event!
  6. Buy an ad in the paper. Put up a poster. Hand out brochures. Call companies and suggest they have staff attend. You can also ask people to book in advance so you know how many people will be attending your workshop.

Then go have fun. Your first workshop doesn’t have to be a stunning success, and you can even make a little joke about it being your first time when you begin. People understand, and no one expects Hollywood quality.

What they do expect is value. Teach them. Educate them. Inform them. Amuse them. Help them have a good time and get them involved with those worksheets you prepared. Have brief question periods every now and then and keep conversation moving along.

Oh, and don’t forget to hand out a free copy of your ebook! Offer it to attendees at the beginning of the workshop so they can refer to it as you speak, hand it out halfway through so they can use it in tandem with their worksheets or pass out copies at the end as a parting ‘thank you’ gift.

Then pat yourself on the back. You’ve just turned your ebook into a valuable marketing tool. You’ve engaged with people who may become your next customer because you’ve offered proof of your expertise.

And hey – you tried something new! Congrats, you.

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Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.