When Blogging is a Complete Waste of Words

Are you all talk and no action?

It’s a tough question to answer, especially for bloggers. Bloggers have a platform to speak to the world, a soapbox to tell everyone what the reader should do and what the blogger thinks about this or that.

Are you one of those people? If you think about the question honestly, you may find that you’re not 100% sure of the answer.

I’ve heard more than once that bloggers are a waste in the bigger scheme of life. We’re all blowhards, spewing out the same old stuff over and over, beating topics to death. Well, some do, yes. It’s hard to say something new when everything has been said already.

Some bloggers like to hand out life-changing advice or motivate others. Some of us like to stand on our soapbox and tell the world we’re here, we’re ready and we’re going to rock its socks off.

But do we really accomplish that goal? Do we write something inspiring only to walk away and forget about the follow-through? Do we slap up posts telling people what to do without doing it ourselves?

Many bloggers do exactly that. They fake it. They blog for the short-term result: traffic, Adsense, hits, readers, business, fame, fortune. They don’t think about impact beyond here and now or whether someone will find value from the post a year later.

“Do you really worry that much over what people think?” A friend of mine asked me the question bluntly. “Do you really stress over the potential future thoughts of strangers who may or may not read your posts?”

Yes. Yes, I do.

When we blog, we try to write something that creates impact or provokes change. We’re not seeking to turn the world upside down in a day (though maybe we’d like that). Our mission is to encourage the ripple effect, to use this blog to help people be better, do more and learn.

There are those who feel that copywriters should use our skills for the greater good. They believe that if writers want to change the world, then we should do it – violently, substantially and immediately.

I’ve heard that bloggers should concentrate on helping less privileged people get onto the Internet or focus on pushing for donations to cure world hunger, poverty and rights for women.

Well, maybe we should. That’s a nice thought, and I respect that opinion. Many writers have come before us and done exactly that. Many more will come after us and provoke these types of major change.

Honestly? I feel that’s a big responsibility to place on the backs of bloggers. I get that the world has to change. I know I have a part to play. I know the situation is urgent. So I do what I feel is right and I do what I feel I can handle.

I reduce, reuse and recycle. I turn off lights when I leave the room. I bought my teen a bicycle, not a scooter. I encourage green spaces and donate to organizations when I can. I promote elimination of pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics in the food chain. I support gays and lesbians, minority groups and cultural diversity. I speak up for the rights of women and I speak out against war.

Is it enough? Maybe not. Am I wasting an opportunity to use my writing to do more? Maybe. But I do what I feel I can do, and that’s enough for me. I’ll keep tossing the pebbles of thought in the lake of this blog, and I’ll keep on hoping that I do provoke change for the better – even if it’s not the change some people would have me promote.

Just do me a favor. When you write, remember that someone else may come along a year from now to read your post. Remember to toss your pebble, even if it’s a small one.

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Love the post – it reminds me of what my mom always told me whenever I asked her, what’s the meaning of life?

    “The meaning of life is that you live it and by the time you’re ready to wave ‘bye-bye’, you’ve made the world a better place for *someone*. It could be for the nation, it could be for your town, it could be for your friends, it could be for your family…..the main thing is, the world is a better place because YOU were in it.”

    I try to live by that creed each day, and have passed those ideas onto my kids. You just never know when that little bit of wisdom/insight you give to someone else will become the difference between success or failure for them….



    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach’s last blog post..The One Tool All Affiliates MUST Own – past and present and future links, one-step additions and more

  2. Michael Martine says:

    Other people can keep their “shoulds” to themselves. I don’t see what turning out the lights has to do with great writing or walking the talk, unless that is the subject a person has chosen to write about.

    Nobody would accost a painter and say, “You: why aren’t you painting art that gets people to think about [insert hot button topic here]?”

    Michael Martine’s last blog post..Ask Me Your Blogging Questions

  3. Brett Legree says:


    I think you walk the walk. My thoughts on all of this – and how I do it – I admit if I screw up.

