How to Smash Writer’s Block Forever

Fear. Lack of confidence. Blank-page syndrome. Insecurities. Writer’s block.

These are the writing idea killers. Cater to them, and you’ll run out of words, live in doubt and constantly fight with your writing confidence.

Destroy them, and you’ve freed yourself from the psychological traps of writer’s block forever. Your writing becomes effortless, ideas flow from a fountain of creativity and words come easily, on demand.

But how? How do you smash through these obstacles? How do you cure writer’s block? How do you skyrocket your writing confidence? How do you send your writing productivity through the roof so that you’re slamming out words faster than they can come to you?

How do you write without fear?

That’s the big question. The minds of writers are rife with fear. Writers suffer mountains of self-doubt and cripple themselves with a lack of writing confidence. I hear about writer’s block all the time – in my online writing course, on my blog, even through private emails that only hint and whisper at the monster lurking under the bed.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can turn yourself into a lean, mean writing machine that churns out effortless, effective writing that produces business results… completely stress free.

Imagine what having that writing ability in the palm of your hand would feel like: You’d whip out well-written guest posts quickly and easily. You’d breeze through engaging newsletters your readers can’t wait to open. You’d finally write that ebook, smash out compelling web copy and completely revolutionize your business results.

Can’t do any of that when you’re stuck thinking, “I can’t write.”

You need to produce. You have a business that needs all sorts of content: blog posts, articles, web copy, sales pages… You need to write, with effortless ease and all the writing confidence in the world.

You need to just put fingers to the keyboard and GO.

And I know someone who can teach you how.

Peter Shallard is the infamous Shrink for Entrepreneurs, a brilliant business consultant who works with wealthy people around the globe as they strive to change their psychology and create near-effortless success.

He even warns clients when they begin working with him: Life’s going to change. Get ready.

Peter’s also a fantastic writer and knows the ins and outs of writing psychology. (He never gets writer’s block, and he’ll tell you exactly why it doesn’t even exist.) That’s why I couldn’t think of a better candidate for this important, exclusive interview event:

I’m going to pick Peter’s genius brains about writing psychology. We’ll cover topics such as how to develop your writer confidence, create an abundance of writing ideas, smash through endless editing cycles so you leave them behind forever, and build fonts of writing creativity that overflow with awesomesauce.

Get ready. Life’s going to change.

Join Peter Shallard and me on March 21 at 12.30pm EST and listen in as we have a casual conversation about writing psychology, fear, and how to smash through writer’s block.

You won’t want to miss this call – Peter charges nearly $400 for his time, but he’s agreed to share a full hour of his writing psychology brilliance, completely free of charge. You’ll walk away with more writing techniques than you can handle.

Listen to what Peter Shallard and I have to say as we discuss:

  • The truth about writer’s block, and how to eliminate it forever – once and for all
  • The secret answer no one tells you to, “Is my writing good enough?”
  • The 3 most valuable elements that skyrocket confidence in your writing
  • How to build a font of creativity so you always know what to write
  • The biggest mistake you’ll ever make as a writer, and how to avoid it
  • Tricks to improve your writing immediately for instant impact and praise
  • Why writers suffer from blank-page syndrome, and what to do about it
  • Valuable insider secrets you can use to write great content… like magic!
  • How to instantly turn a sluggish muse around and write the right way.

This interview is going to be spectacular: Peter Shallard is a writing psychology genius with a leading reputation for changing how you think. And after Peter and I go head to head on effective writing, healthy psychology and insider tricks, you’ll be eager to hit the keyboard and get your writing back on track… fast.

Dial in on March 21 at 12.30pm EST. It’s a life-changing event you won’t want to miss.

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Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.