Announcing the New Men with Pens Brand

Announcing the New Men with Pens Brand

Today’s a very special day.

I’m pleased to announce that the new Men with Pens website is live, looking spiffy and ready for you to enjoy. Click here – come take a look. It’s a fresh, fun design we’re really proud of, because it’s modern, stylish and fits us just right.

Why the new website? After all, the old one was working just fine for us – no need to fix what ain’t broken, right?

But updating your website is important. After all, you and your business grow over time, changing and becoming better each and every day. After a while, what used to work for you over the past few years may not be working so well today. Your website still does okay, but it starts to look a little passé and even dated. And that outdated look holds you back.

In fact, slowing sales are often a big signal that your website needs some TLC. You need to pay attention to those signals and do something about them. Figure out what your website needs. It could be begging for a copywriting makeover or a more appealing design or a more business-focused layout.

Whichever it is, give your website the upgrade it’s calling for, because you’ll thank yourself for it with instant rewards, like better credibility, new engagement and more attention. In fact, freshening up your website could be the best business decision you ever made.

Freshening up is exactly what we did. That black banner? The old brand image? It just wasn’t us anymore. We’ve changed over the years, and we needed a new brand with personality that fit who we’ve become. We wanted a trendy new look that kept our business up to date, looking stylish and all-fired genius.

Mission accomplished.

Speaking of missions, we got back to basics during this project, analyzing the roots of why we’re here in the first place. To provide you with strategic websites and engaging copy, of course, but beyond that, we do what we do to help you have a better business, whether we achieve that through our services or just by giving you a friendly helping hand.

That’s why we created a cool new feature called the Men with Pens Got-It-All website planner. It’s a free, interactive resource that helps you gain clarity, focus on your business goals and help you plan a website that brings you better results.

No more confusion. No more “am I forgetting anything?” No more “I don’t know what I need.” Now you’ll know exactly what you need, what to remember and which goals to focus on so you get a website that works hard for your business.

Go ahead, give it a whirl: fill it out, hit the submit button and you’ll receive a takeaway checklist via email that you can bring to and talk over with anyone you’d like. (Yes, even another website company, if you prefer – they’ll thank you for it!)

Consider it our way of helping your world be a little bit of a better place.

Of course, there are plenty of other cool features on the new website for you to enjoy as well. We have several practical how-to guides, a list of resources worth their salt, and even an ‘ask James anything‘ feature where you can… well, ask me anything. You’ll find all that and more in the sidebar of our blog, so come take a look.

While you’re there, why not leave us a comment? We really like hearing from you (and all our readers), and I’ll personally be there to chat with you in the comment section.

Lastly, we’ll be kicking off the blog again, with plenty of posts written by yours truly lined up for the coming weeks, so sign up now to make sure you don’t miss any. (Want a hint? Upcoming posts include the most valuable business advice you’ll ever receive and why you shouldn’t be a freelancer even though it’s so damned cool).

Can’t wait? Neither can I. Here’s to a new era – and plenty of good times to come. See you there!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Congratulations James! You already know I love the new look. This one is so… you!

    In love with the new features too. Totally going to take advantage of the Website Planner. And the Ask James Anything feature is like a dream come true. You can tell I’m still over excited about the new branding and design.

    Can’t wait to see the posts you’ve lined up for us.

    • I knew you’d like it 🙂 I really love it myself – it’s been a long time coming (and a long time in the planning/developing/tweaking!), and it feels just right. It’s a brand I can step into that reflects me perfectly.

      As for posts… you bet! I had a BIG think over the blog and got right back to my roots on it. It reminded me what I love about blogging in the first place (and it has a lot to do with people like you!).

  2. Congratulations, James. LOVE the new look – so energized and sharp!
    I’ve been noodling on my own website overhaul for three – ahem – years. I’m hoping to catch a break in my client deadlines so I can bring all the notes in my sketchbook to life, and I hope my makeover is as fabulous and inspiring as yours.

