How to Ride the River Rapids of the Virtual World

In the virtual world, everything is possible. There is money to be made and opportunities seized. It’s all there for the taking. Now is the time. People – regular people like you and me – can earn a living. We can start our own business.

We can also end up holding nothing but lost dreams.

The River Rapids of the Internet

Being swept up in the Internet craze is easy. Everything moves so rapidly, time passing so swiftly that the rapids captures people, sweeping us along like leaves on a turbulent river. Life is turned upside down and we’re all tossed about.

Some freelancers have partners. Some work in bigger businesses. The risk isn’t so bad. Some people have support, family and friends who are genuinely interested.

But many people don’t. They’re all alone, risking their necks and taking a huge chance. They don’t know how to navigate the wild rivers. They’re caught the rushing water and all they can do is try to grab branches as they pass.

It’s terrifying. One false move and everything tips over.

Paddling slowly? Enjoying the scenery? Building a solid foundation for business? Impossible. People like you and like me grab anything that looks like it might keep us afloat. This method, that plan. This idea, that vision. Now, today, immediately.

We seize one strategy, two tactics and slam them together like a hurricane, making lightening-fast decisions about our lives and the lives of people who depend on us.

Hurricanes rock people hard.

Slowing the Rushing Waters to a Trickle

We want change to happen so very badly that we easily lose sight of our plans. We are caught up in the whirlwind. Panicked, we convince ourselves that all our opportunities will blow away overnight if we don’t catch them now.

We snatch at the surf and try to hold it in cupped hands. Right here. Right now. We behave like dervishes, unable to think clearly and plan because we’re too scattered. We use poor strategies, poor reasoning, poor thinking, poor foresight and poor planning.

We’re caught up in the wild river-running of the web. Opportunity calls. We paddle frantically and get nowhere. We become weary and get tired.

We fall and can’t get up.

Don’t let that “we” become “you”. Don’t toss in your kayak to ride a crazy river. Slow down. Admire the stream. Take the time to chart your course. Launch a quiet, steady and comfortable canoe into gentle waters.

And enjoy the ride.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.