How to Supercharge Your Writing by Changing Up Your Personal Life

How to Supercharge Your Writing by Changing Up Your Personal Life

If you want to improve your productivity, creativity or energy, one of the biggest faults is forgetting to change up your personal life. Being too wrapped up in work often causes chaotic schedules, poor diets and missed sleep.

Remember: To be great at what you do, you need a strong foundation.

That foundation is YOU.

You have to take care of yourself to produce excellent work. And if you feel like your professional creativity is lacking lately, try making these changes in your personal life. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how much your writing improves.

Have a Routine

Set up a schedule that starts as soon as you get out of bed each day. Whether you shower, eat breakfast, drink coffee or even go for a morning walk, make it a ritual. Keep your writing routine going throughout the day, and leave spontaneity for when you’re done.

When you train your mind to follow a routine, you adjust to the mindset of writing. It becomes easier, and you’ll be more focused, productive, and creative.

Eat Right

Not to sound like a nagging mother, but the food you eat affects every part of your life, including your writing and creativity. Unhealthy foods leave you feeling sluggish and can cause headaches, stomach upset and other problems.

When you eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and proteins, you have more energy and feel great. Drinking plenty of water will also keep you running at 100%.

Get Some Sleep

Although it may be tempting to stay up late working on projects or just getting caught up, missing sleeps hurt you the next day.

Without proper rest, you’ll feel groggy and unmotivated, and you’ll hardly want to write at all, much less be creative. And losing sleep can affect your immune system. You won’t get anything done if you get sick!

So when nighttime comes, call it a day. Get some rest. You’ll write better tomorrow.

Take Time Off

To improve your writing, you actually need to spend an appropriate amount of time away from it. Hovering over the computer day in and day out just leaves you drained and dampens your creativity. When you take time away from writing, you can come back with a fresh perspective.

You can also use this opportunity to make time for other activities in your life, like a hobby or taking a class. Those activities give you more experiences to draw from, making it easier to come up with a new take on an old topic.

What do you do to keep yourself in top shape – so you can produce top content? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Post by Michael C. Deaven

Michael is the author and co-founder of Pongra. He enjoys blogging because it keeps his creativity flowing. He constantly strives to enhance his creativity and enjoys writing blog posts like this so he can remember to do things like sleep and eat.

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  1. Important reminder, especially with the holidays.

    ps. Your picture made me think about energy drinks. It’s fun to imagine a “writing drink”, a “creativity drink”, “write-the-next-blog-post drink” or “the Great Novel drink.”

    Of course, James’ would have to be in a wine bottle, right?

  2. Ha haaaa!

    I always tell people, “Take care of the HUMAN.”

    We tend to listen to our minds and come up with all types of amazing ideas and goals to accomplish but how are we taking care of the person that is supposed to do all of this stuff?

    You are what you eat, there is nothing new under the sun.

    Best thing I did to help my writing was…

    …..wait for it


    A good sign that you lack the real motivation for success is that you are choosing a chemical substitute.

    • Michael C. Deaven says:

      You’re exactly right, Jacko!

      I love coming up with awesome and creative new ideas, but then I think, “How am I going to actually make these things HAPPEN?!” It’s really difficult to put a lid on your creativity, but sometimes you just have to do it! Our health (mental and physical) comes first!

      Congrats on quitting coffee! That’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do!

  3. Thanks for these reminders. I have a tendency to put off working out or making time for it even a morning walk because I think I am too busy with my writing. But I have noticed that my writing suffers when I neglect my exercise routine.

    I also have some serious sleep issues. I stay up later than I should and then I sleep late into the morning. This is a bad habit I am trying to break, but It can be hard to change your circadian rhythm.

    • Michael C. Deaven says:

      You’re welcome, Clara! I’m happy to remind you (I often have to remind myself, or have someone else remind me to actually follow my advice!)

      It’s amazing how stepping away from your work actually improves it, it’s such a hard concept to wrap your brain around!

      My circadian rhythm is also completely out of whack, so you’re not the only one who’s suffering with sleep issues!

  4. We often feel guilty if we take breaks from our writing to take care of ourselves with sleep, exercise, or a nice meal, but I agree with the idea that our writing is better when we do.

  5. Hey : I do understand your concern and your ways on how to Supercharge one’s writing by changing up someone’s personal life through your four recommendations : Time off, eat right , get some sleep and provide better schedule when it comes to help the business owners on how to entertain their audiences through better writing if they want to remain on top of their pens.

    Keep innovating for the year 2013

    Ntarugera François

  6. This is a great reminder! The only other thing that I can think of I live so much time behind the computer screen that sometimes I forget to get out and make sure you have good social live going. We all need get out and about and be social. Other than this list is perfect reminder of how to make sure we are all supercharged!


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