    I’ve been a reader for years and have always admired your expertise, voice, and chutzpah. So happy to see you leaping into this new iteration of your business with such style and enthusiasm. Best of luck & I look forward to your new content!

    • I hear you on the noodling – did the very same myself. At some point, you have to pull the trigger! The good news is that while it can be scary (“I hope people like it!! Will they like it? Oh jeez, what if they don’t like it?!”), it’s also incredibly exciting, because you know that you’ll get WAY better results.

      And everyone likes that 🙂

      • YES.
        Over the past three years, I have developed much greater clarity around my skills, my offers, and the work I love; but my site doesn’t reflect ANY of that. It’s time to bring my virtual space back into alignment with the work I’m pursuing in the real world. 🙂

        TKS for the encouragement!

  3. James, congrats! Loving the freshness of the site, and that’s a killer new avatar too!

    You celebrating the launch somehow?

    • Yes. My celebration includes sitting by the computer all day and fielding any potential “this doesn’t work” emails that might come in. 😛

      Also? Coffee. Lots of coffee.

  4. Had to comment on your avatar — gorgeous photo, lovely lady! <3

  5. It was definitely worth the wait. I love the new look. Good job James!

    • Well, I’m glad you think it was worth the wait… that waiting time was starting to wear on me! (“Will this EVER be done?”)

  6. Lookin’ good James–both you and your website. I’ve missed your articles; they always make me think, smile, do something new….

    Printing out the planner now. And, thank you for not having any blinking, flashing or popping feature on your website. Just good stuff–and at least one high kickin’ shoe. 🙂

    • Aw, that’s sweet, thanks – I missed writing!

      As for not having any blinking, flashy, poppy stuff… we like to be cool, but we mostly like to be clear and effective. I think we achieved it, eh!

  7. Like the new look James A+, very sharp and crisp

  8. Congratulations James! I love your new photo and the new personality of the site. This definitely fits and it feels more warm and welcoming! Not to mention… a keyboard and a cookie are all a writer needs for a wonderful afternoon. 😉

  9. Forget the new website chatter; let’s talk about the new hairdo! 😉
    Seriously, the new site is much much better.
    Well done indeed!

  10. I think it’s freaking awesome! 🙂

    (scuttles back to work behind the scenes)

  11. It’s gorgeous, James!

    I’ve been popping over every so often to see if something new is up, but no, no, not so far, not yet… Until Saturday (or yesterday? I forget). And my jaw dropped. I love it!

    So fresh, clean, and a little funky–perfect. Love the plant; it’s a nice little accent. I can sort of see this as desktop wallpaper. Everything that’s outside of the content area. Maybe that’s a product coming out?

    Congrats! And I think I’ll give up on trying to design my own sites. I can’t keep up, and I’ve got to get something better going on 🙂

    • You definitely get firsties on seeing the new look – you were the very first person to say, “HEY! YOU CHANGED IT!… Finally, James, JEEZ.”

      And yeah, get going on that “something better”!

  12. Bill Honnold says:

    Nothing like a new website to generate a little excitement.

    I like the avatar too. Now you look more like my mentor than a chick that I dated in high school.

    Oh…that’s meant to be a complement.

    • I like to think I still look young enough to be mistaken for someone in high school… okay, well, maybe not THAT young. But you know what I mean. 😉

  13. LOVE your hair! And the site looks pretty darn cool, too. 😉

  14. WOOHOO! ROCK it, James! Congrats on the new duds and the awesomeness that’s on its way! (BTW, love the new pic, too!)

    Love and props to the best in the biz!