    And screw up I do. I didn’t run last week. So I wrote about it, because I’ve been writing about it for a while. I’m only human, and I sometimes drop the ball We all do. It would be easy to fake it. But I’d only be fooling myself.

    Good post.


    Brett Legree’s last blog post..a cog.

  4. This reminds me of the story in “Lady in the Water”. There’s this writer in the story, and he must be protected. He’s important because he will write something momentous. Someone many years in the future will be heavily influenced by this writer’s words. And that someone will accomplish great things because of it.

    I strive to be great. Hopefully, through my actions and words, other people are inspired and they accomplish great things.

    Vincent Tan’s last blog post..Forget about writing perfect code

  5. @ Barbara – I agree. It’s great that many people want to create huge waves of change in the world. It’s also great that some people do what they can to create small ripples that set off bigger waves.

    @ Michael – Oh, man, that’s a great analogy. Thank you for that. Can’t wait to see what Janice has to say about that analogy.

    @ Brett – I think acknowledging our weaknesses is a big part of what makes us able to create change in others. I think it comes down to our core values, too. Some things matter more to some people, and other things matter more to others. That doesn’t make anyone right or wrong. Just… human, yeah.

    @ Vincent – You know what? That’s the best thought. It’s not always about what we do right now. It’s about what we might do. Thank you.

  6. That reminds me of a question I’m thinking about for years now:

    Say I blogged about something a year ago. And now, a year later, I learned a lot more about this.

    So, should I now go and make a new post, or should I fix the old post, so someone searching for the topic will not be confused by old information?

  7. @ Sam – Write a new post. Link to your old post, mention what you’ve learned since then, even disagree with yourself. Show people how far they can come and what you’ve done to get there.

  8. A blog is about entertainment too. Could it be said that the measure of how good a blog is, is in how much use the reader found from it? What did it provide the reader, something worthwhile? Did it stimulate the readers mind? Did it give the reader a laugh? Maybe a pearl of wisdom? Or, did it do none of the above. Was it just a bunch of sentences streamed together that amounted to very little. The value of a blog is in the eyes of the beholder. And I think the number one gauge for how good a blog is, is how useful someone finds it (depending on what they’re looking for). As far as making the world a better place with ones blog… There are endless ways to do this, blogging would only be just one. Maybe not even the best one.

    Bamboo Forest’s last blog post..?Wocka Wocka Wocka?

  9. James,

    Nope. It’s me. I got distracted by Brett’s lovely post but I’ve returned.

    Michael, I disagree. Many artists have heard that exact thing, from little guys to ultra-famous folks.

    Back to the post…

    Blogging is not a complete waste of words. Some people’s words are a complete waste of blogging, though. Just like in any other medium.

    Should you stress over future impact? Absolutely! These words are not throwaway, they’re forever. You can’t erase the Internet. You should stress as much as any author at a magazine does. Sadly, many people don’t.

    Should you attempt to save the world right here, publicly? No, no more than visual artists should change their subject matter. From completely juvenile to monumental inspiration, from technical drivel to sassy how-to, there’s a place for everything, just as there is in art. You write what needs to come out of you on any given day. If you try to write something else you’ll sound ridiculous.

    In blogging, if you’re good and savvy and lucky, too, an audience finds you, and your impassioned writing may enflame a few others.

    It’s not your job to get me to sort my glass and my plastic. Just try to touch me, every day. That’s a writer’s job.



    Kelly’s last blog post..Summer Is a Great Time to…

  10. James: I think you accomplish what you set out to do in your posts — that is, get people thinking and acting. You already carry with you the respect of many for what you write and how you write it, which to me means you’re bound to influence people. For the record, almost every time you post, I’m like, SHIT, do I do that?? I always (somewhat paranoid) wonder what you read or experienced that got you to write such and such a post. I check myself out. Am I wasting people’s time? Am I writing shitty and confusing analogies? Am giving the wrong impression? Am I being totally rude over the Internet? Those are good questions, and they keep me honest.

