The Crucial Secret to Great Marketing

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I like posts that discuss the psychology of business, the brain-stuff that we all need to pay attention to if we want to be more successful. So when my good friend Nathan Hangen whipped one of those my way, there was no hesitation – and here that post is for you to enjoy.

The Secret to Marketing Your Business

I have a secret to tell you, and I’m not talking the Robert Langdon type where I’m going to drag your ass to France and make you solve riddles until someone chases you with a knife.

No, I’m talking about the least-mentioned marketing secret on the planet, the elephant in the room, the missing link that keeps people second-guessing themselves.

They say that good marketing depends on catchy headlines, great copy, and solid branding, and it does.
They say that you need to find affiliates to promote your work so that you don’t have to work as hard, which is also true. They say a lot of things about what you should do to get the word out and get people buying what you’re selling.

What they don’t tell you is that in order to do any of these things you should do, you need to master something else first – something more intangible, something more than a skill.

What “They” Aren’t Saying

Write headlines and copy. Get branding. Find affiliates. Launch. All of that, yes.

But think about it for a minute – what’s missing here? What does it take, mentally, for you to write million-dollar headlines, bold copy, and recruit affiliates? What does it take for you to put yourself out there and tell people you have what they want?

For most of us, writing those headlines and marketing effortlessly just doesn’t come naturally. We try to sugarcoat it, half-ass it, or sometimes we even just turn into wimps and hope that it’ll all work out.

We’re not confident enough. We’re not confident in our writing, in our own products, and in our own value. So we do that half-punch thing…where it feels like it should be right but ends up pretty darn bad.

The Secret Marketing Skill that Packs a Punch

That’s the secret – confidence. It’s not something given, but something cultivated. You have to believe in your vision, in what you do, in yourself.

When I see good marketing, I see confidence. I see solid networks, bold-ass claims, and powerful mojo. You pull that off when you doubt your services or your product, so I see 2 options:

  1. Work your butt off to make sure that what you sell is both necessary and valuable. If you take care of this, then you’re set.
  2. Fake it ’til you make it. Sounds cliché, but it works. Don’t believe it sucks until you hear every single person who buys say it. If you don’t hear it that often, then it doesn’t suck.

And if it doesn’t suck, then you have absolutely zero reason to be wimpy with your marketing.

Yeah, it takes courage to stand up for yourself, but when you do so with conviction, as if you know no one will turn you down, then you’ll have a much greater chance of success than if you beg, plead, and whimper.

Take Care of Confidence First

People don’t like weakness as a general rule, so don’t show it in your marketing, or in anything you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your brains, your skills, your services or your product – you need to walk the talk of your A-game, or they’ll smell your self-doubts and walk away.?

Do million-dollar headlines, bold copy and raving fans or affiliates matter? Absolutely. But unless you’re willing to back all that up with your own confidence, none of it matters as much as you think.

So how do you get the confidence to market well? Where do you learn to get comfortable with all this? It’s as easy as reading this blog, or Naomi’s, or Sonia’s, or Dave’s, or anyone out there showing the confidence you want and need.

Get to work on the personal side now. You can conquer the technicalities of those great headlines later. Quit asking for forgiveness about your confidence, and start showing people that entrepreneurial fire you have inside yourself.

They’ll love you for it.

Nathan Hangen teaches people how to build digital empires, helps them rock through their workday, and works with small businesses to implement digital marketing campaigns.

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