Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

Updates have got to be the most nerve-wracking invention on the face of the earth. Each time I do one I feel like the whole blog is going to come crashing down. It doesn’t help that you get a half-dozen warnings before you click the button to continue. Sort of like those drug commercials we get down here in the States – you know the ones, where the side effects are worse than the illness itself?

On the surface the upgrade looks like it took, but I’m getting some errors. If anyone encounters difficulties, let us know. I’ll be putting in a help ticket tonight with our host to see if some of these bugs I’m getting can be ironed out.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

PS: Okay, after a little research I think I fixed the problem. For those of you upgrading your Word Press make sure you’ve updated your Google Sitemap as well, the old version has a conflict that causes a database error. Also read the information regarding the Word Press Update and take a look at the plug ins that conflict with the new update. Further problems might result from templates that are too old to use with the new upgrade.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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  1. He was so nerve-wracked, he forgot to tell you people what he upgraded: our WordPress platform to the latest version.

    Thanks, bro, looks like all is well!

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