Your Sneak Peek Behind the Writing Course Doors

Your Sneak Peek Behind the Writing Course Doors

Damn Fine Words is the writing course that changes businesses – and even lives. Students who’ve taken the course rave about how it’s opened up a whole new world of opportunities for them and how their perspective on writing for their business has brought them all sorts of fantastic results.

Now, that all sounds nice, but if you’ve never taken the course, you might be curious: what’s inside? What will you learn? What’s waiting for you?

Here’s your sneak peek inside Damn Fine Words.

You’ll learn the power of writing using just three sentences.

There’s a secret content-creation technique that’s extremely valuable for capturing your ideas so you can turn them into focused blog posts, full ebooks and compelling web copy – and all you need are three sentences.

Most writers don’t even know about this technique. And when they learn it, they’re suddenly churning out a year’s worth of blog posts in no time at all. Add this writing technique to your routine, and you’ll be ready to burn through all the content you need. Easy breezy!

You’ll learn to improve your writing – without writing a word.

There’s one easy way to take all those awkward sentences, unclear points and strange phrases and turn them into smooth-sounding writing that readers love – and you won’t have to lift a finger to find them, either.

Using the magic of human physiology (and a little fun science), you’ll discover how to write in a way that sounds so much like a natural conversation that you won’t believe it. Readers will think you’re talking straight to them – which you will be, of course!

You’ll learn how to get readers to take action.

A good call to action can help you get serious business results – and you can learn how to write a call to action that goes well beyond the usual ‘click here’ B.S. (I know you can do better than that.)

You’ll write calls to action that encourage readers to take the action you want, without sounding spammy or pushy. They’ll contact you, call you and buy from you more than before. (You might even want to test out your new call-to-action skills on your kids – maybe they’ll finally listen when you ask them to clean their room.)

You’ll learn how to get past the mental writing blocks.

A lack of confidence, writer’s block, getting stuck in the editing phase… these issues are common to people who need to write for their business. That’s why the course teaches several techniques that help you sweep away the obstacles in your mind.

Practice them, and you’ll never hold yourself back any more. You’ll be ready to write for results with stronger confidence and internal knowledge your words are just fine, thank you very much. No more stress and no more staring at the blank page!

You’ll learn to find your writing voice and use it loud and clear.

What the heck is writing voice? Do you have one? How do you find it? What does it sound like? Many people who need to write for their business get hung up on this one… and often get stuck in that stiff, corporate kind of tone no one likes to read.

That’s why you need to discover your writing voice and start putting it to work for your business – and with plenty of fun activities to help you learn what it is, why it works and how to make it happen, you’ll soon find the voice that sounds just right to you… and to your readers.

You’ll learn how easy it is to recycle for results.

That’s the beauty of this writing course. It doesn’t teach you just one thing you can apply in only one area of your business. It teaches you writing skills that you can recycle and reuse for any writing task, in any area of your business.

Throughout this course, your business will evolve – which is why different writing lessons become more important and relevant as your needs change. One week, you’ll appreciate lesson 5. The next, you’ll be thankful for lesson 16. And you’ll always be able to pick and choose from the lessons you need each time you sit down to write.

By the way, today is the last day you can register for Damn Fine Words and save $200 on the retail price of the writing course. This offer ends tonight at midnight. What are you waiting for? Go!

Post by James Chartrand

James Chartrand is an expert copywriter and the owner of Men with Pens and Damn Fine Words, the game-changing writing course for business owners. She loves the color blue, her kids, Nike sneakers and ice skating.