Three Rules of Freelancing Online for Happy Clients

Whether you’re a lone freelancer or running a business, there are some rules of the game you’d be wise to follow. It doesn’t matter if you write for a living, apply your talents to marketing consultation or use your creativity for graphic design – your job is to gain new clients and keep clients happy for a long, prosperous relationship.

Never make a promise you can’t keep

If you tell a client you’ll deliver on Tuesday or that the project would be complete in three weeks, then it’s your responsibility to make that happen. If you’ve committed to XY and Z and then realize that you can only provide X and Y, it’s your responsibility to make Z happen.

You might have underestimated the time you needed to finish the job or you’re behind because the power went out and your computer died along with it – it doesn’t matter. You might have thought you could accomplish a task but discovered your skills are lacking – too bad.

Know Thyself

Learn to be honest with yourself and your client about what you can and cannot do. It might seem like a good idea to practice newfound skills on a client’s project – it’s not. Until you know your abilities inside and out and until you’ve practiced them in your spare time, never use a client as a guinea pig.

Even if you do know exactly what you can and can’t do, don’t schedule projects down to the wire. Start integrating a buffer zone of time into your schedule in case an unforeseen situation slows you down. If everything goes according to schedule, deliver early and you’ll have one happy client.

Teach People They Can Trust You

When you follow through on your promises, people learn that when you say you’ll do something, you’ll do it. They don’t have to worry about babysitting you or reminding you about the impending deadline. They won’t have to stress about a domino effect caused by your tardiness.

Trustworthiness and dependability are two huge qualities to nurture. People like to know that they can rely on you to do the job well and deliver as promised, on time. Showing that you’re reliable to first-time clients is vital. After all, you want that client to become a regular, right?

Being consistently reliable is even more important. Each time you deliver on what you promise, you drive home the message that you’re a person people can depend on. Knowing that, they’ll come back to you time and again to trust you with their projects.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.