How to Write a Winning Post for the DFW Writing Course

How to Write a Winning Post for the DFW Writing Course

The rumours are true: The Damn Fine Words Writing Course opens to new students on September 3.

Since its inception, this course has changed the way people do business, through words alone. For 10 weeks, students learn effective writing techniques that help them create tangible bottom-line results.

You won’t want to miss it, so get on the list to be first to know when you can reserve your seat in this exciting course.

Each time I open the course to new students, I also open up a special writing contest. You see, many people tell me they wish they could register for Damn Fine Words, and that if they could just get in…

  • …they could finally start that online business, because they’d have the skills to write website copy that pulls in clients.
  • …they could improve their writing skills and make more money, instead of the meagre income they’re slaving to earn right now.
  • …they could feel confident about their writing for the first time in their lives, instead of agonizing over every piece they write.

These people know that Damn Fine Words is one of the best writing courses out there, and it could change their business. It could even change their lives.

I want to help make that change happen.

Welcome to the Damn Fine Words Writing Contest.

This contest is a friendly competition where your sincerity, desire to learn, and motivation to succeed counts. It’s a writing contest that isn’t about the quality of your writing so much as the quality of your thoughts on writing… and what you plan to do if you improve your writing skills.

Here’s what you need to do:

Write a blog post about why writing is important to you and to your business. Why becoming a better writer could literally change your life. How not feeling confident in your writing has affected you, and what it would mean to you to have that obstacle swept away.

I want to know why it’s important for you to be in the Damn Fine Words writing course.

There’s something I need to stress: Damn Fine Words is a writing course for business owners, so if you have an idea for a business you’d love to start, an existing business that isn’t doing so well or an established business that could be doing much better, let me know.

Here’s what you can win:

Two people will win a scholarship to the September edition of the Damn Fine Words writing course. (Retail value $1,599 each.)

Winners will join the course as full-access students and benefit from the lessons, hands-on exercises, interactive forum and my personal support and feedback throughout the entire course.

The Writing Course Contest Rules

  1. Write one blog post article of at least 450 words on why writing is important to you and how better writing skills would change your business.
  2. Post your article to your blog.
  3. Come leave a comment here in the comment section and link to your post.
  4. Pat yourself on the back.

That’s all.

There are no points given for correct grammar or spelling. There are no points given for the fanciness of the words you choose or the quality of your brilliant prose. In fact, there are no points given for the quality of the writing at all.

Iโ€™m looking for two people who really want to be in this writing course. who know this course can help them succeed in their business endeavors, who will show up every day and do their very best and who understand that better writing skills could change everything about their potential for success.

You don’t need fancy language or correct grammar or finely-honed writing to convey the sincerity of your passion. Trust me – I’ll see it.

The contest closes on September 3 at 7am (Montreal time). We’ll select two winning posts and contact authors directly. (Be sure to have a Contact page on your site or to let us know your email address.)

Ready? Get writing!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.

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  1. Thank you, James, for another chance at this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey James, great post as always. Thanks for the help.

  3. Here is my article entry, entitled “Why Writing Is Important To Me”

  4. Is there a way for those of us without blogs to enter the contest? Please?

    • Good question. To keep the contest as fair and transparent as possible, it’s important that everyone be able to see everyone else’s posts.

      If you don’t have a blog, I suggest signing up for a free one at and using that for the contest. (You can close it down after, if you’d like – maybe in favor of a new business website!)

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for your scholarship for your DFW writing course. Here is my post titled, “Why is Writing Important to Me and My Business”

  6. Hi James,
    I’m a big fan and didn’t participate before in these because, well, I wasn’t sure I have much chance. Still don’t know if I do, but that is why I should be trying.

    I hope you enjoy:

  7. Hmmm, I don’t believe that link worked correctly.

    Let’s try this:

  8. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I did not have a blog so placed the post here:

  9. I have created a post for this contest.

    Hope to be accepted.

    Ahmed Safwan

  10. Hi James,

    I got super excited the other day when this pinged in my emails! I feel like I want to say something to ‘suck up’, but I’m going to refrain, keep my cool, and let my post do the talking…

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  11. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the writing contest. Here my link

  12. Kristine Portier says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks so much much for this opportunity.

    Link to my (usually pictorial) blog is below.

    Cheers, Kris;postID=6335055882592656178

  13. Hi James,

    I really appreciate a shot at winning a seat in your class! Good luck to all and may I win! LOL Seriously, all the best to all!

    Here’s my shot:)

  14. Thanks for hosting a contest without 75 steps to enter.

    This training sounds like what many bloggers need even my self I think I might take you guys up on this challenge.

    Here is a writing related question. Why is CURSIVE still taught in schools can we all agree it’s useless?
    Wouldn’t learning to type be better for the youth of today?

    • I think typing WOULD be a hugely valuable skill for children and teens to learn – and you can read about what I wrote on that topic here:

      Note: that post was written in my earlier days. All typos and reference to ‘daddy’ are completely overlookable. And yes, overlookable is a word. I just invented it.

      • Oh – forgot to add that I do think learning how to write with a pencil/pen and in block or cursive letters is important. Just because technology advances doesn’t mean we should ignore basic skills that could be extremely valuable in emergency situations.

        Imagine if later on in life your kid ends up in a situation where he or she needs to communicate an emergency letter… and can’t write anything without a keyboard!

  15. Hello James,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the surprise opportunity.

    Also giving props to @Angel for the blog link.


  16. Hello James,

    Here’s the link to my word press Blog and to my Wikihook This has been fun! Thank you for the opportunity.



  17. jessica alvarado says:

    Thank you for the scholarship opportunity James!

    Here’s my entry.

    Crossing my fingers.


  18. Thank you for the opportunity James. Here’s the link to my post

    Please forgive my mistakes, as english is not my first language!!!

  19. Together we can create a Damn Fine World. It is about time that I bring my writing and business skills up to a more professional level. Sure, I am good already, but need to become better. Having read several thousand books so far in my six decades has filled me with enough information that it now Must Out, as Vincent VanGogh described why he was painting. Vincent was a poor business man, and only sold two paintings while alive. I am just about at the same level. Great ideas, excellent creative cross incubation, but not enough $$$ yet to make it fly. That is what will change with my deep learning from the Damn Fine Writing course, and the we can together create a Damn Fine World. My official contest blog submission on:

  20. Hi James,

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the course!

    Link for my entry below:

  21. Dear James,
    I did it!! I have all of two posts on my blog, but I actually did it! I wish to enter the contest!
    You can read my post here:
    and thank you so much for the opportunity!
    Tess ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Thank you for this opportunity, James. My essay is at the link below:

    Thanks also to Catherine for the suggestion to use Posterous. Good luck, everyone!

  23. Thanks for your entries, everyone – winners will be posted on September 4 at 7am! (Believe me, you guys made it TOUGH to choose!)

  24. Hi James!

    I’m so grateful for this opportunity! Thank you for taking the time to consider my plea. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here it is:


  25. Thanks for the opportunity, James! Here is my entry:

  26. Thi is sort of an 11th hour effort, but I couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling that I need to be in this class. I don’t currently have a blog or website (I know, I know), but I created a post this afternoon so I could submit an official entry for the free pass.

    Final shameless plea: I swear on my mother’s grave that I will be the hardest working, most involved student you have ever taken on.

  27. Argh! I missed out on this. Who was the winner? I’d like to read it.


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