The Difference between Simple and Easy – And Why It Matters to Bloggers

The Difference between Simple and Easy - And Why It Matters to Bloggers

Simple and easy are often used interchangeably, and in many cases they are. But simple and easy are different words with different meanings.

What is simple is not always easy.

This is an important distinction, because we often look for so-called ‘secrets’ the probloggers guard only to find that what they do is fairly simple stuff. And almost straight away, we discredit or downplay those ‘secrets’ because we don’t believe it can be that simple.

What we fail to take into account is that just because it is simple in theory does not mean it will be easy in practice.

To illustrate my point, consider the issue of weight loss.

The Thing About Weight Loss and Blogging Success Is…

Losing weight is simple in theory. You just have to create a negative calorie balance, meaning you have to spend more energy than you ingest. You either eat less food or exercise more, or do both. And you lose weight.

It really is that simple. All the issues around carbs, fats, and the best types of exercise are just details.

Yes getting the details right will allow you to lose weight quicker and more effectively. But at the end of the day, if you exercise 4-5 times a week and eat less food, you become a weight-loss success.

Despite the simplicity, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. Every day, thousands of people go on a diet… only to be off it in a couple of weeks.

Why? Because the mind is a feeble thing. One minute it’s excited and pumped, the next it’s indifferent and exhausted.

Willpower is temporary. It comes and goes, and with it your ability to do even simple tasks consistently.

Why Succeeding As a Blogger Is Simple but Hard

Becoming a successful blogger is a lot like becoming a successful weight-loss story. They both involve doing things that are simple in theory but hard in practice.

Successful blogging involves writing quality posts on a regular basis and promoting them through methods like guest posting, commenting, social media etc.

It really is that simple.

Yet most bloggers fail because (like dieters) they can’t stick to their resolutions. They can’t stick out the tough times when no one reads their blog and no one accepts their guest posts.

Eventually willpower starts to give way to old habits. Other activities look more attractive. It seems too hard to succeed and too easy to walk away.

What does that mean for those who want to succeed as bloggers?

The lesson is that you should not confuse simple with easy. What is simple is not always easy.

And consequently, most bloggers won’t succeed because they’re unable to do simple things over extended periods of time. Maybe years.

If you just stick it out long enough, you beat most bloggers. Simple – and easy.

Post by Aman Basanti

Aman Basanti is a consumer psychology writer who has worked in sales for years and is currently completing a psychology degree. He's also making the rounds at A-list blogs like ProBlogger, BusinessInsider and MarketingProfs - and now he's here. Check out his website at Age of Marketing now!

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  1. Great post and a great reminder of how to achieve success-by constantly working at it.

  2. I agree, instant gratification is a powerful desire to overcome, a great sense of satisfaction is often achieved through means of hard work and patience. Something that is difficult when you yourself are competing for space on a ‘three second elevator’.

    Nice work Aman.

  3. I would also add that the key to keeping the weight off and continuing your blogging success is to slow and steady. Blogging is a marathon so keep the pace and the blog posts consistent.


  4. This post really struck me because so much of what I am doing lately involves teaching simple steps that are easy to accomplish. It’s the putting together of all the easy steps that gives you results in a simple way. The steps between easy and simple have to be practiced over and over in painting, just as they would in almost anything you wanted to do really well. Some of those steps involve difficult things like having perseverance and determination and (oh I forgot) the most important one – discipline!

    Hang in there,

  5. I really needed this message today. Thanks, Aman:)

  6. Aman, you’re talking about weight loss resolutions? And it’s Thanksgiving? Dude.

  7. Great post Aman. What makes people stand out from the crowd and achieve success is simply perseverance. Simple to say, but not so easy to do. When you fall off the horse – be it a diet or blogging – then get up, get back on and keep on going.

  8. Your comparison between blogging and weight loss reminded me of another area (among several, I’m sure) where the same principle applies: personal finance.

    What’s the “secret” to getting rich? Spend less money than you make. Simple, but not always easy, as illustrated by hordes of consumers who find themselves drowning in debt.

    Yet, with continued willpower the “simple” can be achieved–in finances, weight loss, or blogging.

    Thank you for your insight.

    • Aha! Another good example SLee. I think personal finance is something everyone can relate to. We have all spent more than we wanted a few times in life. For me, it’s always when I’ve have had a couple of drinks and suddenly think I’m a millionnaire and start shouting drinks to everyone 😉

  9. Think you should check out some of the more recent thinking on weight loss before you use this as a metaphor. There are strong indicators that balancing carbs and fats is the KEY to weight loss and not just an unimportant detail. Calorie counting is what’s largely unimportant. You might want to read some Gary Taubes (books or blog).

  10. Great analogy! Also like the marathon comment. Both help give perspective to the perserverance required.

  11. I have found this simple truth to be so, time and time again.
    Thank you for the reminder to keep on moving!

  12. Hi Aman,

    Excellent point. When we persist even when the going gets tough, we just may find success. Some days, things work well, and others discouragement can get the better of us. I try and look for a small spark of encouragement from somewhere and keep going. I have a passion for my topic, so that helps of course.


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