    The way I see things here, you guys both have a pretty obvious mission you’re passionate about: to improve writing in general, provoke thought, inspire people to write, to blog effectively (in writing and design), and to act — period. This translates to having created a very useful blog that is not at all, or ever, a waste of time or words.

    PS. I like how you’ve backed yourself up with other stuff you’ve written on such (related) things. Again, a great demonstration of your passion and consistency.

    steph’s last blog post..Weekend Warrior

  11. You know, it’s *always* interesting to see how other people perceive us and what we do here. It’s also *always* interesting to see what other people think in general about purpose of whatever oddity we decide to seize on. I love my blogging community for that. There’s so much insight and thought in behind comments that it makes it a pleasure to read. True conversation. Yay!

    @ Kelly – I’m on the same lines as you, I think. Doesn’t matter how I reach people or with what or in what area of their lives. It’s enough for me that I have.

    @ Steph – You flatter me. And you gave me something to think on, too. There’s a blog post in that comment 😉

  12. I try to blog about things that I think are important, everything from conflict resolution, to gratitude, to organizing your closet (yes, closet organization is an important subject). I learn something every time that I sit down to do the research necessary to write my blog posts, so I’m pretty sure other people are learning something when they read my posts. It’s certainly important to me that my blog be helpful, informative, and a good read.

    Marelisa’s last blog post..Creating Closet Bliss

  13. Brett Legree says:



    …and, well said. Write what you need to write, and I think if you do that, it will have an effect on someone, somewhere.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..a cog.

  14. Is it better to say nothing when you don’t feel informed enough to speak wisely on a subject?

    Mark Dykeman’s last blog post..Four part Q&A series starts tomorrow!

  15. Ah, jeez. It’s always exciting when I make you think and all, but now am I supposed to back up my own statement with a post of my own? Am I supposed to not acknowledge I know what you’re talking about? Am I supposed to get skim milk and not soy in my chai latte, and for that matter is chai inherently un-American?

    Screw ‘supposed to’. If you really wanted to get all righteous about it, there would be no people in this world doing work for anything other than saving the majority of the population from the evils of life. A noble goal, certainly, and I like to put my few cents toward worthy causes when I can, but the thing is, when you find something you truly love, you should do it. Period. I don’t give a damn if my time SHOULD be spent giving mouth-to-mouth to drowning sea turtles. I do what I can do well, which is persuade other people, via words, that THEY should save the drowning sea turtles. I am a professional Shover-of-Responsibility. And I’m cool with that.

    Also, seriously, how long ago was it that a weblog was just a freakin’ public journal? Now suddenly we have to save the world? Fuck THAT. I’ll go back to blogging about my personal life, which no one cares about.

    I’d actually really like to see the blog that saves the world. I can’t figure out how that would work. Anyone know who does that blog? I’ll go over and cheer their butt on.

    Tei – Rogue Ink’s last blog post..Introducing The Money Talks

  16. James,
    I am going to have to stop reading Men WIth Pens. Seriously, How’m I supposed to get any work done when I keep scooching over here and getting ambushed by my emotions, AGAIN!!
    This time I am pissed. ( Is that polite to say?) At Allison, ( not my lovely Nude with Sushi, Allison, another idiot Allison) who is sitting in the safety of her ivory towers ( Do they have ivory towers in Chico?) telling me that I am “privileged and just a little inconvenienced” and perhaps all of us should be out saving the world.” ( Honestly, James, two minutes with her, just give me two minutes. I ‘d have to go into my super diplomatic stance though because she only has a “speaking” glance with truth. )
    Delete , delete, delete. I have deleted twenty seven kinds of things here. Because the most important thing I have to say is about the word should. It ought to be banished from our vocabulary.
    This saving the world, my ” social activism is better than yours ” is such a hot button topic and such a bunch of hooey ( is that spelled right Kelly?) for me that I am going to now have to pace and calm down. Most people who really do that, really make a difference, don’t have to talk about it. They just do it. And people show up. 🙂
    Hm. Kind of like here.

