How to Write Sexy Content that Satisfies

sexyblonde2.jpgIf you want to be that confident writer who satisfies readers so that they beg for more, look no further than…

… your bedroom.

Don’t be Shy

If you don’t let anyone see what you write, you’re ashamed of your writing. What are you afraid of? When you’re too shy to let people see your work, you’ll never find out how good your content is or where you need to improve. So let your hair down. Go on and show off what you’ve got. Writing isn’t a dirty little secret.

Relax and Enjoy It

Writing often feels like you’re in the spotlight to perform well. You may be trying to impress your reader with some smooth moves, but that’s a mistake. It’s overkill. Readers just want to read something good, not something that wins awards. So let your writing come naturally. Go with the flow and give yourself permission to enjoy what you’re doing.

The More You Do It, the Better It Gets

Practice makes for a stellar performance. Each time you write, you get to try something a little new, a little different, and analyze the reaction of your reader. When you evoke a great reaction, remember what you did to achieve it. Use it the next time. Perfect it. Hone it. Soon, you’ll be able to say you’re fantastic in bed.

Measuring Up To Past Lovers

When you write for someone else, their opinion might make you nervous. How do you compare to other writers? Did you live up to expectations? Did you satisfy your reader? Will he or she want more? Well, quit worrying. All writers – even the best ones – worry. Hey, think about it: Maybe those writers are wondering how they compared to you.

Was It Good for You, Honey?

There’s nothing wrong with asking for some reassurance from your reader that you came through on all accounts. Get honest opinions and comments about your work. Embrace feedback, accept it, and use it to your advantage. Find out what a reader liked so you can both have a better time next go ’round. If you don’t ask, you may find out your reader went somewhere else to get what they wanted.

Use Some Protection

If you’re having fun, the last thing you want is an unpleasant, unexpected surprise. So be careful, be responsible, and protect yourself. Try to make sure that your content isn’t going to upset the masses or explode your blog with nasty comments. And be prepared just in case something you wrote gets blown way out of proportion when you least expect it. When you write, you have to be careful – even if it’s all just for fun.

What’s Your Fantasy?

Everyone has fantasies. Do you want to be an author who writes great novels? What about a crack copywriter who bangs out million-dollar sales letters? Go for it; live your fantasy. Act it out. Pretend that you are that award-winning author or that copywriter. How would that person behave? What would they do? You may just find out that your fantasies aren’t that out of reach – and you can make them a reality.

Spicing It Up

You can have plain old vanilla writing, or you can spice things with some chocolate sauce and cherries to make your content stand out. Break paragraphs up – no one likes a marathon session in bed, and they don’t like it in writing either. Use headers and bullet points. Try single sentences to add some impact. Stop readers in their tracks with a good punch line.

Keep it Behind Closed Doors

You may like it wild and dirty, you may have some quirky fetishes. Sometimes, revealing that to everyone is just too much information. Don’t go bashing people with your religious views, your opinions on abortion or your thoughts on homosexuality (unless you’re an activist, of course). Stay cool about political topics. Be yourself – but try to be respectful too.

Ask for What You Want

If you want to really enjoy your writing, ask for what you want. Be confident – there’s nothing wrong with asking people to help you have more fun writing. Ask a great writer you admire for coaching, mentoring, extra help or maybe just a critique. You’ll feel better, write better and become more confident.

One is Just as Fun

Writers need to write – consistently, often, and for the simple pleasure of personal enjoyment. You don’t have to always be writing for others. Write for yourself, because you love it, because it’s fun. Turn yourself on. You aren’t trying to please someone else – just yourself.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.