  15. It’d be great if there were actual “Men With Pens” pens and notebooks and such. I’d buy some, as another man with pen.
    Tim Bradley

  16. Today is actually the first time I’ve visited Men with Pens, and one of my first thoughts was how awesome the design was — bright and clean and fun, all things I appreciate in a design. So I have nothing to compare to, but I think the redesign is great! (And I like the Jack Sparrow quote at the bottom :D)

  17. This is rockin’, James! Loving it.

  18. The new design is pretty cool, but I’m wondering why you didn’t go with a responsive/mobile-friendly version. In fact, I don’t see that any of the sites (that I’ve looked at) in your portfolio are responsive either. Any particular reason for that?

    And no, I’m not a “mobile first” evangelist. And I won’t be until mobile visits to my sites are more than 50-60%. Right now they’re about 23% on average, so mobile obviously isn’t first. That said, 23% of visitors is quite a lot, so I try not to ignore them.

    • That’s a very good question, and I have a very simple answer: time and money.

      While we do have all the resources insofar as skills and ability at our fingertips, time isn’t free and the cost of adding a mobile responsive version right now was less important to us than getting the website out the door.

      We’re actually going to be adding mobile-responsiveness in the very near future – we fully realize its importance in today’s plugged-in world.

      Bear in mind that all websites ARE viewable on all sorts of mobile devices, so there’s no big downfall in postponing this step temporarily. Mobile responsive typically means the website adjusts and shifts to a new layout that’s easier to view and use from mobile devices, which is nice! – but it isn’t necessary to view websites from smartphones and tablets.

      That’s one big reason most of our clients have (so far) opted out of mobile responsive designs as well – time, need and money. They’ve focused on getting a great website up FIRST so they can do business and look awesome while doing it, and many are now starting to be ready to add the mobile versions they need.

      We’re also starting to offer it as a standard of some of our website packages too, so that should help 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply. That mostly makes sense 🙂

        Saying, “all websites ARE viewable on all sorts of mobile devices” is sort of like saying all books have writing in them. It is true, but doesn’t really take into account the important end product, which is a solid design or communication of some sort. Some sites (not pointing fingers any particular direction here) look absolutely mangled on mobile devices. So much so they become unusable.

        As to the costs, if you need some ideas in this direction, there is a truckload of frameworks that have responsiveness built in and will cost you little in time and money: Foundation by Zurb (which is amazing), or Reverie (its WordPress counterpart), Genesis, Pagelines (absolutely the BOMB!), Thesis (which sucks so so so bad, but is responsive), Twitter Bootstrap (and its WordPress counterparts)…the list goes on but those are the main players.

        Hope that helps!

        • Yep, we already use Genesis and are very familiar with Thesis as well – it’s our specialty, eh? But we do typically create custom design not built on pre-existing theme templates, so in those cases, our designs break the boundaries and mobile responsiveness becomes a separate add-on, not a default.

          I’m *very* proud to say that ALL of our designs look great on mobile devices as a standard – responsive or not. It’s part of what we do best!

        • @Anthony: You sound quite knowledgeable on the subject. Could you share your own responsive url?

  19. Paige Jeffrey says:

    Looks FANTASTIC! Loved the old design, but I can understand the need for change. I think this is a great one. And I’m viewing this on my iPhone 4S. No trouble reading or navigating so far!

    (Had disappeared for a while there. Babies do that to you! Still lurking and sending positive thoughts your way!)

  20. James,

    LOVE the new website design. It is worth the wait. I hope you give us a ‘peek under the hood’ to see how you did it.

    • Whips and chains, meticulous pickiness and a million revisions, cases of jet-fuel coffee and even more of Shiraz, and lots of hair-pulling mixed with victorious fist pumps…

      That’s a start, anyways! 😉

  21. James, conscientious use of Shiraz is an essential for effective web design. (And your glass is never half-empty.) Very much like the feel of the new site, and looking forward to the juicy goodness in future posts.

  22. Hi James,

    Congratulations on a beautiful new site! Love just about everything about it.

    Love your new photo too.

    Now I just want details … 🙂

  23. ok, I am confused. First time on this website
    and I am wondering whether James is a man or
    a woman. Male name, female face, what am I
    missing here??


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