How to Cast a Spell On Your Next Blog Post

How to Cast a Spell On Your Next Blog Post

Want to learn a cool trick? It lets you cast a spell that makes folk soak up each word on your blog. And I’ll show you how to do it right now.

But first, let me tell you why you need to learn how to cast this spell:

  • Your blog will be a snap to read.
  • Each point you make sinks straight into your fan’s brain.
  • Your words will hit so hard that folk ask how on earth you do it.

Best of all, when you cast this spell on your blog, there’s next to no chance that you’ll get caught. Most folk are blind to this trick.

Here’s the spell:

Write with one-syllable words as much as you can.

Words that have just one sound don’t need to be read. Your eyes see them and soak them up. And one-syllable words make blog posts a breeze to read.

When I show this spell to my friends, they tell me that I’m mad. They say that short words and sounds rob a post of its clout and make it weak, dumb or slow.

They’re wrong. The truth is that most folk don’t care how you write. They don’t judge your work like your peers do.

All they know is: “Does this piece feel hard to read? Is it work? Or does it light up my brain when I look at it?”

Short words do that. Most of the time, long words don’t.

Need more proof? Go back and read this post again. You’ll find that – save for the word ‘syllable’ – no word has more than one sound.

Now go grab your wand and make some magic of your own.

Post by Ian Harris

Ian Harris runs Rockstar Comms, a blog about internal communication that helps companies talk to their staff. He also sometimes uses more than one syllable, with no apologies.