Announcing the New Men with Pens Brand

Announcing the New Men with Pens Brand

Today’s a very special day.

I’m pleased to announce that the new Men with Pens website is live, looking spiffy and ready for you to enjoy. Click here – come take a look. It’s a fresh, fun design we’re really proud of, because it’s modern, stylish and fits us just right.

Why the new website? After all, the old one was working just fine for us – no need to fix what ain’t broken, right?

But updating your website is important. After all, you and your business grow over time, changing and becoming better each and every day. After a while, what used to work for you over the past few years may not be working so well today. Your website still does okay, but it starts to look a little passé and even dated. And that outdated look holds you back.

In fact, slowing sales are often a big signal that your website needs some TLC. You need to pay attention to those signals and do something about them. Figure out what your website needs. It could be begging for a copywriting makeover or a more appealing design or a more business-focused layout.

Whichever it is, give your website the upgrade it’s calling for, because you’ll thank yourself for it with instant rewards, like better credibility, new engagement and more attention. In fact, freshening up your website could be the best business decision you ever made.

Freshening up is exactly what we did. That black banner? The old brand image? It just wasn’t us anymore. We’ve changed over the years, and we needed a new brand with personality that fit who we’ve become. We wanted a trendy new look that kept our business up to date, looking stylish and all-fired genius.

Mission accomplished.

Speaking of missions, we got back to basics during this project, analyzing the roots of why we’re here in the first place. To provide you with strategic websites and engaging copy, of course, but beyond that, we do what we do to help you have a better business, whether we achieve that through our services or just by giving you a friendly helping hand.

That’s why we created a cool new feature called the Men with Pens Got-It-All website planner. It’s a free, interactive resource that helps you gain clarity, focus on your business goals and help you plan a website that brings you better results.

No more confusion. No more “am I forgetting anything?” No more “I don’t know what I need.” Now you’ll know exactly what you need, what to remember and which goals to focus on so you get a website that works hard for your business.

Go ahead, give it a whirl: fill it out, hit the submit button and you’ll receive a takeaway checklist via email that you can bring to and talk over with anyone you’d like. (Yes, even another website company, if you prefer – they’ll thank you for it!)

Consider it our way of helping your world be a little bit of a better place.

Of course, there are plenty of other cool features on the new website for you to enjoy as well. We have several practical how-to guides, a list of resources worth their salt, and even an ‘ask James anything‘ feature where you can… well, ask me anything. You’ll find all that and more in the sidebar of our blog, so come take a look.

While you’re there, why not leave us a comment? We really like hearing from you (and all our readers), and I’ll personally be there to chat with you in the comment section.

Lastly, we’ll be kicking off the blog again, with plenty of posts written by yours truly lined up for the coming weeks, so sign up now to make sure you don’t miss any. (Want a hint? Upcoming posts include the most valuable business advice you’ll ever receive and why you shouldn’t be a freelancer even though it’s so damned cool).

Can’t wait? Neither can I. Here’s to a new era – and plenty of good times to come. See you there!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.