    Michael- One of my mentors John Scott, ( a MacArthur Genius Award Winner BTW) once told a New York Times art critic who was visiting his studio and making “suggestions”, to “get the fuck out of his studio ” if he didn’t like what John was doing. It ‘s a thing we contend with too. In fact, I am sure there’s a post there. :))

    Tei- Is it breathe for 5 counts or pound the sea turtle’s chest for 5 ?

    Pace. I must pace this off, grrr… idiot, where are all those fine curse words now…..crisse…ahh, getting better….

    Janice C Cartier’s last blog post..Seneca, A New Bar of Soap, and Dreams of Barcelona

  17. Your post is very timely. I have to admit, I have been wondering about the value of blogging (particularly personal blogging) myself lately.

    While I’m all in favor of world-changing posts (and have attempted a few myself), in truth I’m not sure how much difference they really make.

    It seems to me, that most people who read blogs are looking for entertainment and it’s the entertaining posts that really get read. Other posts, it seems, just get skimmed (if you’re lucky).

    I’m not saying that one should stop trying to make a difference (especially if they feel that they’re accomplishing something). Speaking for myself, however, I’m still wondering if blogging is the best way to reach out. (Perhaps it’s a phase I’m going through.)

    Laura Spencer’s last blog post..Of Note: AdvancedFictionWriting.com

  18. I agree. Practicing what you preach is important for credibility and I think readers know if you’re just blowing smoke. And if they don’t at first, they’ll eventually figure it out!

    Katherine’s last blog post..Freelance Writing Career – What I’d Do Differently

  19. A great thing to keep in the back of your mind when writing a post. In this series that I’ve done on my blog I have been tempted to write about something I don’t intend to do, but gladly I’ve stuck it out and only recommended things that I will do and then go do them during my day. Thanks for another great post

    Ryan Ray’s last blog post..30 Ways To Wait For The iPhone 3G, #26 Nap Time

  20. Brett Legree says:

    @Bamboo Forest,

    That’s it exactly – the value of the writing is ultimately up to the reader.

    @Mark Dykeman,

    I suppose this is up to the writer to decide. I would add that for anyone wanting to write about something new – it is possible to have an understanding of a subject without having actually done it or experienced it.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..a cog.

  21. James,
    People live by their internal mission statement whether they have taken the time to figure it out or not. We still all have one and it guides our actions.

    I think when people like you- and me and many, many others in our community here have taken the time to determine what our purpose is then there is a higher amount of us that use our talents and time to affect change for the good of the whole. It isn’t random or an accident. It is part of the mission.

    My mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of those I meet and journey with in this life. If my blog is helping me to do that then I am grateful.

    Do I have 100% complience with all of my goals? No. And my readers- the ones who follow me know that. My blog is about finding the things that inspire us to WANT to do better, want to be better, help us on the journey, teach us the lessons-and we are learning as we go along. I have that same sense here. That it is your desire to make a difference that is the important thing, not your assurance that you have found all the answers to do so.

    I always fear the person who professes to know everything and who has all the answers. The thing they have just shared with me is that they are a fool.

    Wendi Kelly’s last blog post..Wanting to Belong

  22. I believe it was Fergal Keane, the BBC correspondent who wrote in one ofhis ‘Letters Home’ , ‘Words of Witness always matter’. Ihave taken that to heart and speak my words of witness whenever I feel it is appropriate – and sometimes when perhaps it is not!

