The Proven 3-Step Formula for Success

The Proven 3-Step Formula for Success

If there’s one thing that devastates us, that stops us from doing what we’re truly capable of and prevents us from achieving our dreams, it’s fear of failure.

Many of us go through our lives never knowing what we could have done… if we hadn’t given up our dreams.

What if you had given up on learning to talk, walk, read, ride a bike, or any other achievements before you were even 5 years old?  How different would your life have turned out if you’d given up instead of sticking with them?

Now, how different has your life been because of the goals you gave up? Because you were afraid that you would fail? How many experiences and opportunities have you missed out on because you couldn’t get past that invisible barrier of fear?

Think about this:

If fear of failure or fear of rejection had stopped some of the world’s greatest innovators, we’d have no iPhone, no Disney World, no light bulb, no television, no automobile, and no computer – all because a few people looked at failure as something bad.

Thomas Edison failed some 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb

Walt Disney experienced three total bankruptcies before he created his first profitable animation studio.

What is the world missing out on because you let fear of failure in the way or because you gave up too early… and how do you overcome this invisible barrier so you can reach your full potential?

The Proven Formula for Success

Many of us spend our lives looking for the “key to success” like it’s hidden somewhere; like we’re going to find it and if we do, our entire lives will change.

But here’s the truth:

You’ve had the formula for success all along. The problem is that you’ve forgotten it, forgotten how well it works, and you had a lot of bad information put in your head that suppressed it.

So what is the formula?

  • Visualize what you want to do.
  • Set a goal for yourself.
  • Keep moving forward until you accomplish that goal.

Every time we used this formula as children, we accomplished our goals.

But, as adults, we think that if we haven’t reached achievement by a certain time, it’s not for us. Or if we don’t get there fast enough or after a certain number of attempts, we get discouraged, and decide it’s the wrong goal.

This is a proven formula for FAILURE.

As children, we dream big. We don’t let anyone mess with our grand vision. We simply go for what we want and constantly stick with it until we get it.

But as adults, every day, millions of us talk ourselves out of greatness and limit our ideas of what’s possible, all because we decided to sell out our dreams to someone else’s opinion.

Once you see failure as a negative, you take your eyes off your goal. Your logical mind gets in your way. You begin to question why you can’t reach your goals, why you’re not good enough, or why you can’t get to where you want to go, instead of holding the image of your dream and course-correcting every step of the way until you get there

Successful people don’t let these perceptions of failure clutter their mind, mess with their vision, shift their persistence, or alter their goals. They keep the mindset of persistence and focus close to heart.

Failure is a necessary part of success. Failure is a sign that you’ve stepped outside what you already know how to do and are growing.

If you’re not pushing yourself to do what you presently don’t know how to do, you’re not growing. And when you’re growing, you make mistakes. You’re setting a goal, taking action, and everything that happens along the way is part of the learning experience.

If you follow the time-trusted, proven formula of holding onto your vision and course-correcting along the way until you eventually achieve your goal, you’ll nearly guarantee you’ll achieve success.

The only question left is what goal you’ll envision and start learning about today. Let me know in the comment section.

Post by Chris Nosal

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