What to Do When You’re a Quiet Marketer

You’re probably tired of hard sells, big launches and links to all sorts of promotions. I don’t blame you. I get tired of it too sometimes.

That’s why I’ve always taken a stance of quiet marketing. We have a reputation for soft launches, and we don’t push sales pitches down your throats. The feedback’s been good – we’ve had many people email us to say they appreciate this strategy. They know we won’t annoy them and that when we do speak up, it’s worth paying attention.

But quiet marketing can bite you in the ass.

Here’s a true-story example brought to you by a long-time reader and friend of mine. She popped up the other day and said, “Hey! I didn’t know you’d released a new ebook!”

Uh oh. “Yeah, it’s been on the ebook page for a few weeks.”

“Well why didn’t you tell me about it?!” she asked, and I’m sure she rolled her eyes.

“I did! I think I mentioned it in a post, and I know I linked to it on Twitter.”

“Well, I never saw it,” she stated. “Anyways, I’ll go buy a copy now. Thanks!”

Now I like having a reputation for soft launches, but this was a little much. I’d become so used to sparing everyone noise that I’d cut off my own foot. Silence never brought anyone sales.

So here’s a (quiet) overview of what’s new and exciting here at Men with Pens – and you’ll want to read to the end, because there are a few time-sensitive offers you’ll want to take advantage of (and no, not the kind where something goes on sale and then gets yanked).

Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover exactly what you were looking for – you just didn’t know it existed. Let’s fix that up, shall we?

How to blog for business when yours is bricks and mortar

Many of you have physical offices and brick-and-mortar businesses, from legal practices to restaurants to massage therapies to maple syrup farms. You want more clients and sales, but newspaper ads and traditional marketing doesn’t work well anymore. It’s often an expensive waste of money that doesn’t bring you results.

That’s why we developed Beyond Bricks and Mortar. Written especially for people with physical businesses, it teaches how to save money on advertising that doesn’t work and how to power up your offline business sales using online marketing strategies. You’ll get flesh-and-blood people coming right to your door. Click here to learn more.

How to save yourself a pile of time and money

Want to save more money and more time? If you want expert advice on how to get your new idea or business off the ground, how to take your business to the next level, or how to help your struggling business succeed, then an hour with me might be all you need.

That’s right, I’ve opened up consulting. I’ve been helping plenty of people get the results they want through practical, straightforward advice targeted to their needs. It’s been amazing to see the difference just an hour can make – they’ve taken some serious action towards reaching their goals! Click here to learn more or book a consultation with me today.

How to free up your time and build a life you love

A couple of weeks ago, you read about my experience with time and figuring out where I spent every hour of every day. I came out of the situation with far more free time than I thought I had going in, all thanks to Laura Vanderkam, the author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time than You Think. But guess what? Laura put together an exclusive webinar just for you – and it’s completely free.

Come have lunch with me and Laura on October 14 at 12:30 EST and benefit from the Free Agent Time Management webinar created specifically for Men with Pens readers. You’ll learn how to free up your time, tips on setting home-office boundaries, how to eliminate time-wasters and most importantly, how to build a life that leaves you loving it, instead of scrambling to make ends meet.

How to stop your website from hurting your sales

Plenty of company sites out there just aren’t getting results. (Maybe yours?) The products are fine, the services are good, but no one’s buying and sales limp along. You’re probably losing customers without even realizing it.

That’s where we come in. We’re famous for our info-packed website critiques and web copy reviews. We visit your site and give it an eagle-eye expert review that covers psychological impact, user-friendliness, ease of navigation and more. Then we put together a report that covers it all – what’s working, what isn’t, and what to do about it. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to start turning visitors into customers… instead of turning them off completely.

How to learn sales psychology and win more clients

There’s just four days left to join the contest over at Peter Shallard’s blog. He’s put together a series on sales psychology that you’ll want to read, based on his vast arsenal of Jedi mind tricks and selling strategies – the ethical kind that you’ll want to use.

Peter’s offering contest prizes that include a full month of business psychology, a fear-smashing resource and special consultation with yours truly. Get the details here – but hurry; there’s only four days left before it’s over.

How to generate serious business results fast

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our services – after all, some people don’t know that we’re famous for world-class web design and compelling web copy that generates bottom-line business results.

We’ve served hundreds of clients through the years, and we’re ready to serve a hundred more. (Not all at once, mind you. We do have a waiting list, so if you want to work with us, you’ll need to get your name on the list.) Our clients know we’re the team that takes businesses from zero to hero – just like that.

So answer this: If you’re tired of lagging sales, poor conversion and slow business results, don’t you think it’s time to do something about it? Get in touch today.

Your turn: Is there anything on this list you didn’t know about? Or maybe there’s a service or product you’d love to see us create? Let us know – your feedback is important to us, because we want to make sure we give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Hi James,
    I like your approach ‘quiet marketing’ but agree that there are downsides and that sometimes things get missed by some users. However, don’t you think that giving your readers (and ultimately customers) can get confused by offering too many options?