    However, words once spoken cause a ripple and we should never be afraid to cause that ripple, who knows what it may become

    flaminglacer’s last blog post..The Video Age

  23. Thanks for the post. I found it useful for a different reason. I’m a blogger whose more along the lines of Seinfeld’s show about nothing (actually I keep it for those people who have figured out that I can’t verbally express much about myself or what I do, but really want to know). I’m am concerned about what I write because I don’t want some future historian turning me into Samuel Pepys and thinking my life reflected any sense of the times. I also know my audience is consisted of youngsters who view me as a role model and therefore read my posts and talk to me about them at some point later in time. I’ve given a great deal of thought about my mission with regards to the people I interact with and I’ve concluded I am merely about ‘voice,’ which is akin to Seinfeld’s show about nothing.

    As for a comment Michael asked way up towards the top: I do frequently talk to painters and ask them why they aren’t painting things that get us to think about (add topic here). In fact it is a big debate in our artists’ circle, especially as contemporary arts is getting hammered for its superficiality. So far many visual artists seem to agree that their purpose is to reflect society. If this is true then we may all become a Pepys of some kind or another.

    Rachael’s last blog post..Staking Claims on MySpace

  24. There is a power in our little blogs that the world has never experienced before. We have the ability now to express our thoughts freely, instantly, and interactively across the globe.

    The untapped potential of that to create positive change is huge. But the flip-side of communication technology is that we now live in a world of illusion. We are barraged with commercial influence that attempts to define our world view and our self image.

    So it’s tough wading through all of that to get to know yourself for who you really are, and how you fit in the world. Without that genuine self knowledge and individual positioning, we can’t fully exploit the power that is literally at our fingertips.

    Maybe we should be spending at least as much time communicating with ourselves as we do with the world. And maybe we should do that prior to hitting “submit.”

    Just some random thoughts on changing the world — starting with me 🙂

    John Rocheleau – Zen-Moments’s last blog post..The Beauty Within You

  25. Michael Martine says:

    A political statement or protest or preaching is not art by itself. Such things are often eye-wateringly insufferable as art, because it is not art.

    That goes by another name: propaganda.

    But when you capture something that is so intimately human and personal, you have then also captured the universal, which may include the political implicitly or explicitly.

  26. Rachael- Artists have no obligation to society. We have an obligation to ourselves within the context of society. There is a slight difference. Just as writers must first be true to “voice” and then, if inclined, to society. That is no small thing either. Our humanity, however, our self actualized self does want to contribute to something greater than ourselves. Even if it is much ado about nothing as you say, you show up, you contribute and someone somehow may come away with a little bit of your shared humanity. Blogs are like those marks on the Lascaux Caves, or scribbles in crayon on a white tablecloth in a restaurant…this how we were at this moment. Here are our marks.

    Wendi- Go girl.

    Janice C Cartier’s last blog post..Seneca, A New Bar of Soap, and Dreams of Barcelona

  27. Oh Michael- Nail on head. I was typing as you wrote.

    Although, one of my most favorite art pieces of all times, bar none, is Guernica. This piece is in response to a real life event. It was his human response that he was able to give “voice ” to since I am among writers here. He witnessed, preserved and give a bit of his humanity, arrogance and all, so that the universal could be seen.

    Janice C Cartier’s last blog post..Seneca, A New Bar of Soap, and Dreams of Barcelona

  28. While I agree with many of you. I do have to say that just as insufferable is the artist who creates out of commercialism. I’m an optimist and believe as you do that an artist should be true to himself/herself first, but I am also a former arts administrator, critic and by nature a cynic who doubts that most artist live by such esoteric standards. I wish there were more artists such as this group out there.

    Rachael’s last blog post..Like Disneyland for Three Hours Straight…

  29. You’ve struck a nerve with me, James. And for that I say, “THANK YOU!”

    Hope Wilbanks’s last blog post..The Effects of Positive Thinking on Your Health

  30. Hi James – you keep on writing what you want to write and helping the folk you want to help. Those people who are always criticizing you and telling you what you should be doing are usually the ones who do bugger all to help anyone themselves.

