How to Get your Readers to Get You

touchdown.jpgNothing is more fulfilling than having a reader say, “That post was great. I totally get it!” When I hear that compliment, I feel like I scored a touchdown at the Superbowl. The crowd cheers and I do my victory dance in the end zone.

Writing is all about reaching your audience. You want to touch them, make them laugh or cry, or contemplate. Some of the best posts and books I’ve read made me take a step back to marvel at the way the writer took an ordinary event and gave it a unique spin I hadn’t thought of.

These people are my role models. I want to think outside the box.

But there is such a thing as going too far outside that box. You don’t want to get so complex that you leave people scratching their heads.

Here are some tips for reaching your audience – and getting them to get it:

  • Keep it conversational. Learn how to talk to your readers rather than at them. When I write, I imagine I’m writing for one person right across the desk from me.
  • Stick to the point. Keep your topic on track and don’t go off on complicated tangents. If you do shy away from the main point you’re making, make sure you know how to bring readers back without losing anyone along the way.
  • Get emotional. This doesn’t mean being sappy or overly dramatic. Appeal to your readers’ emotions with a relevant experience. The more universal the experience, the better.
  • Expose yourself. Revealing small, personal details can go a long way to make a connection between you and your readers. They come to feel they know you as a person and bond better.
  • Don’t be a know-it-all. If you don’t know something about a particular topic or you’re unsure on a certain point, say so. Link to a website that offers more in-depth or accurate research or ask your readers for their insight.

There are many different ways to reach your audience and it all depends on what you try on for size. What works for me might not work for you. Try to find your voice, experiment, and take a step outside your comfort zone.

Better yet, don’t think at all. Just do it.


Post by Agent X

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