    • Indeed they can, Adrian, and one of the topmost “fix this” we tell clients is… you guessed it. “Narrow down what you offer.”

      Of course, the shoemaker’s son often goes barefoot, and we’re already working on ways to fix that up!

  2. Beyond Bricks and Mortar is a brilliant ebook! And you’ve just reminded me that I need to write a proper review of it.

  3. I appreciate your approach because it is inclusive and lets people know exactly what you are doing. My last two blog posts were all about this stuff. One was about letting your customers know when you are making changes so they don’t feel left out and the other was about how (bleeping) annoying it is when a blog you admire sends out a solid week of blog posts promoting themselves (no names).
    This way you are keeping us in the loop and treating us like friends and not saps.

    • That’s *exactly* it. I want to be respectful of readers – you’ve all been here so long that you are indeed friends and familiar faces. And one doesn’t promo-the-hell out of friends.

      (But one has to promo some times!)

  4. Looks like a good lesson, James. Hopefully you’ll get the results that you’re looking for. More power to you.

    • Thank you, sir. Part of the problem is that we already get stunning results, so it often seems… well, there’s really no need to market hard, you know? But there is always a need to market in general, ergo, this post!

  5. For anyone considering it, the consulting package was *so* worth every single penny. I think I fell in love with James a few times over while reading her replies.

    I’ve always been a “quiet marketer” type myself, and it’s difficult to sometimes put yourself out there when you’re feeling introverted. In the next week or so, I’ll be introducing my company locally by advertising at the radio station (where I work part-time anyways), and I’ll admit that I’m very, very nervous. I know I need to bite the bullet and go for it though!

    • Aw, thanks so much, Paige. Working with you was a lot of fun, especially seeing you action so much! And a radio slot? Fantastic.

      Remember this: No matter how nervous you are, recognize that it’s only your imagination throwing up scary pictures at you – it isn’t even reality, and it rarely ever becomes reality either.

      Double tip: If you can, do two ads and split test them 🙂

  6. James, I’m glad to see you discussing the benefits of your products and services. It’s a fine line we walk between not promoting ourselves enough and promoting ourselves too much.

    I think you should do more promotion more often.

    • Thanks for that. I know you’ve been around long enough to know just how little we actually do any promotion, so I appreciate the permission to do a touch more!

  7. You are a business right? So, no apologies. Period.

    James you have values and offer value–a winning combination. Celebrate your success.

  8. I loved your passing analogy with the shoemaker. Snippets of throw away wisdom that others have paid hundreds of dollars for I’m sure. 😉 But you haven’t even mentioned your lovely ebooks for freelancers (unless I read this too quickly?) which are both great. When I get my equivalent of a little black book up on my site (and damn, you used that first. It is soooo much cooler than a boring old ‘resources’ tab) I’ll be adding those two little gems in.

  9. I echo Paige, the consulting package was really worth it, I recommend it especially to anyone starting a new venture!!

    Loving the variety of packages you have James, and you don’t have to be quiet all the time IMHO… Hey, even the quiet person “throws a tantrum” every now and then, right 😉

    Look forward to more updates

    • Well, I typically tend to create chaos on Twitter so I thought… well… alright, tantrum it is!

      And it was great working with you too, Lisa – fully enjoyed it!

  10. There’s a vast difference between shameless self promotion and informing someone. You’ve hit the nail right on the head with this post. 🙂

  11. For many entrepreneurs they grow their business selling bolt on products and services and before they know where they are, they have a lot of happy clients.

    And I think that’s the secret. Not necessarily more customers, but more clients. Customers are transactional, clients are relationships.

    Clients love you and they buy more of your stuff. That way it becomes self fulfilling and everyone benefits.

  12. Hi James,
    Another good post from you. You really presented good points in this post. This is my second visit to your blog and I think now onwards I’ll be among your regular visitor.

  13. When did all the informational blogs decide to delete the post date on their posts? I was deep into this post, came across your “time sensitive” offers, and then realized that the time was long past due. I’ve been doing a lot of web research recently and have been bitten by this time fuzziness on other sites (like reading about a plugin that’s now obsolete).

    Is deleting post dates something you recommend to all bloggers? Or maybe it’s worth somehow going back and editing things months later (probably not)?

    I’ve signed up for your emails now, so will presumably get all this great content when it’s fresh. Thanks.

    • That’s a good question, Laura.

      Most bloggers began removing dates when they realized that the content they were producing was being judged on its “freshness” and not on its value. We write awesome posts… and in just a few days they’re considered “old” by some readers.

      Removing the date lets us remove the perception of “old” content and keep the value high in an evergreen fashion.

      But you brought up a valid point… it kind of sucks when time-limited offers are involved. Only Laura’s 168 Hours was time sensitive, so I’d like to make it up to you by buying you a copy. If you want to send me your mailing address via our Contact form, I’ll get one in the mail to you this week.


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