    Cath Lawson’s last blog post..Credit Fraud & The Business That Throws Cash At Junkies

  31. I agree that people should strive for greatness, but the concept can be carried too far. Most major undertakings are a sum product, not the result of one individual’s effort. It seems to me that there’s a danger in thinking that one’s actions must change someone else’s behavior. That could lead to rigid thinking and a closing off of experience. It can be just as important to be open and receptive to change in oneself.

    For instance, I would love to help people in rural southern Africa climb out of poverty while also sustaining their natural resources, but it’s not my role to change them (I don’t blog about this, btw, at least not yet). If I go in there looking to change them, I’ll get nowhere. I learn from them, they learn from me. It’s the only way. Making the difference is a two-way street.

    Does that apply to blogs? I’m not really sure, but I think so.

    Billy, aka BillyProBlogger’s last blog post..5 Reasons Why The Blog’s Moving and How It Will Make You a Better Person

  32. So true, so true. There are so many bloggers out there who talk and talk without walking the walk. I look at myself as a writer who’s been talking the freelance talk but not done any walking. I made a decision a few months ago to change that. Talking about it for the last couple of years made me realize I should stop talking and start doing.

    This can apply to anything in life, whether it’s blogging, recycling, writing, or just plain living. Stop just talking about it and JUST DO IT. (it’s a cliche and a Nike slogan, but so true.)

    Very well-thought out post James.

  33. Thanks everyone for the great comments and the inter-discussion going on. I realized as I was reading through these comments that if I can create a blog community that is so respectful, insightful, thoughtful and ABLE TO TALK AMONGST EACH OTHER, then I’ve started something truly great.

    You guys rock.

    Okay, I’ll stop sniffling and being sappy now. 😉

    On a small side note – don’t worry. I wasn’t planning on changing anything, because I sure as hell can’t change who I am. Well, I could, and I do, but for people very near and dear to me. As it should be.

  34. John Hoff - eVentureBiz says:

    I agree with Michael Martine in the second comment on this article. Sometimes people just need to keep their ideas to themselves. Inspiration is fine but grouping people (bloggers) together as a united group and telling them what they should be doing is well, annoying.

    We all do some part in this world. Could we do better? Could we help just one more person? Of course. But who isn’t guilty of that?

    Re: bloggers should help end world hunger and yada yada yada. Go tell that to all the car dealerships that make a ton more doe than me. Tell that to the 90% of bloggers out there living paycheck to paycheck. Tell them while they are scraping by to buy diapers for their children that they also need to help end world hunger through their blog.

    James, your post had me a bit down for the first part but then got me saying, “what’s up with that” for the second part.

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz’s last blog post..Adding The ?Cool Factor? To Your Website

  35. John Hoff - eVentureBiz says:

    @ James – is that why you’re always wearing that two-piece bikini whenever I stop by? 😉

    ok, you walked into that one!

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz’s last blog post..Adding The ?Cool Factor? To Your Website

  36. @ John – My bikini years are over, darling. *blows kisses* I got tired of shaving my legs more than once a year. And wax? Hoooey. No sir, honeybunch!

  37. John Hoff - eVentureBiz says:

    lol – dork!

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz’s last blog post..Adding The ?Cool Factor? To Your Website

  38. James: I go away for an afternoon and come back and marvel at the discussion taking place here. As usual, actually. What’s especially interesting to me is how different people focus on different parts of the post, or how they interpret parts differently from others. Sometimes tangents are born but mostly they’re still relevant and thought-provoking. Which is part of what you’re going for.


    Looking forward to that post you’re thinking about…

    steph’s last blog post..Weekend Warrior

  39. John Hoff - eVentureBiz says:

    @ steph – I notice that, too. The thing is, to comment on every point mentioned in the post would require us to write comments nearly as long as the post itself. That’s a lot of text. I suppose I usually comment more on the parts that I understand, relate to, and have experience with more though.

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz’s last blog post..Adding The ?Cool Factor? To Your Website

  40. Michael Martine says:

    I do have to say that just as insufferable is the artist who creates out of commercialism.

