Want to See Task One of the Sticky Business Contest?

Round one of the Sticky Business Contest has ended, and the contest is still going strong.

We’ve already received comments from people thanking us because we’re helping people achieve the goal of finally making change in their life to reach a dream. That’s pretty cool.

People know that even if they don’t win, this contest is going to help them do something about their life.

So how many people registered? 177, in fact, which is a great number considering the contest wasn’t as easy as a drop-your-name-and-sit-back. Nope. Our contest involves four tasks that people have to complete by the weekly deadlines.

Guess what? Less than 60 people submitted their completed task before this week’s cutoff. That means those are pretty fantastic odds for nearly $20,000 in prizes. We’re excited to see who’s going to make it all the way through!

What are participants getting out of our contest? Well, our contest is built to help people:

• Stop procrastinating on reaching their dream.
• Learn that change is easier than they think
• Focus more and hone in on what matters
• Take an idea and turn it into reality
• See that business isn’t scary

Because we want to help everyone – not just people who win, but as many people as we can – we’re going to reveal the first task our participants had to complete to stay in the contest.

No, you can’t win anything if you complete it now. You had your chance.

But yes, you can achieve something by completing the task on your own for personal reasons. You can get unstuck from where you are, and start sticking to where you want to be. That small business you’ve been putting off?

Start making it a reality. Play along for fun, and because you deserve to finally make a change for the better.

Here’s what participants had to work on for Task One:

Before you plan any business, you must have a conceptual idea of the type of business you’ll have. Your task is to write a brief overview of your business concept in 200 to 350 words.

For example, what type of business would you like to create? What do you plan to sell? Will it involve products or services? Where do you expect to find customers for your business – locally, nationally, or internationally/online? Who will buy your product or service? How will they hear about it? What process will they go through to find you, pay you and take delivery?

Contest participants are already working hard on Task Two. Who’ll make the deadline? Who’s going to move on to round three?

We can hardly wait to see.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.