    Be careful with that one, Rachel. Some of the coolest stuff out there is commercial. For all my talk above about art, the stuff I like the best is sci-fi/fantasy art, at which most artists turn up their nose. That stuff is about as commercial as it gets, but the people who make it and the people who love it are some of the most talented and committed to their craft on the planet. 🙂

    Michael Martine’s last blog post..Ask Me Your Blogging Questions

  41. Ha! Ha! I think you mistaken the art I’m meaning. I’m talking gallery and museum art, not commercial art such as sci-fi. Then I would be a REAL hypocrite because I write science fiction and design covers for arts magazines. I often refer to this Boogie Down Productions segment to clarify:

    “Who gets weaker the king or the teacher
    It’s all about reality and not about a salary.
    Teachers teach and do the world good,
    Kings just rule and most are never understood.
    If you were to rule or convert a certain industry,
    all inside this room right now would be in misery.
    No one would get along nor sing a song,
    cause everyone would be singing for the king, am I wrong?”

    I also do not blatantly ask painters about their topic selection for their work; however, our art circle is not afraid to critique each other or make suggestions or take suggestions. Many are used to my inquisitiveness and have really seen it at work while choreographing. You are very insightful. I will give you kudos to that!

    Rachael’s last blog post..Like Disneyland for Three Hours Straight…

  42. Uh oh…this is another whole post in itself…ahh the taint of money….. So maybe Damien Hirst’s Diamond Skull might be a hot topic . IT sold for $100, 000,000 after he spent $20,000,000 on getting it together. That is an 80 MIllion Dollar idea. It’s one of those pieces that raises quite a discussion, globally. On beauty , death , art, mortality.

    Janice C Cartier’s last blog post..Seneca, A New Bar of Soap, and Dreams of Barcelona

  43. Saving the world is a lot of pressure. It’s already scary enough to push publish everyday and hope to God at least one person will read and talk back to you!

  44. @ Karen – Ha! Now ain’t THAT the truth!

  45. Interesting way of looking at blogging. We can do with a lot of pebbles as long as they do make ripples. I try to.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Top Selling Albums of All Time

  46. Stumbled across this and am intrigued.

    I think many of us think at one time or another that we have something to say or can make a difference. Some of us try hard and daily. Some of us stick our big toes in only now and again.

    Some of the most pedestrian stuff I have ever written has ending up touching people in ways I never imagined when I wrote it. It’s an eye of the beholder thing.

    And things I wrote a year or more ago? Well hopefully I have grown since then.

    Really a very nice piece and discussion. Thank you.

  47. I’m commenting here on this sentence:

    “I’ve heard that bloggers should concentrate on helping less privileged people get onto the Internet or focus on pushing for donations to cure world hunger, poverty and rights for women.”

    You linked to a post that was talking why they’d unsubscribed to your feed, and I wanted to address one thing in the post that you addressed as well, but I didn’t think my comment would be appreciated if I left it on that site. The author said she didn’t like that all the commenters on your site seem to know each other and she felt like an outsider. I just want to say that when I got my shoot out….yes, people seemed to know each other, but that didn’t stop me from commenting! And people seemed to be very nice! I think you do good work here and I don’t think it’s you guys that have a “holier than thou” complex…

    That was quite a bit of background I had to give just to write a coupla sentences…hmm.

    trish’s last blog post..Doomsday – Booking Through Thursday

  48. @ Trish – Our post on stepping into a blog community from a couple of days ago was the follow-up on this post. I appreciate your comments and your ability to step in and say your thoughts. Hope you become a regular too!

  49. Trish,

    Woosh. I totally missed that link (must have been a rushed morning), thanks for pointing it out! I followed the link, read the comments, and her link back to here, and James will not be surprised that (though she had some good points) I don’t get it.

    If lots of “us” know each other it’s only because we trickled in, one by one, and made this a community. At any blog, community is built one reader at a time. Unless it’s not, which is the case at a lot of BIg Blogs.

    Anyone who prefers the drop in, shout AT the author, fly back out kind of commenting is welcome to it. At my blog I want everyone to feel like they wandered in to my living room, or the break room at the office. Sit down, have a cup of tea, and let’s talk shop.

    You’re right on. It’s a discussion here, in which the Men begin with a topic. That’s how many fine writers change the world. They open your thoughts.

    Going to check out your blog now.



    Kelly’s last blog post..How You Can Be Remarkable: Write Your Own Story

  50. Trish—Oh, hahaha! I’ve been to your blog before! You’ve already been in the living room! 🙂

    Kelly’s last blog post..How You Can Be Remarkable: Write Your Own Story

  51. Two great examples are Bamboo Forest and Sam.

    Bamboo only recently joined us – first comment, yay, second, hm, seen that name before, third, oh yeah, I remember, fourth, HEY! How’s it going!! Come on in!

    Sam is the same – He’s on third and by his next comment, he’ll be on my HEY! list.

    Now if I could only find the time to chat as much as I’d really like with everyone… and if only Janice would clean her paint off my furniture…

  52. Like Kelly, I must have been caffeine deprived when I first read because I also missed the link. I have since commented and will probably be roasted over the coals. I don’t get it either. I would kill (okay not like death, blood kill) to have 1/10th of your community interaction. It’s not a snotty, elitist community where you feel like you’re not welcome. I mean for pete’s sake, I’m new too and I never felt excluded. In fact quite the opposite. You all not only have a keen ability to create a welcoming community but you share it. How many of us now visit one another’s blogs and talk on Twitter because you encouraged sharing among community members? Well, I’ll raise my hand. if it weren’t for you two, I would be toiling away on my blog listening to the wind whistle through the empty spaces.

  53. Thank goodness that wind you hear isn’t because there’s empty space between your two ears…

    (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself… I’m laughing so hard, you walked right into that one! And it’s a compliment!)

  54. James, ROFL!!!! I laughed so hard it scared the ducks outside! Good one! Oooh, maybe I’m not the class clown but the inspiration for the clown, gonna work that angle! 😉

  55. Sorry I am coming back after so many days. Ever since I read this post I had been searching for that one quote that eluded me till now. I have now found it – “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…..” William Shakespeare.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Discounted Pet Products

  56. @ Nicole – That was worth you coming back to post. Thank you 🙂

  57. Nicole,

    I taught that entire Macbeth soliloquy to my daughter when she was four. It was very cute with a lisp. 🙂

    She can still do it, at nine, and she gets it now. There’s a lovely life lesson in making sure your life is more than Macbeth thought his was. Nice to see it quoted here.



    Kelly’s last blog post..Inspiration Points: Abraham Lincoln’s Secret

  58. Nicole-Thanks for bringing that here. What Macbeth and Bill began, Faulkner could not pass up… The Sound and the Fury….. If you want to stir your motivation up, then go read Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.


    Yep. Life and passion….

    Janice C Cartier’s last blog post..The Dreaded Artist’s Statement

  59. James, Kelly and Janice, thank you. I did not know that I would get this great response. Kelly, I would dearly love to hear your daughter. Janice, I am unable to get the link to connect as they appear to have taken the site down. However, I shall try and locate it elsewhere. Thanks.

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Discounted Pet Products

  60. Janice, I found this eventually. A very nice site worth its weight in gold!

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Make Your Party a Roaring Success

  61. Thanks. Looks good. The other site was a Nobel site. I’ll check it again. hm. But his speech is out there in several places. I have always loved Sound And Fury even as Imagery… and sheesh, just how many great things could William Shakespeare put out there that just keep being relevant over and over again.

    Janice C Cartier’s last blog post..I Must Go Play In The Paint

  62. Yes, old Bill was an amazing guy. He continues to be relevant today too. What a genius!

    Nicole Price’s last blog post..Make Your Party a Roaring Success


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